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Aesculight Laser Surgery – For Every Veterinary Surgery

We love it. It’s used every single day in
our practice. I think once you use it, you can’t not have it The laser I’m using is a VetScalpel.
It’s the new 45-watt system and I find it to be very comfortable
ergonomically. I’m glad to see there was a redesign because it is a lot more
comfortable to use. Even than the previous system and certainly much more than the older articulated arms. I used the tipless handpieces and find
them to be very comfortable. It’s got the power we need to do our surgeries fast
and effectively and still very safe for the patients. So the system has been
excellent. A very good upgrade on this new system. As a surgeon, of course, we all
know how much benefit that we get from the surgical laser in terms of
minimizing bleeding, inflammation, and pain. I can see it very very clearly from
the patient’s recovery. Even with the same like anesthetic protocol and pain
management, we can see like much difference. We, of course, we get happy
clients because recovery is almost no complication. I used to work in other
hospital that is local, they had so many cases of like swelling in the
scrotum post-orchiectomy or post- neuter and actually I never had that
issue in my own practice. There are many companies and their companies always try to sell things and the different was when Steve came with the laser he
told me it’s less bleeding, less post-operative, pain less risk of
infection, but he came up with specific data, science was behind it, so papers and books and for me as a resident I’m very very critical and I need hard facts, I
need evidence-based medicine to touch something and to put to bring it to my
patients. We start with ther simple procedures and then just step by step
while having more training being more confident we just grew and we are
performing more procedures, more advanced procedures, intra-abdominal thoracic
procedures with lasers. There are now specific procedures that we perform only
with a laser so we actually moved away from scalpel and we do it only with the
lasers and in cases that we know it’s going to be
bleed or it will be beneficial and like we just don’t hesitate and we just
changed for the laser, yes. I currently use a VetScalpel. Which is a 40-watt continuous-wave, 30-watt SuperPulse device with a hollow flexible waveguide.
I absolutely love it. It is my fourth laser that I’ve used so far because once
you’ve been using lasers for 22-years you see improvements and new
developments, new accessories, new software, and technologies that come with it. I’ve enjoyed learning about those
enhancements that are continually made with the Aesculight brand of lasers. I am very fortunate using a surgical laser for the last 15-years. Laser surgery in general decreases bleeding, pain of the patients, speed up the recovery and decrease the inflammatory response during the procedure and it’s
quite an excellent tool that helped me as a surgeon to have a clear picture of
the surgical site and that’s why I love laser surgery so much I want to use it
on any surgery I could use that I don’t use a surgical blade to do surgery as much, just because of that. We’re now at a 40-watt SuperPulse. We love it. It’s used every single day
in our practice. We could not practice without a surgical
laser in our practice. It makes all the difference. Surgeries are quicker,
surgeries are faster. We do a huge amount of surgeries as
outpatient work. So we do like little small lid lesions or papillomas, adenomas, sebaceous adenomas, just during a regular appointment.
We really appreciate the quality of these lasers.

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