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100 thoughts on “50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #141

  1. I USED to work for the producer of Supermans son Salkind*

    Brando was a huge linch pin for bank rollong the film. They were freaking out trying to get him to talk about his wardrobe worried he wouldnt like it

    He didnt care*

  2. Seems like everyone is slightly autistic these days. Which also is cool they usually have hidden art or science skills

  3. #31– People starving n such all over the world n yet $6 MILLION a year is ok to waste on heating/ electricity bills ON 1 BUILDING. what a planet!

  4. Many pop-tarts also contain Gelatin just saying. In fact a lot of vegans consume foods containing gelatin and don't even realize it comes from an animal lol there was this vegan girl I worked with who had no idea of this until I told her. She took her phone and tried to fact check it hoping I was wrong lmao

  5. According vegetarian dairy products like milk and cheese are considered non killing animals so they can eat them. Just like seafood vegetarian do eat them too. Only strict vegan don't touch non of it at all. As for Viggo Mortensen he can also speaks Elfish so he wasn't a king of Gondor in the Middle Earth for nothing you know yeh? Btw my brain is explodes once again……

  6. The Samuel Clemens fact is only partially true. Yes, Mark Twain meant "safe water" for passage of a steamboat, but that was only a side note of the name. There was an older pilot who regularly submitted his observations to the main New Orleans newspaper of the day under the pen name of Mark Twain. He became something of a joke among the younger pilots because of his pompous manner of writing. At some point, Sam wrote a spoof letter which he only intended his fellow younger pilots to see.

    Unfortunately, one of them got the bright idea to have the spoof published in that same New Orleans paper. The old pilot was so humiliated by the spoof that he never wrote again. Sam carried the weight of that for years. Years later, he had finally begun the road to becoming the writer he's remembered as by accepting a job at a Virginia City, Nevada newspaper. For a long while, his articles went unsigned and nameless, though the readers learned quickly to distinguish his writing from that of others. Sam eventually asked for and received the assignment to cover the Nevada legislature, and he proved himself so good that papers from around the nation used his still unsigned articles.

    Joe Goodman, Sam's boss, encouraged Sam to sign his work and suggested he use the pen name he'd used in freelance submissions which got him the job in the first place. Not liking the idea of going back to the Josh pen name, he happened to receive news that the old pilot had recently passed away. Still carrying the guilt of his unintended cruelty, (Sam was the king of carrying guilt whether deserved or not) he decided to go by Mark Twain as a way to keep the old pilot's pen name alive and to atone for the perceived sin. And THAT is how the world was blessed with the inimitable Mark Twain.

  7. This is the Matt we all know and love. Apparently, he found a way thru the mist and gloom! Well done! I had to watch this several times because he covered so many threads and opportunities I will be busy working thru this video past the time he puts out his next video.

  8. If you manage to pause at the right moment at 13:34, Matthew looks like he's drunk… 😝

    But seriously, I loved this. 👍

  9. even if most of information in the "50 amazing facts" series are useless in my environment, I still enjoy them and I especially enjoy you Matt

  10. Thank you so much for continuing to do these! I've been watching your channel for years and we're at 7050 facts so far! I can't wait to get to 10000

  11. Bob Dylan, big deal… Cheap Trick has done well over 5000 shows since the early 70's, constantly touring. All being near 70 now, they are still doing it. They have stated the number 5000 for a few years now so it may well be 6000 by now, or close for sure.

  12. Ok I am never watching Cujo again, and evil scientists are drowning rats!! Pure evil! I love animals!! Anyone who hurts them should be shot point blank in the face with a gun. Seriously.

  13. I’ve watched all your videos and video by others. I prefer Matthew’s video best. He makes it very lively and funny. Thank you Matthew.

  14. 20: Nope the word quarantine comes from the french word quarantaine which means 40. The principle was first used in France then the Italian stole it a couple centuries later.

  15. Hey,Matt, you should make a plushie of the Knowledge Whale and sell it. More money for your channel and your fans would love it. I would totally buy one 🙂

  16. Giant tuna? I didn’t think they actually existed. The only time I’ve ever seen one like that was in an early episode of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (American counterpart: Robotech) that one was a little bigger though lol.

  17. When I was young my mom would always get crAzy when it was full moon. We believed she’s bipolar but she’s never been evaluated

  18. Watching this while my dog sleeps on my right leg.
    Now i want to be a bee so i can sleep and be cuddled. Just have the sleeping time be 12 hours then im good.

  19. 1:15 when you see that, you know that guy needs a real friend. Right, tee tee?
    (Me mimicking my stuffed up cat) “right, Logan ole pal!”

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