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Beautiful Makeup For Mature Skin | Fabulous50s!

today I’m going to share my top ten tips
to creating beautiful makeup on mature skin hi I’m Schellea and welcome to
Fabulous 50’s I’m really excited to share with you my tips and tricks today
so if you’ve got mature skin wrinkly ski and creepy skin just all the skin in
general there are a few things that you can do that really up your makeup game
so let’s get started tip number one before you even get
started this is the best trick ever so we’re going to do a lymphatic drainage
gentle massage it’s tapping it feels so so good and you’re gonna love it and you
can do this every single morning to reduce your puffiness so all you do is
you start at the inner part of your face and you use your fingers to gently tap
away all of the fluid and what you’re doing is taking all the fluid out of
your face via your lymphatic drainage points
it really works like magic do this step while you’ve got your cleanser on and
you will notice a huge difference just keep going with this until you feel good
then wash your cleanser off and you’re ready to start tip number two after
you’ve cleaned your skin and Daniel lymphatic drainage massage we’re going
to exfoliate the skin because as we get older those dead skin cells sit on our
skin and make our skin look really old and flaky so a practice of doing
exfoliation once or twice a week is a really beneficial on mature skin and
every time you exfoliate your skin in a gentle way it feels beautiful your skin
feels so much nicer than it did before I like to use a homemade recipe which is
bicarb soda combined with an inexpensive cleanser mix it together and then just
gently massage it into my skin and you can feel all of those dead skin cells
flaking off and when I’m traveling I use the Mario Badescu a botanical
exfoliating scrub this is beautiful it’s gentle and it makes
your skin feel beautiful tip number three is to tinkle this is a blade that
takes away all the fine hairs on your face and as we getting older we can
accumulate a lot of fine hairs around our lip and our chin and around here and
when you use a blade to gently take it away your skin feels so beautiful and
then when you apply your foundation afterwards it goes on so smooth now not
everybody loves doing this because the hair does grow back it doesn’t grow back
thicker at all but what it does do is it grows back different so it’s got a blunt
edge on the hair and when the hair grows out with a blunt edge it’s different to
the natural hair that’s got a fine edge so that’s the difference it’s not
growing back speaker it’s just growing back different but if you have a lot of
hair showing around this area and when the Sun shines on it it’s very very
noticeable this is the perfect option I love doing this particularly on my upper
lip and that’s how I was introduced to them because I was waxing and waxing is
so bad for you when you’ve got mature skin and wrinkly lips it just makes it
worse because it’s so harsh but these little guys they just gently take away
the hair no pain two seconds and it’s done and all you do is gently just go
down it’s so simple it’s not like a man shaving with shaving cream it’s just
gentle and easy and you know you don’t really have to do much just to get rid
of all that fluff it makes a huge difference for beautiful mature skin and
tip number four is to tweeze because makeup on mature skin can be completely
ruined if there’s a whole lot of hair sticking out where it shouldn’t be so
it’s really important as we’re getting older to get into the mirror and just
check for stray hairs it’s just one of those extra things we have
do as we’re getting older but it doesn’t matter how beautiful your makeup is if
you’ve got hair sticking out that’s what someone’s going to be looking at as
they’re talking to you so get a good pair of tweezers I’ll leave a link to
the tweezers that I use for precision and ease and tip number five is to use a
magnifying mirror if we’re just putting our makeup on in a normal mirror we’re
not going to see all of the detail as well as we could when we were younger of
course some are going to have perfect eyesight lucky you but for the rest of
us a magnifying mirror gives us precision and we can really mess up
particularly our eyes if we’re not using a magnifying mirror and it really
affects the whole overall makeup look this mirror here is a ten times
magnification which is fantastic and this is my travel mirror so when you’re
at a hotel or when you’re away you can take this part and stick it onto the
mirror and you can do your makeup and not get all stressed out that you can’t
see anything and you can just put it on a bench it’s it’s it’s flat like this it
swivels and really it’s the perfect mirror you can put this on your mirror
at home as well if you want to keep it suctioned in I have a different mirror
in my bathroom that sort of comes out and I can move it around so I’ll leave a
link to one of those if I can find one but magnifying mirrors make a huge
difference so make sure you’re using one tip number six prime prime prime it’s a
crime not to prime particularly on mature skin and when you put a primer on
your face and your eyes your makeup look is more beautiful and it’s more cohesive
for my eyeshadow I used the Too Faced insurance and you put that on your eye
before you do your eye shadow and it makes sure that you don’t get creases it
makes the eye shadow color more intense and it makes your eye shadow last a lot
longer and for your face having a I’m underneath your foundation it’s just
a no-brainer for mature skin because it makes your foundation last longer
it gives it a nicer finish and it’s it makes your foundation more durable and
at the moment I’m using Giorgio Armani Fluidmaster primer this is beautiful
when you put it on your skin it feels beautiful and you just know that you’re
preparing your skin for something even better when the foundation goes on and
for a more affordable one this NYX angel veil it’s really inexpensive and the
feel is like velvet it’s so beautiful this and this are worlds apart in price
but they’re not worlds apart in performance you would be just as happy
with either and if I’m using a wax based foundation which I love this one here is
my beautiful friend it just feels so beautiful under the skin and it keeps my
makeup my foundation locked in for the whole day so I’ll leave a link to this I
love this one tip number 7 invest in a good at foundation foundation on mature
skin is going to even out the whole skin tone so it’s an in very important step
you don’t have to spend a lot of money but just make sure that you do lots of
testing on all the different ones that are out there and find something that
really suits your skin I’ve got dry skin and I’ll show you the ones that I use
but if you’ve got oily skin test them first to see if your skin will last all
day in them before you buy and I think that older skin and mature skin looks so
beautiful when it’s got some luminosity to it and that will be achieved with a
foundation that’s got light reflecting particles or you could have a cream
foundation and then you can add light reflecting particles afterwards so the
luminous silk by Giorgio Armani is a really beautiful foundation it has light
reflecting particles and it’s got a really good coverage
to get rid of any discoloration in your skin and when you put it on it doesn’t
feel like you’ve got a thick coating of makeup
and it’s a really beautiful one to try if you want a luminous look I also love
the SEMA this is just like for me this is probably what I go to first and this
is not as expensive this one here has got a whole lot of colors that you can
mix to create the perfect color for you so you’d never be caught having a
foundation that’s too dark or too light plus you can use the lighter shades
combined for your concealer or highlight and the darker colors could be for
contouring and bronzing so this is an amazing palette this is a wax based
foundation it is so beautiful it’s so skin like with the perfect coverage and
I use this primer to go with it but here’s the great thing you can pick
the individual colors from our CMA and they’re very inexpensive and they last I
think it would last you longer than a year because you only need a tiny little
bit and then you pat it in and brush it on so to create beautiful mature skin
your foundation is going to be the thing that’s the most important that base and
all the work we’ve just done to get to the base it all makes a huge difference
tip number eight using a foundation brush or a beauty blender will really up
your foundation game so when we’ve got mature skin and wrinkles and fine lines
if you apply foundation and don’t apply it in the right way it’s just going to
sit in all of your wrinkles and then by a couple of hours later you’re just
going to have all these lines so that’s why brushing and buffing is so important
so I use a couple of different types of brushes this one here is the Sigma
kabuki and it’s so nice for really getting your foundation in and buffing
it around and the shape of this goes under your eyes and you can just oh it
feel so beautiful and this is quite well priced then I have got this is my Ray
Morris kabuki brush and this is just an off an all-rounder that really gets into
all of the fine line so you just buff your foundation in and
really go around in circles so that you don’t have anything sitting in your
lines and when you’re applying foundation try not to put too much
heavier foundation out where the lines are around here because that’s just
going to bring attention to it when you’re outside and it’s different
lighting to what you have in the mirror at home so if you’re going to lay up
layer around this area and then buff and then you’re going to have a flawless
look and tip number nine for beautiful glowing mature skin is to use a setting
spray I use the Too Faced hang I’ve got three and one because for me this gives
me everything it gives me a radiance and as we’re getting older we can’t get
enough radiance because it’s mimicking a youthful look and this is just oh it’s
magical and it feels nice and when you put it on you can either tap it in with
a Beauty Blender or you can just very gently push it in with your foundation
brush but it gives you just a beautiful glow and my last tip to create beautiful
makeup for mature skin is to add some light to your skin so adding light in
the right places is going to give you a 3d effect and it’s just going to make
your face come alive because when we get older our faces can become kind of flat
and dull and we don’t want that so magic happens when you put the Charlotte to
reef flawless filter on your face I’m going to show you but there’s lots of
things that you can use and I’ll show you the effect we’re going to get so you
just add a little bit you take your setting spray and spray your Beauty
Blender dab it in and then take the flawless filter and you’re going to
apply it to the high points it’s just like a magical formula that kind of has
invisible perfection okay another thing you can use is something like a clinic
chubby stick these are great and to tap it in this has got a really nice
glow as well and this is amazing on your arms and your shoulders in your
decolletage I’d love to hear your secrets leave a comment below and let
all of us know what your number one tip is to creating beautiful skin now that
you’re over 50 please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it
with your friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day

100 thoughts on “Beautiful Makeup For Mature Skin | Fabulous50s!

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