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100 thoughts on “6 Common Misconceptions About Chronic Pain

  1. Thinking of the 1 to 10 pain scale that nurses ask you. It's like, well, how much do I feel I subjectively hurt, or how much pain someone with no knowledge of my daily pain would say I'm in? Even when I had 2 vertebrae rubbing together and had constant pain, it just was. I don't think I reported it to be above a 6 at that time. Looking back after my surgery, I can say without a doubt that my daily pain level was a 5 or 6, going up to a 9 on some days. That pain scale is not really useful for many reasons.

  2. Thanks for bringing this topic up. I’ve been suffering from chronic pain since I was 5 or 6 (I’m 17 now). It’s not constant but when I get a flare up it lasts for months. When I first spoke out about it people dismissed it and said I was just trying to get out of school. At 16 I went to an absolutely amazing partial hospitalization program through Hasbro for medical and mental health issues. I can honestly say it saved my life. My pain now is low enough to push through and easily ignored and mentally I’m doing ok. Do not be afraid to reach out and don’t settle for your first option there may be a few misses but you’ll find what works best for you.

  3. People think having chronic pain means having constant pain. There are moments I feel good, and able. But doing things, being active or working for more than 2 days means at least a week in bed recovering my strength, or a month in bed if I am exposed to an illness, even a cold.
    It's sure not slacking off, I have things I need to get done, things I want to do, but I have to ration my energy and joy. Very annoying!

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  5. Thanks for talking about this! I don't think a lot of people who've never had long-term pain realize how severe the emotional and psychological impacts of chronic pain can be on a person. I've had pain since high school and now I'm being referred to a specialist to help me figure out what's going on. When I'm unable of being totally independent and have to ask others for help when my pain is extreme, I notice I can easily feel helpless and like a burden. My mom (who has fibromyalgia) went to group therapy and CBT and its AMAZING how many coping skills she's learned!

  6. Great video on chronic pain! I'm both suffering from a chronic pain (head aches) and fatigue after a car accident 12 years ago and study psychology. I find that there are limited knowledge about it among profesionals, but also that the interest on the topic is growing. I was wondering about what you said about dopamine, however, as the latest publications I read about it said it turns out that dopamine seems to be linked to the expectation of rewards, rather than the reward itself (I can see if I find the specific texts about it if you like). My GP recommended me to look into, which is a free "programme" that teach you about chronic pain and techniques to cope with pain. I tried it out, and it was interesting. I'm a neurocognitive psychology nerd, but I found it fairly easy to read through even for those who doesn't have any background knowledge on those topics. I think i would recommend having a look =) It's great to have you back, Kati. Thanks again for a great video and channel. It has helped me a lot when the times are tough. big hug from a great fan in Norway.

  7. Thank you for this video! I "suffer" from chronic daily migraines and there is no identifiable cause. BUT I've noticed that if I am having an intense, philosophical discussion that requires a lot of focus and concentration it makes the migraine worse! I wonder if there is some sort of psychological component to the migraines I get every day…

  8. Thank you for this video! I dont see many people talking about chronic pain and "invisible" illnesses correctly. 🖤

  9. I just found a counselor who I want to contact today (after months of knowing I need to), and this video just added to the reasons why I need to start counseling. I've been lost in a state of overwhelm for the better part of the last three years and chronic pain has been there with me the whole time. Some pains were explainable and medically treatable, but pain that doesn't seem to have a source has been happening more and more frequently. Thank you for the information, Kati

  10. I have RA. Physical therapy was the best thing I ever did. Finding that balance of moving enough but not over straining yourself is hard but worth it.

  11. while i appreciate your experiences, & i understand its coming from a good place,i have had chronic pain nearly my whole life, various medical problem ,one of which i cant get rid of unless im willing to cut some very important nerves,,if i can even find a dr willing to do the surgery & now im in my 40's & feel like im literally falling apart part of me wants to be upset at this video,(im not really, after i thought it through) the other part just really wants to know when even surgery isn't likely how much can talking about it help,,i didnt even know i should say anything about it to my therapist,,,now i am going to but can it really help? other than just talking about it,, id hate to lose this therapist because cry wolf that i have seen with other s. i dont know if its worth the risk. of adding another thing on top of everything else,,if that makes any sense

  12. This is definitely something I suffer with, between nerve pain and chronic headaches, I’m generally always in pain somewhere in my body. I definitely have to remember that my physical struggles aren’t the only struggles worth getting help for. I’m gentle with myself with my MS diagnosis, but when it comes to my mental health diagnoses, I’m harder on myself.

  13. I live with chronic pain and there are several root causes. But the worst thing I do from time to time is get into a rut of staying in bed when I feel bad. Yoga is a life saver but it's also important to have a routine. Mental health is a huge aspect of physical health. So closely linked and a good video Kati, thank you. My sister Michelle is bed ridden and is convinced the next surgery will heal her, plus she's crazy addicted to opiates and is so bad off she quit eatting to get higher, shes now been on life support 5 times in the past 6 years and now shes on comfort care at age 35 in the hospital and in very bad shape. It's mostly mentally and anorexia has exaggerated her issues and it could easily kill her at this point. If shed just get mental health support or would have years ago when I was pressing it her whole life could be different and she would likely still be up walking and living her life instead of stuck in a bed wearing a diaper. Its fucking heartbreaking what an unhealthy mind does to the body.

  14. Wow this is so crazy that you are talking about chronic pain. I suffer from chronic pain all the time. Ehlers danlos syndrome is what the doctor said that it would cause me pain. I have alot of pain and smile through it.

  15. MYTH 7 all chronic pain is caused by a mental health. Some people can have chronic pain be mentally fine. I was told that "it's all in your head there's nothing wrong with you" for years, labeled depressed and didn't get the treatment I needed, turns out something was wrong and that lack of treatment now impacts my daily life but despite this and my pain I am mentally fine.

  16. I have dealt with chronic pain for 5 and a half years.. it has changed me but go the better as I understand what others go through.

  17. Thank you! I’m going through a new diagnosis after being in horrible pain for the last four-five months. Today has been a pretty good day but the last few days before were rough! I’m 21 so this has been a pretty rough time

  18. I've had chronic back pain for five years now. It's exhausting and adds to my depression. Because I've handled it so well and it's "mild" I don't get painkillers.

    I've stoped doing some of the things I love because of the pain they cause. I really just wish I could be a pain free kid again.

  19. Hey Katie amazing vid. I have a question,is there a difference between add and adhd? I have always thought I had one of them.

  20. Thanks so much for this video, i thought i was alone in this.

    I've been diagnosed with anxiety and believe that its what was causing chronic pain and even thoughts of dying, the pain would make me anxious and my anxiety seems to cause pain, a vicious circle.

    My left shoulder, arm, hand and thumb joint often aches and feels sore these past several months.

    My throat also feels sore and feels like something is stuck there. Hopefully in time it will get better.

    The worst thing for me is the way it affects my sleep. I often have a hard time sleeping. I'm lucky to get 5 hours sleep when my anxiety gets high.

    I'm taking some medication at moment and Ive also recently joined a gym and started yoga and listening to relaxing music and breathing exercises.

    I am glad I am not alone

  21. Yes! Yes! Yes! This hit my heart! I wish everyone was this educated on this subject! I'm sixteen and I have chronic migraines. It's so hard to explain to people what I'm going through. This video was so helpful! Shoutout to the chronic pain community! Keep fighting you can do this!

  22. I’ve recently started loving you channel and as a chronic pain sufferer w a rare illness this type of content on your platform is so great and helpful! I cannot begin to explain how hard and frustrating not only communicating what chronic pain feels like but how it personally impacts our individual lives and mental health. I’d love more videos on this topic. So much love, -Hailey

  23. Thank you so much for addressing this! Such an important topic to tackle, I like the misconceptions that you tackled. 😊 I especially identify with excercise – it’s one of the only things that has ever helped me with my chronic pain aside from meds.

  24. #7 chronic pain stays the same (its all or nothing)
    wrong.. chronic pain has levels some days its totally bearable other days not at all
    #8 why don't you just take pain pills
    medications aren't for everyone there are other coping methods.

  25. Hey Kati! Random question, but here it goes. So, I tried reaching out to someone over Twitter and I deleted my own tweet. I’ve always felt like I’ve never had my emotional needs tended to and I’ve noticed I have an insecure attachment style (disordered). I almost cried when I tweeted my message because I didn’t feel like the person would care and I took down the tweet because I wanted to avoid the pain of being neglected again. Afterwards, I belittled myself for having wants and tried to make myself feel bad for having desires. So, my question is what should I do? Should I try to reach out to that person again? I hope any of that makes and thank you so much for all the content you’ve made. It helps me get through the rough parts :0)

  26. When I was 27 I went back to my doctor with pain I was still disabled by 2years after the accident.
    He said I had two options.. referral for surgery or acupuncture.
    I was absolutely desperate so tired acupuncture and the results where amazing!
    An experience in itself but over 18 months I reduced my sessions from weekly to quarterly and since 29 I haven't been at all. I still have pain but its much easier to manage. 😀

  27. I have fibromyalgia. I’m only 21 years old. I don’t talk about it much. I feel it constantly everyday. I’m really happy you talked about this. Made me cry ❤️ thank you.

  28. Thank you so much for this video I suffer from complex regional pain syndrome and have been for over three years years now this video is greatly appreciated

  29. First off, I LOVE that you made this video. I feel like the intersection of chronic pain and mental health is so important and not many people (even therapists) recognize it. In my personal opinion I wasn’t a big fan of the myth being you can die from chronic pain. I feel that our community is in a delicate state as the opioid crisis limits prescriptions to those with chronic pain. While this is justified I think it’s not entirely true to say chronic pain doesn’t kill, because I know it can lead to suicide. While the pain itself doesn’t not cause death, I think you are missing a big element of chronic pain (feeling isolated with no relief in sight) I know it’s not the most upbeat, but I feel like acknowledging this could validate our community, thus removing judgement of seeking help.

    Love your videos! Hope this didn’t come across abrasive, just wanted to share my perspective. ❤️

  30. Amazing working with you on this, Kati!

    Truly understanding what's going on in your brain & body when something hurts, is an important step towards healing. I'm sure this video will help a ton of people take that first step, and gain greater power of their pain.

  31. I have chronic panic but it’s all been diagnosed as a non mental condition. And a worthwhile thing know is not all chronic pain is mental some is entirely physical and just can’t be corrected. I have a hole in a ligament that can’t be fixed. I also have had a history of reoccurring cysts in my wrist that compress and squeeze and put pressure on all of my ligaments , tendons and bones in my wrist causing constant pain. I also ended up with ulnar impact syndrome that’s means my ulnar was too long and was impacting into my wrist my wrist bones. So I have had my bone shortened. I have had 4 surgery’s and I will still be doing hand therapy for a long time but I’m not likely to ever get rid of the pain entirely due to the hole in my ligament which can’t be fixed. So yeah I just don’t think we should say that chronic pain always has a mental component.

  32. A pattern I've noticed with my chronic pain (which is really bad btw – I was having suicidal thoughts with it last year due to a set back) is that while an ordinary person may end up in some bear grylls survival situation and be able to summon untold abilities they never thought they even had. I feel like I have to take myself to that level just to deal with the pain – as in I have to run just to be able to walk if that makes sense. If I didn't push myself regularly – unlike a normal person – I wouldn't be able to cope on the off chance: this goes for physical abilities as well as stress tolerance…. It's like my subconscious survival mechanism is broken (or I have hacked myself to such a degree my body and my mind have freed themselves from danger – with the unfortunate side effect of depressive symtoms due to the lack of adrenaline). If this sounds weird – like shouldn't I find social situations an adrenaline boost? – … I was threatened with a knife half a dozen times before I was 20 years old: where I grew up if people didn't like you they hit you. So I am not surprised I am how I am (especially as I am also trans). I think if angry men didn't exist I might feel better. But unfortunately there seems just as many angry men as there are people with chronic pain.

  33. I think it is no surprise that insect stingers protrude from their bums basically – I think there is an evolutionary clue to where pain and anxiety comes from.

  34. I suffer with fibromyalgia & have done for many years, tried many treatments & medication, but unfortunately none of them worked. So in still suffering, I hate it.

  35. Thank you so much for discussing this. It's not talked about enough. I have fibromyalgia and many health professionals still don't understand it well.


  37. I almost kill myself several times because of intense pain from my chronic pain. And i finally go to my Psychiatrist yesterday and start meds last night. I really, really hope it will work out. 😊

  38. Someone asked me what helped with my chronic pain but I can’t find the question now. Please contact me again

  39. I can't even remember the last time I had a painfree day. It's very nice to see people open up about it and making it more talked about, it makes me feel more heard and seen. Great video Katie ❤️

  40. Hey Ms. Morton, I have a question.
    Why is it that most psychiatrists don't come out on the facts of religion to the public, knowing that clearing up the issue as the worlds 'Mental Health Professionals' would ultimately lead to a better/higher functioning/faster-developing society and human race? Rather than: Having 80-95% of the world population suffer from an easily curable psychosis; which ultimately limits our combined development and overall potential as a species.
    NB. I've seen a few of your videos on the topic and I can't agree that believing in fairy tales is the best solution for human development.

    -Sihon Smith, 28
    Mandeville, Jamaica.

  41. FACT: One of the best ways to support a loved one with chronic pain is to believe them and respect their boundaries for what they are and aren't able to do each day

  42. FACT: With some illnesses with chronic pain can fluctuate daily and throughout the day, so just because someone who is suffering from chronic pain is able to do something oneday that doesn't mean they are cured, so don't expect them to be able to repeat that activity everyday 💁‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️🕺👊

  43. FACT: Sometimes people with chronic pain that fluctuates use mobility divices ON and OFF such as; walking sticks, scooters, wheel chairs, walkers, ect. to help them get around in life and manage their pain out and about. Don't be shocked if you see them in a wheelchair one minute and then get up and walk the next.. 🤯💥🤦‍♀️😂😂

  44. I've dealt with chronic pain in my leg joints my whole life. I've seen hundreds of doctors and gotten several different incorrect diagnoses. We still don't know what's wrong with me, and I have to take painkillers almost every day, which makes my IBS worse. I subbed to you because I have depression and anxiety and like learning about it; I'm glad you did a video on something that can be psychosomatic.

  45. Hey Kati, love your channel. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to get help when you know there’s something wrong but aren’t sure what is wrong. I have a lot of things happening that are making everyday extremely hard ( really bad anxiety, paranoia, things don’t look real, suicidal thoughts) and I’m not sure where to go or who to see. Thanks (:

  46. Hey Katie, I was wondering if you could possibly do a video on Hypochondriasis as it’s own disorder. How to differentiate it from Normal health anxiety, what to do about it, etc.
    Thanks I’m advance! 🖤

  47. Hello Kati iam 23 years old I am from Australia and I have a scoliosis a curve of the spine my curve is 60 to 70 degrees and I am going to have my surgery on it in April this year. And it has changed my life i do swimming and stretches iam kinda glad I have it cause it made me get up and move and do more exercise

  48. Hello Kati I also have knees that go crack and it's very painful it's because of my spine is curved

  49. I just stumbled across this channel a week ago, it’s been a breath of fresh air I have a very bad case of never being able to shut my mind off. It’s constantly fighting me in every way. But I have to say, watching you helps ease that a lot. The facial expressions and sound of your voice is very soothing. I put headphones on, have your videos play randomly and your voice really helps me sleep. Just wanted to say thank you for the support and love you give people. Your awesome! Super happy to say I’m a subscriber!!

  50. "Alternative treatment" is a bad way to describe it. Sure massage and meditation can help, but it at least has some evidence behind it. Many things that are called "alternative treatment" are just pseudoscientific nonsense. Even acupuncture that you've mentioned doesn't have a solid, scientifically measured effectiveness rate, and is probably very close to placebo. Not saying placebo can't be effective for pain (in fact research shows that, specifically for pain, placebo is very effective), but people, please be careful, make sure that the alternative stuff is safe and doesn't have side-effects, that you're not wasting a lot of money on it, and only use it together with evidence-based therapy and after consulting an actual doctor with a proper scientific background.

  51. Hi, I found your channel few days ago, and after i watched few your videos, i literally cried. You're a beautiful therapist, every word I hear from you is calming me. I wish to have therapist like you a year ago, when i almost commited suicide. It was pure coincidence that I refused to do that, but many of your words are the words I really need to hear from someone in those days. Now situation is better and my life is changed a bit, but anyway, thank you for your limitless effort to make our life more worthy to live by saying right words, recording all these videos, spending your time on us, reading our comments, all of these things. Even on saying "we" and "us" instead of just "you". This is really helpful. Thank you for all that you have done for people. I wish you to have long and happy life, with minimum negative events and maximum positive events. Thank you for existing!

  52. So I have a family member with fibromyalgia. She doesn't really eat well or drink water. She eats a lot of chocolate, chips and drink soda. When a doctors prescribe her medicine or anything to help she doesn't really keep up with it. She doesn't want to exercise or even try walking.I understand her pain, but I don't understand why she's not trying to find ways to help herself.

  53. Thank you for covering this topic, especially #5. surgery ruined my life, but the military wanted me "healed" as fast as possible & told me that was the only option.

  54. Katie or anyone with experience, this as nothing to do with the video, but I need help. My roommate's new girlfriend for sure has an anxiety disorder, eating disorder, and probably severe depression. She tried killing herself the other day and we had to call cops out to her place to get her out of the tub. She has done this before and knows all about the wards they send her too. This time she did it because pics of her being raped and forced to do sexual stuff with her dad ( who we just found out wasn't her bio dad) were shown to the cops and he was arrested. Her real dad had taken them the night before she tried killing herself to have evidence for the cops. What I need help with is what should I do or say to let her know I want her in my life and I don't want her to feel alone? We have tried getting her to move in, but she can't seem to leave that hell hole she is in. I also know she is being mentally and physically abused and her parents stole money from her and am kinda of bad things. How can I help get her out of that home and feel safe? What's appropriate to say to someone with so much going on and not sound like a bad guy?

  55. I keep giving up on telling my doctors and stuff about my chronic pain and fatigue conditions… they keep telling me the same thing… there is nothing i can do to fix it… they aren't going to give me medication (i don't take meds anymore for pain killers).. they say that it's all in my head and to get over it and whatever so i made my own treatment plan. Mostly it is to sleep as often as possible in my spare time or lay down so i can still go to work and occassionally walk around when it's not as painful

  56. I tried to talk to talk about this before but you didn't get my comment so I will try talking about this again I am a 24-year-old male and I have this fear of being alone I had 1 girl lie to me about going out with me but she was a Muslim so I couldn't go out with her but even knowing that she still asked me out and I had one girl in college I asked out in secret in the hell way and after she went to tell some of her friends and I had one other girl I asked out and she said I want to take it slow but then a few days after she said I don't go out with my boyfriend friends but one day she said she only goes out with tuff guys
    and it made to wonder should I change my image and every time I see a couple kissing and other stuff couples do I will start to cry I say to myself I want to feel in love like those two are please reply
    to this comment

  57. I am a very reserved person, emotions wise and i do have a few close friends , but only recently has it started affecting me as ive realized how hard it is for me to connect with someone and really engage… This combined with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, and general fear of future which i cant stop is leading me to dissociating and closing myself off , its hard to even go to college as i know ill be exposed to interacting with people , im not an introvert but im starting to hate my behaviour and coldness , could you do a video giving some advice on how to make myself more engaged and emotionally available ?

  58. Whew! I have seen some of your recent videos that did not have your wonderful "Welcome" at the beginning. Please don't stop because is is very endearing. Also, you do a fantastic job in your online counsel. If I lived nearby, I would want to be a patient of yours.

  59. To see the video title I was so excited. I am a fighter of chronic pain(specifically myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome, part of the AMPS family, which is a muscle nerve condition that has no cure). To know someone is standing up for us in the myths and helping us makes me so happy. Thank you so much, you have made me feel valid

  60. Thank you for recognizing chronic pain… I get all the time that I look ok….. Just because you can't see my pain it is there!

  61. Thank you for talking about this, Kati! As someone with Chronic Lyme Disease, I struggle with daily chronic pain and I appreciate that you're spreading awareness about this.

  62. A related question: how do I make my family and loved ones understand my issues and experience with chronic pain? How can I make them 'get it'? In other words, how can I help them help me?

  63. I'm so glad that you mention alternative medicine such as acupuncture. I wish you were my therapist 😫 I've been putting it off for years. It's scary! Xx

  64. It's definitely a tough one to explain. I have chronic pain from multiple sclerosis. But it's not like people assume, they assume I'm in agony, that I shouldn't be able to do anything. exercising isnt a bad thing, it's not always an option everyday but rest is good and needed too so it's okay. But my pain isn't always Agony it's also numbness, it's pins and needles, feeling bruised, it's fatigue and much more.
    Fear of movement is a huge thing with pain. Starts small but gets worse if you don't fix it? CBT it used with pain management these days because of that.
    I feel tough on my husband because he has chronic pain too. Again his is different from mine. Recently I was told I need to keep moving my pain isn't going in many cases after all it's permanent nerve damage and it's going to get worse if I stop moving which I had for a time I'll not be able to move or walk etc etc much faster than if I start doing a good physio and the exercise regime, it won't be anything crazy but something. When she turned to me and said your husband needs to do the same. You both need the confidence and your partner is your best option. He hates exercises it hurts. He has chronic pain… But he's further down the road from me. He's years into the fear and the pain. Turning it around for him seems impossible now. I'd hoped giving him the reality might also help. If he can't exercise if we don't. We're going to need to live with carers within the decade even if our health just slowly declines. I hope it'll sink in… I wish he had more mental health help too but it just doesn't exist for chronic pain here. And that's tough. My psyc can only sit and listen which helps. She tries to understand but naturally can't. He needs something I'm just lost as to what now. (They won't consider surgery on his spine they say risk outweighs benifit).

  65. If I wrote down every single diagnoses and symptoms, it would take me 30 minutes to put it together. Ive been a chronic pain suffer for 12+ years now and has only increased. Maybe I’ll write it out and share in a day or two. If you only knew what it was like to live in this day and age with chronic pain. Other chronic pain patients like myself, we haven’t lived in prob years, we suffer and survive throughout each and everyday, living on SSD, which is minimal. I use topical ointments, CBD, talk therapy, massage therapy and meds. As for acupuncture, I would LOVE to do that! Do you have any idea how expensive it is when you’re not able to work anymore and stuck living on social security? Medicare doesn’t pay for alternative treatments. I also know others like myself who can no longer take OTC medications due to stomach issues, chronic ulcers and gastritis as well as many other related GI conditions. My GI doctor told me absolutely no OTC meds. I told him I need them for my period, when I get it. During that time, I’m nauseas because of the Midol. Forget about Ibprophen I get very sick from that. I eat very healthy, mostly organic. I tried going gluten free, or at least a little, but it’s way too expensive when living on SSD. For my back (I have 4 herniated discs) I was getting RFA’s yearly with BCBS, but with Medicare they want you to get 2 nerve blocks before getting an RFA. My old doctor would give me trigger point injections to help with the pain in my back and neck. I was getting them every 4-6 weeks for roughly a 6 month period. Before I realized it, I went from 130 to 160 within a few months. Stopped getting my period too. When I went to see my GP for another issue, he wanted to send me for blood work. I asked him if he can check my adrenal, which is ccrtisol. When my blood tests came back, I saw my doctor. My cortisol levels was at 0.4. The LOWEST my GP has EVER seen. He referred me to an Endocrinologist. Because of the STEROID trigger point injections I was getting to help my pain, I developed adrenal insufficiency or Addison’s. Great something else because of MEDICATION! Years ago, I was put on Levaquin an antibiotic for UTI’s. I developed sensory motor peripheral neuropathy in ALL my extremities because of an antibiotic that was used to heal me. Not only did I develop PN, but tendinitis in both ankles. These are just a few of the MANY diagnoses I have and have dealt with. For anyone in my shoes, please check BLACK BOX WARNINGS on ALL medications! Oddly opioids are basically the only medications that don’t have any BBW’s. As for your or anyone’s misconceptions regarding opioid therapy for chronic pain patients, we DON’T get addicted to our meds. These meds have helped us not suffer as much as we would without them. The chronic pain community loses more and more everyday #SuicideDueToPain. And believe me, I get it. I’ve tried myself. We have lost our patient rights. Because of this epidemic my pain levels never go below 4 and everyday they spike up and down between 10 (where we feel like wer’re being tortured) and then down. Back up and down. Anything can increase. How would you like to be surviving? Not being able to work, nor getting married, have kids, a job, friends, traveling, etc? We lost that right.

  66. I have been living with chronic pain for 11 years. When my pain is severe, my depression/anxiety is severe. And my pain is normally always bad. I have something called Ehlers-danlos syndrome. It causes joint hypermobility which leads to constant dislocations. It's excruciating. Im 23 and will deal with for the rest of my life.

  67. I've chronic pain and I do jujitsu which is hard on me and results in more pain and little juries but it's actually better than just pain and no exercise. They look at me like there is something wrong with me, which there is lol, but as if I shouldn't be there but they don't understand how despite how bad I look I feel better there than everywhere else in life I am just floating around in mysterious lingering pain. Chronic pain sucks. Oh yeah, 3 to 6 months to even years? Lol, how about almost 30 years or theoretically all my 42 year old life? Not sure exactly where to draw the line between when it was more just 'fatigue' to fatigue and lots of pain. Stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, all points of one spectrum eminating from individual nodes of a global human network of suffering. That 1.9 is just those who've reached out for help and have described their situation on the far end of this spectrum of pain. We're all stressed, anxious and depressed from oppression from many levels. It's a bigger problem than just a couple bill who aren't handling life well.

  68. Could you make a video about how to deal with obscure issues that no one else has, like dyscalculia and being an interracial adoptee? I’ve never met anyone who had dyscalculia or who was an interracial adoptee. I honestly feel so lonely and misunderstood.

  69. I have 16 medical conditions and 4 of them are not curable. Have 5 major neurology disorders and now i have over an inch hole in the left side of my neck and every bone in my neck is bopping. I know what is causing the pain. The last time i was totally out of pain was over 23 years ago when i was loaded. I am trying to find a way to see the pain or neurology doctors. Disability barely pays the rent. Most of my time is spent trying to sale most of my belongings so i can survive and stay off the streets. In my video "I Am Stronger Than I Thought" i go into detail what is going on. I am in constant pain!! The CBD pain rub and pain pads help somewhat. This is supposed to be my Golden years but is anything but. I can show you a list of the many things that the neurological disorders are causing. Sure making it hard to function. Now my hands are going numb. Was told that I would end up crippled with or without the dangerous surgery. Am trying to figure out the steps. No cure for Arnold Chairi Malformation 2. I am donating my body to science because the conditions are so rare. I have no choice but work through the pain. I try to not think about it. Takes me hours to organize and sale over 600 items. Using Mindfulness helps at times. At least helps to calm down my insides and tell my head to shut up.

  70. Thank you for this video. I have suffered from chronic pain for one year now. I have been to fifteen different specialists including multiple physios, chiropractors, knee surgeon, sports doctors etc. and all have sent me away saying they can't work out why I am in constant pain and cannot offer me anything else. As a result my life fell apart. My depression and anxiety returned big time, every single day I'd have feelings of not wanting to continue living. I would have loved my life if I wasn't in pain all the time (even the strongest of painkillers do not touch my pain). I ended up resigning from my job and am spending a whole year, not working, trying to process and recover from what has happened to me. I always knew there was a physical cause for my pain even when the doctors gave up (sometimes that comes from knowing your own body). I believe I have, about a month ago, worked it out myself. I dedicated my life to researching this and will never stop until the way it is over. I can see a long term way out for myself, even when no one else does. There are so many myths. The "stopping exercise" resonated with me. I have continued to run most days through this time. Running doesn't impact my pain levels so I'm not going to give up what I love to sit around and still be in pain. I feel strongly about the "surgery being best option myth"- not true. It is a trauma to the body and often leaves people worse off. Chronic pain is something no one can understand fully without having experienced it.

  71. Thanks for this, I have mental illnesses (depression, anxiety disorder, ptsd) but I also have chronic pain and chronic illness. I have Fibro, serious Asthma & allergies, sensory issues, chronic migraines, insomnia, Gerd & acid reflux, lateral epicondylitis. It sucks. 😢 And practically all are invisible. I'm disabled and people don't understand or believe me.

  72. I suffer with cronic pain I have nerve damage arthritis osteoarthritis spondylotic changes of my spine and calcification on the brain and degenerative spine damage in 4 places I've been diagnosed and yet ppl don't believe you and there asking questions if I walk it makes me suffer if I sit I suffer I have a power chair for ease in shops and to travel and the chair makes me bad sitting innit a few hours out I'm wrecked for the day if ppl see me stand they think I'm faking it , Dr's say it's heridatary yet know nothing of my family history has I don't know my parents from birth I use to cycle miles and miles walk miles did martial arts yet I got this and it's progressed since I was 48 I'm now 52 and find it hard to get help ,axonal motor sensory polyneuropathy

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