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Ascot Vale Flu Vaccination Service

Can you afford to get the flu this year? How are you going to fight it? The Influenza virus is such a clever little thing that it changes and adapts every year. Unfortunately for us this means that every year, we’re susceptible to a brand new, highly contagious virus and we need an annual vaccination to protect us. Influenza sends thousands of Australians to hospital every year. And if the muscle aches, lethargy and fevers aren’t enough to send you to hospital They will leave you and your family at home Feeling exceptionally miserable for up to or over a week. The average cost of managing the flu for one child is over $200, this is made up of the time you spend away from work, caring for your child, Visits to the doctor and over-the-counter medications. The best way to protect yourself from Influenza is to get the 2017 flu vaccine. Ascot Vale Pharmacy just gave me my flu vaccination. It was quick, easy and painless and I will be back next year. So call us on nine three seven zero four one four six or visit our website Or drop in and book in and receive your 2017 flu vaccination at Ascot Vale Pharmacy today. Help us keep you, your family and our community flu free.

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