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3 Techniques for Eliminating Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain

Yo what’s up? Is Eric Wong from Precision
Movement Coach and today we’re going to go through three techniques to help you
if you’ve got TFL pain or tensor fasciae latae pain which is a little muscle, kind
of like that right there, that attaches into the IT band. So, if you’ve got this
pain you definitely have to check out the blog post that gives you more
background info about this problem So check that out, there’ll be a link in the
description for this video, otherwise let’s get to the techniques right now. So the main premise behind the techniques here is that these exercises
are going to help you to build up the muscles and activate the muscles that do
the same type of movement as the TFL and because the TFL often experiences pain,
because it’s over compensating for other muscles that aren’t working properly.
TFL is just a little muscle and if it’s doing too much work it easily gets
overworked, sore or delayed onset muscle soreness and then because it’s
always working it’s never allowed to recover any experience pain chronic okay
so these techniques are going to help you to work the other synergists that
will hopefully decrease the amount of work that the TFL has to do. The first technique
is a Monster Band Walk so you just need to resistance then you have a long one
like this you’d have a shorter one it’s got the shorter one just loop it around
your ankles or your thighs just above the knee here, you can step in and all
you want to do two separate versions, you want to go straight leg,
straight knee, you wanna go bent knee. So straight knee just like that, keep the knees locked and it’s going to really fire up the hip abductors especially the gluteus
medius, you’re doing this side to side straight knee and then bent knee, so you’re going to loop it around the knees like this, bend the knees, in kind of a squat
position and same thing, stand low just like this side to side. You could
do anywhere from 8 to 12 reps per direction and those
muscles are going to be nice and prime so the hip abductors.
Because the TFL does hip abduction, the gluteus medius, the gluteus group in
general, is a much stronger abductor, we’d rather have those muscles working than the TFL. So you really want to feel to the side and more in the back, in the
butt and the glutes I feel those guys work. Okay? That’s one
technique. Next is a Dead Bug So the TFL also does internal rotation
when the hip is flexed, so that is this motion. So the ankle it’s flaring out,
this is internal hip rotation, this is external hip rotation. So we want to
work the dead bug but in internal hip rotation. So I’m going to bring one leg
up internally rotate like that, and then press the knee into the hand okay,
holding for five seconds and then switch it and there’s biasing that internal
rotation and really focusing on getting the hip flexors the deep hip flexors
working. Not outside, here more deep in the middle. So five seconds on
each side Now the final technique is just a
Mountain Climber Hold so the same kind of thing we want to bias that internal hip
rotation. So this, we’re in the prone position, mountain climber position,
mountain climber is like that, but we’re just doing a hold, so you’re going to
flex the hip internally rotate and it’s just like the dead bug, you’re
driving that knee up in between my arms five second hold and then switch. So
bring it up, internally rotate that knee that hip and then drive that knee
forward, in between my arms, that way. so those are three techniques to help
you with TFL pain and it’s going to help to get the other muscles that are
synergistic with the TFL working properly, strengthen them so the TFL can
just chill out, recover and relax and then you don’t have that pain
anymore. hopefully that helps you out, like I said, if you’ve got this issue
check out the blog post at Precision Movement Coach. Link is in the
description. It’ll give you more background to help you get rid of this TFL pain
once and for all. you

19 thoughts on “3 Techniques for Eliminating Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain

  1. both my tfl's go into cramp when I move the foot out during dead bug. Do you have any suggestions how to progress past this?

  2. This guy rocks! I first started taking tips from him when working on my Glutes and that has pretty well been sorted out so now I'm on to the hip abduction exercises to try and strengthen the Glutes further as well as the the other areas in hopes to bring more relief. In honesty, Eric has provided exactly what I need to recover after almost 25 years of excruciating and unbearable pain that has never been treated through all the therapies, doctors, X-ray's and CT Scans. You need someone that understand bio-mechanics and Eric certainly does!

  3. How long do I need to do this Eric? The dead bug really gives my TFL pain. Hopefully, I can overcome this. Thank you for the video.

  4. Is it possible I have this injury if it hurts above my side hip when I sneeze? Thank you, if you need clarity for anything, you can ask.

  5. I was wondering if this is what I have. I do have a little pain if I sit on my right side too long think like legs bent and folded to the right. But what I get the most is numbness in that muscle region. Usually when I sit that way too long or sleep on my right side. Is that heard of? Should I wait to begin walking/jog intervals until I have been doing this for 2 weeks? Last question, do you recommend foam rolling?

  6. Yo Coach E! My hello from Malaysia. U did the best elaboration to layman about muscles and it's function. I'm environmentalist and I'm inspired to learn anatomy since purposely watching your video on shoulder mobilization and strengthening for my ring workout.

    Good Job Coach E. God bless you!

  7. Hi, when I am standing (concrete) for long periods and then start walking my whole outside thigh feel like a wall. The hip and thigh like one unit and then I sorta waddle if I am not careful. It feels like very sore and hurts. Would these exercises help this and anything else you would recommend?

  8. Hey, nothing works for my tfl, massages tighten it up, deadbugs arnt working and it’s pissing me off, what do I do

  9. Back in november I hurt my right groin/hip doing uphill sprints. I haven't played ice hockey because of it. All x-rays on back and hip negative for any arthritis or impingement. Also did 4 months of Physical Therapy with band exercises and stretches. When I do the dead bug and internally rotate my right knee I can feel a little pain and tightnes and less range of motion compared to my left. I feel this is the pain I've been trying to overcome. Should I continue to gradually do this to gain back range of motion? Thoughts? Thanks!

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