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5 Skin Care Tips to Improve your Skincare Routine | Trevor Ritchie

boom and we’re live hello world what is
up guys welcome back to today’s video and welcome to my top 5 skin care tips
that you can start doing today tonight this afternoon literally take the cell
phone that you’re watching this video on to the bathroom right now open up your
skincare treasure trove or wherever you keep all of your skincare goodies
because today I’m going to share with you tips tricks and techniques to
maximize the skincare products that you already have in your cupboard in your
skincare routine we’re gonna talk about ways to optimize your time your money
really to optimize those skincare products now I know that skincare can be
so confusing and I really hope that these tips and tricks give you just like
a little piece of skincare knowledge to go out there and get the most beautiful
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being said let’s dive right into today’s video my top 5 skincare tips to improve
your skin care routine ooh and don’t be confused in the next clip when my outfit
changes you guys I already pre filmed this video but I lost the entire
introduction so I had to go back and film this introduction so I’m gonna look
a little bit different in the next clip so don’t be confused let’s dive right
into it alright guys so the first thing that we’re going to talk about is so
important to not only maximize the effectiveness of your skincare products
but to also maximize your budget and make sure you’re not wasting any money
and a lot of that comes down to how you layer your skincare products if you’re
putting them on in the wrong order it can a make the product not effective
which means you’re spending your extra money for no reason oh just to give me
goosebumps makes me feel sick to my stomach
basically layering your skincare products the right way ensures that the
products are working the most and make sure that they’re not blocking each
other out from penetrating into your skin I can’t tell you guys how many
times in my real life I’ve heard my friends tell me how they do their
skincare routine and all of their products are out of order it drives me
crazy I even had one friend who did a face oil at the beginning of their
skincare I’m gonna let you guys know that is
about as backwards as you can get when you’re applying your skincare products
you want to apply them from the thinnest texture and on the complete opposite
side is any face oils so after you cleanse your skin you want to start with
those essences those toners those really watery skin care products that’s gonna
be your first application they’re gonna get sucked right into the skin and
actually help the next steps that you apply now after that you would move into
your serums and I would just judge those by density I would do your lightest
serum first if you’re using multi serums after that you want to do your
moisturizers and then your face oils literally layering your skincare
products in the correct order is a not only a time-saver because no one wants
to waste their time doing things that are not effective B you’re gonna get the
most bang for your buck and the most effectiveness out of your skincare
products what more could you ask for alright so now that you’re layering your
skincare products in the correct order this next tip I feel like I should be
charging for these tips these are my personal secrets and you know what I
love sharing them with you guys the next thing that you can do to improve your
skincare routine today is using your skin care products for multiple things
I know shaking quaking now when it comes to makeup a lot of people you know think
outside the box you can use a eye shadow as a blush you can use a lipstick as an
eye shadow you know when you think outside of the box and use products for
other things that they aren’t necessarily marketed for really the
whole world opens up and you can do that with skincare too now there’s a bunch of
skincare products that I use that serve multiple purposes for example did you
guys know after you use a sheet mask so you put the sheet mask on your face you
let it sit there for 10-15 minutes and you’re like okay it’s done now I’m just
gonna peel it off throw it away no take that face mask and actually go in gentle
circular motions all over your face and that’s gonna help to exfoliate your skin
as well as help penetrate that mask deeper into the skin so now not only are
you getting a hydrating treatment for you’re also getting an exfoliation
treatment and then a third way you can actually take that mask squirt the rest
of the serum back into that mask and slap it under your neck now you have a
neck mask so from one face mask you can go from a hydration treatment to an
exfoliation treatment to a neck tree that is three things from one facemask
hello now another way to double duty a skincare product is if you have a facial
cleanser that’s a thick a balmy or even it just works amazing with a clay
cleanser you can actually use this cleanser on your face as a treatment as
a deep cleansing treatment before you wash your face what you can do is take
your cleanser apply it all over the skin and leave it on there for I would say
around 1 to 3 minutes what this is gonna do if you’re wearing makeup is help to
break down that makeup before you go ahead and wash your skin or if you’re
doing it on a bare face the cleanser is gonna go deep into your pores and really
clean them out get rid of any extra dirt or debris in your pores really making
your skin extra clean this is a great tip for a deep cleansing treatment
especially on like the weekend maybe on a Sunday when you want that extra detox
cover your face and cleanser leave it on for 1 to 3 minutes and then rinse it off
your face will never be feeling so clean and another way to double-duty a
skincare product I’ve actually shown you guys this tip before but I love to use a
serum as a highlighter on my face this works great with any oily style texture
serum that you have applying it just to your cheekbone or in any area where you
want to highlight I mean check this out this is my a cure seriously soothing
serum stick you guys know I reviewed this and all over the skin it’s a little
bit too oily but if you just do it right on your cheek bone it adds an amazing
highlight I mean hello let’s do it on this one too a little bit
here even on the ears and since I started using this as a highlight I
actually started using it more often so rather than this product just sitting
under the sink I found another way to use it double duty is the way to go if
there’s any other way that you double use skincare products let me know in the
comments down below because I am all about it ok so the next skincare tip
that you can use to improve your skincare routine is rotating your
skincare products now what I love to do and what I find most effective because
you guys know I collect so many skincare products and a lot of them end up
sitting under my sink and going expired which we’re going to talk about a little
bit later but we all know that we have those
skin care products that sit in the back of our cupboard when really we should be
using them so what I really mean by rotating skin care products is something
that I like to do is create a little mini skincare routine of a toner a serum
and a moisturizer that all work in harmony together and target a specific
skin care concern what I mean by that is sometimes I like to focus on just
moisturizing the skin sometimes I like to focus on brightening the skin and
what I’d like to do is create these little mini routines and use them for
maybe two or three months and then rotate them for another group of
products focus on a different set of reasons so I might focus on just
hydration for one little set a couple of months then I switch them and then I
focus on anti-aging and that way I’m using my products because I’m using them
consistently enough normally to use them out and I always know that I’m gonna
keep a good rotation of skincare products and none of them are gonna go
bad and oftentimes one skincare product can’t do everything so when you’re
rotating your products you’re ensuring that you’re hitting all your targets all
of your skin concerns by rotating my skincare products I really find that a I
give my skincare products enough time to work and be that way I don’t miss any
products that get lost in the back of my cabinet you know it’s always forcing me
to pull out new products look for new things and for me that’s a god-sent and
speaking of rotating skincare products that literally leads us right into the
next tip that you need to do today I need you guys tonight when you go home
check inside your cabinet after this video and that is removing expired skin
care products from your skincare routine now I know this can be so difficult it’s
kind of like you know when you buy a really expensive pair of shoes or really
expensive blazer it doesn’t fit anymore or you haven’t worn it in years but
you’re like oh I just can’t part with it because I spent money on it this I know
is the same thing when it comes to skincare but you guys you need to get
rid of any skincare that is expired especially any products that you can
open up like jars where you put your finger in I don’t want to say the
dreaded mold word but these type of products that you open up and air get in
there your fingers in there can literally grow mold now expired products
can cause irritation rashes acne bacterial fungus growing
on your skin on the back of a skincare product you can see how long it will
last from opening now some skin care products you can continue to use they
might just not be as effective but you know if they’re in a sealed container
with a pump chances are you’ll be okay there will be any mold growing in there
but any product and a jar and a cream anything that you are scooping in there
please if you do one thing after this video throw away your skincare products
that are expired now the easiest way to tell if your skincare product has gone
bad is if it smells weird if the color has changed if the texture has changed
if any of these things are happening in your skincare routine
I mean call the police I’m at a loss for words why is the world always ending whenever
we’re filming a video it’s crazy it’s literally crazy if I didn’t capture
this on film I feel like no one would believe me anyway guys the final tip in
improving your skincare routine is as cheesy as this sounds comes from within
and that is consistency there is a literally no skincare product that
you’re gonna put on your skin and after a couple uses it’s going to transform
your skin it’s just not going to happen a skincare routine is just that I’ve
said this in the past it’s a routine it’s all about consistency and skincare
products take time to work in fact some of them can take up to 12 weeks to work
we all know that the skin cell cycle is about 30 days so on minimum any skin
care product a cleanser say that just is applied to your skin for just a couple
of seconds a day is at least going to take four weeks to work I’m always so
astounded when someone uses a skin care product and they’re like oh my gosh it
transformed my life and it’s been like three minutes since you started using it
I’m like come on things take time it’s all about cumulated benefits things are
not going to happen overnight like I said earlier what I like to do is pick a
skin care concern spend a couple of weeks focused just on that concerned
with particular skin care products then I move on to another concern because I
know these things are going to take time for example a cleanser is going to take
at least 30 days to see any effects a serum is going to take six to eight
weeks of course everyone’s skin is different and every situation is
dependent but on average four to six weeks to see effects from a serum
retinol and retinyl can be ten weeks four over guys there’s more sirens
coming anyway four to six weeks for prescription-strength retinols Retta
nays those work a little bit quicker because honey they’re gonna dry you out
now moisturizers can work instantly you are gonna see that instant hydration
because a lot of them have hyaluronic acid it’s kind of bind to water under
the skin and immediately oh my gosh now my phone is going off I’m literally
going to have a mental breakdown where’s my phone
anyway and then things like dark spot treatments are gonna take
three to four weeks so if you really want to see the effects of the skincare
products that you’re using it’s really out of habit out of routine that you
will see accumulated benefits you know I always say I love the state of my skin
now I feel like I have good skin texture good tone but this has not happened
overnight this has been dedication dedication dedication you know I always
say that having clear bright skin doesn’t just happen it does take work
and it takes certain skin care products to get there if you don’t use any skin
care products I mean your skin is gonna look maybe a little bit more dull than
mine but it’s still gonna look okay your face isn’t gonna fall off
but if you want to have really radiant glowing skin it takes time it takes
effort it takes consistency consistency is really the key to maximizing all of
your skin care products and really seeing the benefits I mean how often do
you buy something you use it for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden
it ends up under the cover and you don’t finish using it and you’re like oh you
know I really didn’t see any difference I wonder why keep those products on the
top shelf keep them at the top of your mind use them often repeat repeat repeat
and you will see the skincare benefits all right guys so that was today’s tips
and tricks on how to improve your skin care routine instantly with the products
you already have lying around your bathroom I hope today you were able to
pick up some tips some tricks learn something if you have any of your own
tips and tricks let go in the comments down below who my voice just cracked if
you have any tips and tricks of your own let me know in the comments down below
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love and appreciate you so so much thanks for sticking around until the
very end we’ll see you in the next video bye guys say bye bye you

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