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10 Diseases You Might Not Know You Have

then diseases you might not know you
have number tang later tuberculosis do you have no symptoms great you’re
probably in perfectly good health then or you could have latent tuberculosis
now the scariest thing about this disease is that it’s symptomless latent
TB affects 13 million people in the US alone it occurs when a patient has been
effective at the TB bacteria but has no active infection the immune system may
not be able to kill the bacteria but manage it to prevent it spreading in the
body Thanks body as such this means you won’t
have any symptoms but the bacteria will remain inside of you in fact the only
way of knowing if you have latent TB or not is to take a skin test okay so maybe
it doesn’t sound like a huge course to concern but the worry is that if the
immune system fails to kill or contain the infection it can spread to other
parts of the body causing active TB in fact five to ten percent of those
infected with latent TB will go on to develop active TB which if not treated
properly can be fatal with 1.3 million TB related death worldwide in 2017 alone
number 9 shingles that rash that disappeared in your body it’s probably
just from using a new washing powder or something right well either that or it
could be shingles now if you’ve ever had chickenpox like 95% of Americans you
already have the virus that causes shingles inside your body that’s because
after you recovered from chickenpox the virus can remain and lied dormant there
for years if it ever decides to reactivate it can cause shingles so that
means you could develop the disease at any moment quite why the shingles virus
reactivates is unclear but it may be due to a weaker immune system as you get
older initial symptoms are quite generic meaning you wouldn’t necessarily
associate them with having the disease including a headache fever and fatigue
that’s before the characteristic itchy red rash appears days later fortunately
though the disease is rarely life-threatening but one in 1,000 cases
can be fatal now while the good news is that you
can’t catch shingles if you’ve had chickenpox the bad news is the virus can
spread from someone with shingles to someone who hasn’t had chickenpox before
number eight mononucleosis do you have swollen lymph nodes you’re
probably just fighting off small cold or you could have mononucleosis you may
recognize this disease from its more common names of mono glandular fever or
it’s slightly more sexy name the kissing disease it’s caused by the epstein-barr
virus a type of herpes virus which is transmitted in saliva and will affect
between an estimated 80 to 95 percent of Americans over their lifetime yes when
an individual is exposed to the virus they don’t actually begin to show
symptoms until about four to seven weeks later so you could have it right now
without even knowing then even when the symptoms do arrived at a nonspecific one
to fatigue fever headaches and swollen lymph nodes yep those old chestnuts okay
so the disease isn’t life-threatening but what is worrying according to the
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital are the consequences of having had the disease
in the first place that’s because the disease has lingering effects on the
genomes this can greatly increase the chances of developing other diseases
like lupus multiple sclerosis arthritis and diabetes later in life
well that’s put me off kissing forever now they have many offers none of the
seven rosacea hey you look a bit wet in the face so you feeling quite hot right
now well it could be just two you’re hot
right now or it could be caused by that infestation of mites you have on your
face literally right now the demodex folliculorum mite is a type of parasite
that lives on humans more specifically they live on the face and feed on the
oils we secrete lovely before he’s not thinking well you can’t see them so
they’re not on you a North Carolina State University study found that 100
percent of people they tested had these tiny creatures growing in their hair
follicles now don’t freak out those mites are gross yes but mostly they’re
harmless but in large numbers they can cause skin problems it’s uncertain
whether mites or a cause or effect of skin disease rosacea but some
researchers have suggested that the symptoms of the disease such as
permanent redness burning and spots and skin may be a reaction to bacteria in
the mites feces yeah even lovelier in fact this also
lies in conjunction with the findings of the National rosacea Society that people
with rosacea have up to 18 times more mites than patients without the
condition do you feel it too yet cuz I sure do
number six fatal familial insomnia can’t remember the last time you had a good
night’s sleep don’t worry you probably have a lot on your mind or you could
have fatal familial insomnia this admittedly very rare genetic disorder
leads a deterioration of mental function and loss of coordination for carriers of
the disease it’s more or less a waiting game as to when symptoms start to
manifest themselves they can begin anytime between a person’s late 20s
right up to their early 70s the disease predominantly affects the thalamus area
of the brain which influences sleep and so the disease is characterized by
problems with nodding off initially these include minor difficulties getting
to sleep occasional muscle twitching and stiffness which progressively can get
worse until the person cannot sleep at all the disease also causes dysfunction
of the autonomic nervous system now this is responsible for controlling automatic
body processes such as regulating body temperature sweating breathing and heart
rate unfortunately there is currently no cure for this disease and death occurs
within a few months to a few years number five new roads to start Psicosis
have you got a headache it could just be a lack of sleep or dehydration or you
could never tapeworm in your head maybe a little dramatic that but that was the
case for Jay Walley anyway after suffering two seizures he
was rushed to hospital where doctors found that a pig tapeworm had infected
his brain in what is known as Nero cysticercosis he contracted the disease
after ingesting tapeworm eggs from the feces of an infected chef who had
prepared him food but hadn’t washed his hands usually the pig tapeworm lives in
the intestine known simply as Psicosis quite disturbingly though it can grow up
to 7 meters long down there still not a good thing but that’s usually where they
end up but if the eggs migrate into the brain that causes neurocysticercosis as
in Wally’s case the body then forms a sister on the worm to isolate it but
when the sister grows too big the characteristic symptoms of seizures
headaches and difficulty to balance start to manifest themselves in fact
neurocysticercosis is a leading cause of epilepsy in developing countries further
investigation traced Wally’s infection back to a region in Central America that
he visited for years prior to finally discovering the worm living inside his
head number 4 necrotizing fasciitis now say
you’ve got a small cut on your skin I’m sure it’s clean and sanitary all and I’m
sure you know where I’m going with this by now it could
be the start of necrotizing fasciitis also referred to as flesh-eating disease
it’s a rare but serious infection in which the bacteria releases toxins that
killed the body’s tissue but that’s not even the scariest part about this
disease that part is that it can start from the most minor of injuries
typically entering the body through a small cut or burn it could also be
life-threatening if it’s not recognized and treated very early on worryingly
that’s because it can lead to serious problems such as sepsis and organ
failure the symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis can develop in as quickly as a
few hours they may not be obvious at first and can be similar to less serious
conditions such as flu-like having a fever but these then may progress into
more serious symptoms including vomiting dark blotches on the skin and blisters
even with treatment it’s estimated that one in every four cases of this are
fatal even those who survive the infection must sometimes undergo
amputation of the infected tissue and all that starts with just a small cart
number three chlamydia as the saying goes just because you
can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there and I guess the same can be
said for chlamydia the culprit of this disease it’s the chlamydia trachomatis
bacteria we just spread through being intimate but someone who has the
infection it’s also one of the most common STD’s with the Centers of Disease
Control and Prevention estimating that almost two million people in the US are
infected with chlamydia the reason why that number is so high well that’s
probably because in many cases there are actually no symptoms at all the results
from having contracted the disease even in cases where there are symptoms
they’re so mild that people don’t even identify them as symptoms of Chlamydia
that’s because it can spread to other parts of the body and lead to long-term
health problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease infertility and can
also sometimes cause reactive arthritis number two labyrinthitis this next
disease is almost as complicated as the name suggests labyrinthitis usually
follows on a form of viral infection such as a cold or the flu and can be
spread from the nose chest and Airways to the inner ear
in some rare cases though it can also be caused by bacteria labyrinthitis
is an infection of yep you guessed it the labyrinth that by the way is their
innermost part of your ear it causes inflammation of one of the nerves which
is responsible for sending your brain information about your spatial
navigation and balance control this being the case symptoms of the disease
include dizziness nausea lots of hearing and vertigo which is the
feeling that you’re spinning so I guess it feels like a very very long hangover
unlike a hangover which is treated with lots of water and pizza let’s face it
labyrinthitis can be treated with antibiotics all could simply clear
itself up within three weeks but in some cases the symptoms can last longer than
this and complications can arise including permanent hearing loss
number one amyotrophic lateral sclerosis there are currently 12,000 Americans who
live with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS for short it’s a relatively rare
disease that destroys the motor neurons that control speech movements swallowing
and breathing you might remember this from the ice bucket challenge describe
the internet years ago unfortunately this disease is always fatal
since there’s currently no cure symptoms manifest themselves gradually and may
not be obvious or immediately alarming at first for example generic symptoms of
weakness and weight loss it wasn’t previously known why people contracted
the disease it’s only been suggested there was a link between having the
disease and having a relative with it but it would now appear that any one of
us could contract this disease at any time that’s because according to the
Journal of Science Translational Medicine developing the disease could be
the result of dormant viruses within our DNA that reawaken for reasons we don’t
know just yet the virus called hati rvk firmly in corporated itself into our DNA
millions of years ago it’s now been blamed for causing ALS with researchers
at the National Institute for neurological disorders and Stroke having
found evidence of retrovirus activity in the blood of patients with ALS so that
was 10 diseases you might not even know you have have we missed any off the list
that we should know about then just know in the comments down below give this
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  9. When my mother worked as a nurse in the Air Force, in Biloxi, MS, she had a patient that was dangerously ill. He came into the ER that morning, and he was dead that night, 8hrs later. It turns out that while he was fishing in The Gulf, he cut his finger. His finger was infected with bacteria that gave him necrotizing fasciitis. He quickly became septic and died. That disease is TERRIFYING!

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  12. Number one reminds me of the Guillain-Barre syndrome. My grandmother past away after less than a year of contracting disease. Greetings from Quito, Ecuador.

  13. Retarditus – The symptoms of this extremely common and non fatal disease is a one of a kind as they can only be felt by people whom do not have it. Those around someone who have Retarditus often experience feelings of grief, annoyance, anger and frustration whenever a person with retarditus speaks. There is no cure and the second symptom of Retarditus is that even if the person who has the disease is told they have it, or proven that they have it regardless of how perfectly overwhelmingly and irrefutable the evidence for that person having Retarditus is, they will never have the possibility of recognizing themselves as having this disease and the other symptoms of the disease will begin showing as they will start acting out in a very arrogant, pompous and pretentious manner towards those who are merely trying to help them. This sense of self importance among the other things I mentioned give people who do not have it around that individual severe frustration and feelings of annoyance.

  14. Mono should have also mentioned Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (street name Chronic fatigue syndrome), and fibromyalgia too. There are strong links pointing towards these developing after being exposed to mono. I should know, I had one and now deal with the other for life. Fun times!

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  16. Endometriosis is a scarily common disease among women 1/10 actually have it and many don't even know. The disease has symptoms such as worse menstrual pain which is pretty vauge since a lot of women can't say when their mentrual pain is worse because, it's pain so it's supposed to hurt. Endometriosis however if untreated can and will lead to infertility.

  17. I've been picked up from school by an ambulance when I had labyrinthitis, everything really does start spinning and you can hear but you don't process people speaking to you

  18. #1 Ligma, Ligma or Ligmalius Balliaposis is a serious disease infecting 50,000-100,000 people across the world, it is spread through millennials and rarely infectant, symptoms are rare and that includes lossage of social media likes and after 1 week, sudden death
    Bonus: Neck Wobbling Pirate Jingles: 1,000,000,000 people have the NWPJ virus which includes neck ache, neck wobbling and Jingles, it takes 1 month to kill and in it's final month it is the most painful thing ever according the NWPJ survivors

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