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Depression and Heart Disease

10 thoughts on “4 Diseases That Used to be Death Sentences | What the Stuff?!

  1. I'm no expert or professional, but these are my opinions of this video:

    That's not even a proper way to explain how tuberculosis occurs, that's simply how it is transmitted from host to host only. Where and how does one get exposed to tuberculosis beyond humans is what should be concerned about, because it magically formed inside a human, it comes from elsewhere. 

    Rabies is overrated and over-hyped. 

    It wasn't the Bubonic Plague that killed all those so-called middle age humans, it was Pneumonic Plague that caused the most deaths.

    Geez, the decline of cervical cancer in the USA was most liekly due to "less" nuclear bomb explosions done by the US Government after WW2… yeah, makes sense to me. Also, HPV vaccines are over-hyped and misunderstood, because it only prevent low-risk types but isn't effective against high-risk HPV types.

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