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100 thoughts on “Alessia Cara – Growing Pains


  2. how tf people bringing other's singer while alessia cara popular by her own. like WTF. do you know respect? if you come to this video because of someone, then just shut up, who cares? if you want to praise that's idol that bring you here, just praise him in his page. not in another page. what a cringe

  3. Here's to Growing Pains with Love. This year so far has been worth every tear. Alessia radiant as ever & still cute as a button. The eyes have hearts.

  4. Holy fuck why have I not watched this video til now?! It was so moving! Crying, goosebumps, just, wow!

  5. I lost my job ,losing my car by the end of the week ,lost my home in huge debt owe everybody and losing my damn mind this song is the only thing keeping my sanity

  6. I can't count how many nights I've just been laying in bed listening this. Not because I can- because I get growing pains. They're horrible, I hate it- but listening to this and keeping the effected limb still, it really helps.

  7. Assalamulaikum beautiful people, if you feel lost please just listen to surah Al-fatihah and InsyaAllah you will feel so calm and trust me from there on Allah will guide you 🤗😇💝

  8. Did anybody else notice how 0:57 they messed up in the hand clapping? It was the very first thing I saw when this video came out and I seen nobody else mention it so here I am lmao…it just makes me cringe and think it’s so unprofessional now they didn’t see it🤧 such a great song and video tho. Just that part gets me everytime

  9. This is exactly what being a teenager feels like. It's so sad that only plastic songs are trending right now. This is meaningful, soul-touching music.

  10. Absolutely amazing song. So much truth in the song. Thank you, Taehyung! I'm so happy I've found it on Taehyung (V) of BTS's Playlist on Spotify!

  11. I wish I could come to your mom is way to busy and she won't be able to take me. Unless I skip school and make my mom quit her job. No,just kidding. I love you Alessia cara! All your songs are amazing,and you are such a great person.

  12. why the 3.6k dislikes… you people should feel sorry …
    I could have given her billions of likes if I can…
    love you Alessia with all my heart and thank you for the song.

  13. Today after school I got a ride home from my dad and when we were sitting in the driveway I said I want to go home. Sad I don’t associate my house as home. I don’t know what home is. I don’t think “home” is on Earth. 😔😭😭😭😔

  14. This is exactly how i feel sometimes, sometimes i just can't hold back my tears and my parents are like, don't be so dramatic, and if i Express my feelings they are like, don't act so pathetic so i can't express my feelings, i keep them to myself because I am scared of how my parents would react if i searched help, and i asked them so many times for someone to talk too but they say always no so i can relate so much to this song

  15. То чувство когда узнала эту песню после трансляции Техена😂😂

  16. As a 23 year old male going threw the motions she’s speaks for all woman and men it’s been a rough one lately but like she says gotta be wrong before it’s right thanks Alesia I can’t help but shed a tear listening to this thinking about my life

  17. Okay so I don't know of this has been said yet
    But watching growing pains, then not today and finally trust my lonely is a complete story
    She wears the suit here
    Then wipes off her make up in not today
    And trust my lonely is her finally healing and being happy and moving towards a better brighter future
    Like holy shit she's amazing

  18. Theres such a great information in this video, see at 1:00 when the "growing pains" take her one by one; and right after all the pains together taking her to the surgery. Thats way bigger then its able to see, she's blessed by God

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