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5 thoughts on “3 Best Sciatica Exercises for INSTANT Pain Relief

  1. Hey James. I was a runner and a climber to start with. At age 36 i started weight training and i guess in the process I managed to damage my lower back which gave me the gift of sciatica, or it was caused by running as i started running when i was 33, i have a bigger(as in more muscle) left calf and and i have sciatica in the same left one. Now when i run it makes my leg heavy. What do u recommend, should I restart jogging or i am better off without the jog. I miss my runs and wanted to know whether i will aggravate my sciatica with running or i just have to bear the pain and eventually it will come back. Cheers

  2. I’ve been dealing with sciatica pain for 6ish months, i’ve started seeing a massage therapist for the last 3 months which has helped a lot but hasnt gotten rid of it all together. I’ll start adding these in as well

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