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Aveda How-To | Evening Routine and Overnight Skin Care Tutorial with Sarah Butler

Hi everybody I’m a makeup by Sarah Butler
here on YouTube and today I’m gonna be showing you guys my night routine and
basically just what I do to unwind at the end of the night especially what products I use
before I go to bed so I really hope you guys enjoy this video and let’s just get
right into my night routine we’re here I’m back in my apartment and I’m ready
to just take a bath for my night. For that though I’m gonna be using this Aveda
rosemary mint oil but this kind of reminds me of like an essential oil
basically you can kind of just use this as like a oil for your body or like what
I’m gonna be doing is putting it in my bath so I get that like aroma of the
rosemary mint I’m also going to be using the Shampure shampoo and I’m also using
the Shampure conditioner as well going to run a nice bath and just chill out for a
sec because today was just very eventful let’s just say that I’m just gonna do
that right now and then talk with you guys after so I’m ready to prepare my skin for
sleeping so this is super super important step to just prepping your
skin when you are about to sleep through the night I have a ton of products that
I’m going to prep my skin with the Tulasara radiant oil I’m actually gonna
put this on first because once my skin is all clean I’m kind of just gonna dab
this like everywhere and then when I’m putting on the other products that’s
gonna be more of like the massaging in the oil instead of putting on the oil
last so now I’m going to go in with the Tulasara Calm concentrate I take a
little bit of that. My skin already looks so good now I’m gonna take via Tulasara
overnight cream and then last but not least can’t forget
this eye mask I’m obsessed with this there you have it that is kind of just my skincare
that I’ve been doing for a while now all of these products are so soothing to my
skin that’s because they use like pure flower and plant essence and their
products like it’s like such natural products that I feel like it’s just like
making my skin so much better and like the most natural way so I love this basically all I do for my night routine
and if you guys want to see any more videos like this then subscribe to Aveda’s Channel and I’ll see you guys later bye

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