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55 thoughts on “5月病になってしまった May Sickness

  1. Aaaaa I knew there had to be a reason why lately I just lie in bed looking at pictures of food all day:( lol! -J xx

  2. 五月病を治すためには確か

  3. Yup….. The May sickness s hitting me hard Dx

    I just wanna lay in bed….. Or cry….. Seriously, where I'm living right now, they don't see very many foreigners so they're like ",5(ghcfchf6,):(6)? Gaijin?!?!?!?!?" All the time

  4. Hello Mimei! So, you´re a Satoh-san´s fan too right? Lol. I suppose you saw Rurouni Kenshin movie, too. Have you ever seen this ?  : 白鳥美麗物語 ~Shiratori Mirei Story~ .
    I laugh hard every time I see it ! ( And also keep having that crazy fan feeling , may my fiancee not read this! LOL) He makes amazing fierce looks on this show!

  5. たけだくんは。。。だれですか?(´・ω・`) 
    イケメンだね( ・ิω・ิ)ふふふ♡

  6. 実家から帰ってきて疲れているのですよ。


  7. 実家から帰ってきて疲れているのですよ。


  8. Mimei <3 I really always love your style! I'd love to see more vids like "my winter must-haves" on your other channel! Or sth like ootd or a casual and natural fma 🙂

  9. NZからおかえり!お疲れさまです!♪

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