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Amazing RF Skin Tightening Face Lift at home; It Works!

Hi! So today we’re going to talk about
radio frequency skin tightening or RFT or it’s sometimes called Thermage as well,
so if you’re in the UK or in Europe you probably never heard of this before. A
year ago I had no idea what this was. w When you see machines which are sold
on the internet they generally come from China so I think this is something which
comes from China and it’s more popular over there but over the last year I’ve
been using this and I have to say I’m really impressed with the results. So RFT
is basically using a device which heats the skin, or more specifically the second
layer of skin, the dermis to 40 degrees and when you do that two things happen. So
firstly, the collagen, which is in the skin, contracts, so that makes your skin
kind of tighten instantly. The second thing that happens is that the cells in
your skin start to produce more collagen. Now as you know, when you get older your
skin stops producing collagen and it starts to sag and wrinkle so if there
really is a way of getting our skin to produce collagen without injections or
anything too drastic that’s pretty amazing, that’s pretty impressive! So how
come this technology isn’t even talked about here? Now, you can go and have this
done in a exclusive beauty salon and pay quite a lot of money for it but I when I
first started researching this I didn’t want to spend too much money so I went
to Amazon and I bought this device which is called the Carer RFT machine and
basically you turn it on, you’ve got three powers and this it has this little
docking station and it charges by USB so I spent about 50 pounds on this I didn’t
want to go crazy I used it for six months I was really impressed, from the
first time I used it it kind of made my jaw kind of lift all the skin around
here and around my eyes as well I thought this was really amazing so then
I decided to go and have a treatment in a beauty salon so I paid 80 pounds for a one hour treatment of RFT and I did this five times and you have to
leave two weeks between each treatment, even if you’re using these machines at
home, if you use it too often instead of making the collagen be produced you’re
destroying it. So you have to wait two weeks between each treatment. So I was
really impressed with the salon treatment as well but then I was
thinking, well, you know, you have to make an appointment, find a parking space, you
know, take time out of your day and it’s you know, I thought why don’t I just buy
a Machine and use it at home so I was prepared to spend more money on a
machine so I went back to Amazon and I spent about a hundred pounds on this.
This is the, again it’s the same brand, it’s Carer CARER. I don’t know whether
its carer or carer but this is called the mini RF and this is quite a big
machine, this bad boy is quite powerful, and compared to the first one, to this
one it’s much better because, instead of a USB charger you literally plug this
into your electric socket so it doesn’t run out of charge. Now, the machine in
the salon was much more powerful than both of these and what happens is that
the lady who was doing it she moves the machine over your face and if she stays
in the same position for just a millisecond too long it burns your skin
not really bad but it just feels like it’s burning, so when I went back to this
one and I’ll move this over my skin in order to even feel remotely hot you have
to hold it in the same place for at least two or three minutes so it’s not
really powerful enough. I’m really pleased with the new one that I just
bought because, this is the applicator here and you can see how big this is, so
you run this over your skin and this does feel hot so I think this is much
more like the machine that was used in the salon so I’m quite pleased with this.
I’ve only used it once but I’m quite happy with this it comes with two heads;
it’s got the large one and the smaller one, so this is supposed to be for using
on your face and this is supposed to be for you I dont know, I’ve been
using this on my face but it’s for your body, neck,
you can also use this on fatty areas; it’s supposed to destroy the fat, I’m not
sure whether that’s true, I’m looking at this more for skin tightening. I’m going to
just show you how I use this but before I do I just want to say you’re not
supposed to use this on your eyes, you’re not supposed to use this on your
windpipe or on any moles or any broken or damaged skin. Another thing for guys
who are going to use this don’t use it after shaving because your skin will be
so sensitive it will feel like it’s burning. So with all these machines what
you do first of all is you use a gel, so this is an ultrasound gel: Anagel I
bought this on eBay for a couple of pounds, which you just smooth onto your
skin and then it allows the applicator to kind of run over it and it allows the
the frequency to pass into your skin. So I was researching you know what you can
use with this and a lot of people use aloe gel so I bought some of this and
for the first time today I’m just going to see whether this works or not, so
first of all you just put this on your skin you have to keep reapplying this
because it dries it up so you run the applicator over your skin and you can
feel some heat and like I said you you can’t stop you have to keep it moving
otherwise it burns your skin but you should see some redness that means that
the the skin is heating up and that’s what’s
supposed to happen so you should see some redness I don’t mean burning or
anything like that but it should be I suppose a healthy glow.
So don’t go over the same piece of skin again and again and again because that’s
going to really irritate you so I’m gonna just put a bit more gel. The other thing you can’t use this on is
if you’ve had filler, if you’ve had any filler in your face then avoid the
sections where you’ve had that done because you’d be heating up the filler
rather than your skin and that’s probably going to degrade the filler. So if you’re thinking this is such a
waste of time to sit here, with this new machine I can do, you’re supposed to go
over your skin and you’re supposed to heat it to 40 degrees for 20 minutes so,
I don’t know, I might sit here for half an hour doing this every two weeks but
with the old machine that you plug in with the USB, once it ran out of charge I’d
have to wait, like, two hours for it to charge again
and then I’d only get about 20 minutes use out of it so I could do maybe one
quarter of my face then the next day I have to do another quarter so with this
like I said you plug it in directly to the your electricity supply so there’s
it’s it doesn’t stop. so I go around my eye but not actually
too close to the eye. When you have this done in a salon they have a device which
measures the temperature of your skin it’s like a thermometer, like a gun
that they point at your skin and I think I don’t know whether you can buy those
but that would do a really good thing to buy because then you know exactly when
your skin is at 40 degrees and then you can stop, otherwise you’re kind of
guessing, so I just go by how warm my skin is feeling and then I stop. But like
I said, you’re supposed to get that warm feeling and maintain it for 20
minutes to have the optimum effect the other thing they told me in the
salon after I’ve had this done is that you have to put a really strong
sunscreen on your skin when you’re having this treatment done so they
recommend putting an SPF 50 on your face the whole time you’re having this
treatment. So as I mentioned, if you for guys if
you shave and use this it’s gonna maybe feel a bit sensitive depends how
sensitive your skin is but on the other hand if you don’t shave it’s not going
to work because the stubble will stop the device from heating your skin the
other thing I want to say is that all these treatments are great but they kind
of work together so if you’re doing RFT like this then you really want to be
thinking about, this is great for tightening the skin, but you also want to
be thinking about the muscles underneath about tightening the muscles as well
because there’s no point tightening the skin if the muscles are saggy and vice
versa. So I have another video which is
actually about exercising the muscles, which is what I do as well so you can
watch that video and if you do both of these you’re going to get more out of
this. And the last thing I’d say is that these
kind of treatments are great but you have to look at anti-aging and skincare
and lifestyle as a whole and I have another video where I’m talking about
that in general as well so it’s getting enough sleep protecting your skin from
the Sun all that boring stuff that nobody really wants to do but if you’re
thinking about trying to look younger then that’s vital all those things are
so important. So as I mentioned, half an hour later you can see the redness is
faded; it doesn’t actually feel hot or burned at all and I think using the aloe
vera gel actually calms the skin and it helps it to cool down quicker but you
can see it does go back to normal. It did look pretty scary when it was all red
but in another half an hour will be completely normal again. So I did also
just want to mention if you do want to buy one of these machines you see that
there’s lots of jargon you’ve got like multipolar, bipolar or
monopolar. So that basically means the end of the machine the way that it kind
of sends the frequency out of the machine there has to be a positive and a
negative so if it’s bipolar it means it’s got two poles in the end of the
machine if it’s if it’s mono polar it’s just got one and if it’s multi polar it
means it’s got several so the best one that goes the deepest into the skin is
mono polar but you can’t buy those machines, you can only get those in a
beauty salon, so if you go for a salon treatment they’ll ask you do you want
bipolar or mono polar- go from mono polar because that’s the one that will go
deeper, but when I say deeper into the skin we’re talking about millimetres,
obviously the skin is not you know really thick so you’re talking about a
couple of millimetres. Now the bipolar one which is the one that I
bought is just as effective I think so that’s just to try and clear that up
because you see all this jargon. so so I hope the video has helped you. This
is a really effective technique and yeah if you want to try probably say go for
cheaper machine and then if you like it, you can spend a bit more money but if
you’ve got any questions please leave them below, please subscribe and thanks
for watching have a good day!

100 thoughts on “Amazing RF Skin Tightening Face Lift at home; It Works!

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  5. I love this review, I got a similar one from this video was very helpful to me, didnt really know how to use it lol

  6. Great review. Ordering one. My jawline losing its line. Checked below and no way would have thought you were over 40.

  7. Thanks. Great Explanation. Any idea if Radio Frequency Machines do the same thing as the LED Facial Masks?

  8. I recently had fractional laser, and was also was recommended to have radio frequency,I got a monopolar device from Amazon,I used gel at first but it dried too quickly, so tried vaseline and it has worked for me and doesn't pull or stretch my skin.I have noticed a difference even within a week. I didn't want to pay for a professional treatment, but as you say it works,it has for me.

  9. Do you ever hear your gel sizzling on the head of the devise? Do you ever get a little hot pinch feeling? I'm wondering if I got a cheap knock off.

  10. Can you try next Plasma Fibroblast home machine please? It's the new advanced non surgical treatment for skin tightening 😊 Would love to know if that works too

  11. There is a question I would like to find an aswer to and it's: «how can we know what is the strenght of a device so that it does not take an hour every time to make the whole face». Is it in Hertz or in Watt or something else maybe??? If anybody can aswer me, I would be super happy! 🙂 🙂

  12. Monopolar goes deeped because its main objective is not skin tighting and for the face bipolar is suggested because there is no need for deeper penetration.

  13. What I’ve noticed after using this device for 7 times is that my face gets tightened and deflated immediately after use. But after about 1.5 – 2 days, my face will be pumped up again & it will be tighter than before. I hope that the fat is not killed, but just shrunk due to the heat.

  14. Hey!! What would be a good schedule……? 8 weeks on…8 off? Or is that too frequent, or too spread out? What do you think?

  15. I just used VASELINE applying to my skin …And i start from bottom of jawline to the top maybe helps to tight skin..(my opinion)

  16. Hello, here I am again. So I sold that old appliance because it was not good, and I ordered from this link you gave, from Carer, however, I am constantly annoyed because my face does not get red, and I see that you get quite red after treatment. Does this mean that this appliance is not good either, or my face just doesn't get red. Today was my second treatment. Thank you for your reply.

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  18. Hi, I just purchased this machine and in the instructions for how often I should do this treatment says two times a week for 15-20 mins. I don't know if I should follow the instructions that it came with or what you recommending which is once every two weeks? What do you recommend in this instance?

  19. After so many time of watching your video , I gave it a try and bought the machine , used it one time for 10 minutes each side of my face, its ok, but wanted to tell you i didn't feel the hot feeling only little warm , and if I stop moving the machine it did not burn my face. I am wondering why would be the reason ? Is this normal ? Is this how it works with not hot feeling ? because I am thinking to return it back and replace it with different one .
    please advise. thank you

  20. Hello to you … nice video … but if you allowme I would like to add a little help …
    *Keep the RF head on your skin while you move to not lose the heat ..min 7 to 15 minute at each place treated .
    *buy a skin thermometer so you can see If you reach to (41) degree as recommended to active the collagen production … be careful to not go more than 41 …
    And the last one is.. do a triangle movement from anti clock side … lifting a bit the muscle up … work out your muscles with this tool so you will have 100% of the treatment.
    Your friend from Germany 🙋🏼‍♀️

  21. Hi guys. I am scared I have a device for body and face but i am wondering if it will damage skin. It does zap me when theirs not enough gel, is this normal? I was to use for pores

  22. I went to the salon for 5 treatments plus bought this machine and did additional treatments myself. Haven’t seen any results at all. Feel like I wasted money on all of it.

  23. Im 36 and had nine sessions or rf treatment with another machine …could nt see any visible effects on saggy skin..what do you think this machine os going to take how much time to recover my saggy facial skin

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  25. I had RF done in a salon last Friday and burned me quite a bit on the cheek area since I sleep more on one side and it is showing on my face so she focused on lifting one cheek more to match the other and the heat was insane and I walked out the salon looking like a red tomato.
    Anyway I was rather impressed with the results and just like you I cant keep spending fortune rather buy my own machine and use at home.
    Can I ask if you know what is the frequency depth on this device?

  26. Asak mam jaysa app ney kha koi function sey pheley yani 4 din baqi hai tu kya 4 sitting daily ley saktey hain. Plz reply.

  27. Hi does this helps to reduce mild baby fat? I have visible jawline but still a little baby fats left..Does this also helps to reduce mild tummy fat?Are you still using the same device and how are the results? Are they permanent or will it just go back to how originally it was?If so, how long it lasts?

  28. If you can buy aloe vera plants, cut open the stems and use the fleshy aloe inside. I usually run it through a mini blender and make it nice.

  29. Do not waste your money and time on this if you have saggy skin or skin irregularities – the RF won't do anything. I had 5 professional treatments on my face Forma RF (by Inmode) set at temperature 43 degrees. It did not lift anything nor remove any tiny crow's feet or irregularity. I thought it made my skin appear slightly more hydrated but the effect was so weak it could be entirely just my imagination.

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