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11 thoughts on “5 Ways Rowing Solves KNEE Pain So You Can Workout Again

  1. Another very informative video, Shane. Many thanks from Sydney, Australia. By the way, what sort of watch is that you're wearing? Best, Lex

  2. Thank you bud. I am totally in this category and feeling like I am crippled some ways. I am planning on buying a Concept at the beginning of the year and would like to go through your channel. I will look for that video so I can support you. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

  3. I got patella tendinitis in my right knee after training/ running my half marathon. Through my read I've been using the rower/skierg and today I was finally able to run pain free! I will definitely continue to utilize the concept 2 machines and hit a half marathon on both the rower and ski and plan on doing a marathon on each

  4. This is what I really need! Let me repeat this video again. Thanks so much! Oh, btw, can you also show us demo on this way of rowing for bad knee? 🙂

  5. I had a bizarre hip injury this summer and a smart rowing program brought me right back into shape!
    At age 45, this evening I did a 6x750m/1:00r @ 1:53.7 erg on!

  6. I wish my orthopedist, or any one of the many physical therapists I've been to, would have suggested rowing. I love it, I'm free, I'm building strength, endurance, flexibility… at my own pace, without added pain. Yeah, it sounds like a bowl of rice crispies when I first get going, but I keep going, and my body is like… I remember this, it's movement, it's awesome. And, not just my knees are benefiting, my lower back seems to be stabilizing as well. YaY!!!! Thanks for all the videos Shane, you are a ray of sunshine.

  7. It use to be my knees until I got them replaced. But now it's my elbows when rowing that start hurting so I am guessing that my upper body is really out of shape. Because of this, I went back to bike riding but now understand passive exercise and why I don't feel like I get the work I do when rowing versus biking. Thanks.

  8. The rower is my best way to work my legs as sadly my knees are pretty shot. Much easier than running, biking or anything else.

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