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Hi everyone, welcome back to the third segment of the ins and outs of beauty I’m laura from cervantes clinic and i’m maria green beauty expert and makeup artist today’s Topic is going to be restoring replenish and why sleep is so important for you I’m going to be talking why it’s important for your body and i’m gonna talk to you about why it’s important for your skin So sleep deprivation has a lot of negative effects on your body for one inflammation in your body goes up Meaning you have more aches and pains throughout the day your muscles can’t recover as well Your performance throughout the day concentration, but also like in sports we’ll go down drastically Weight gain is also tied to a lack of sleep So this is really important because cortisol levels are higher in your body and your body holds on to fat it also compromises your immune system So especially this time of year a lot of the things we’ve been talking about is directly related to your immune system So you want to make sure you’re supporting your body by giving it adequate amount of? Good restful deep sleep. Mm-hmm, and I know sometimes it’s hard for us to think You know how much more sleep can I add but even half an hour each day can make a huge difference over the week So lack of sleep on the skin I think it’s definitely very visible poor sleep can cause hanging eyelids swollen eyes dark circles pale skin wrinkles You know all these things so definitely make sure that you get your your Z’s and it’s also the quality of sleep So mm-hmm feeling rested is something that most of us don’t experience when we wake up in the morning so We’re gonna be talking about a few things that you can do to help the quality of sleep that you’re getting so before bed two hours before bed ideally I know it’s not It’s all very realism for most people but trying to stay away from all electronics because it Signals to your brain that it’s not time to go to bed So keeping your brain active, so you want to make sure no TV no computer No phone try to get into the habit of reducing the amount of screen time before going to bed Also having a cool environment to sleep in ideally between 15 and 22 degrees Will help your body get a restful night sleep and having a very dark room. No light sources Very important because this will also signal to your brain that it’s time to go to bed. Yeah throughout the day, right? So throughout the day try to reduce the amount of caffeine alcohol Chocolate all these things these stimulants alcohol also affects your deep sleep cycles, especially around Christmas time it’s far to those things are gonna be everywhere true for sure, but try to be conscious of your Of the amount of coffee that you take it Bernie yeah, consume throughout the day and know that if you are indulging in more alcohol that your sleep will when you Um, I’m going to be talking about some supplements you can take Magnesium helps to relax your brain. It’s very important in a lot of processes in your body so you want to be taking magnesium for restful night’s sleep and You want to be taking it at night Maria and I were talking about that’s right Cuz I know I was told to like to start taking magnesium and I didn’t know when to take it and I didn’t realize the Importance of when I had to take it so I would just take it like in the middle of the day They are supplement so you want to be taking it out tonight. So this will be helpful for a good night’s sleep The other so sorry Gloria about an hour. Yeah. I’m something before getting too bad Yeah, for sure and you’ve noticed the difference too since you switched, oh, they’re in the D I think I was just like chill throughout the day and I didn’t really know No, it’s important for sure. But yeah Yeah, we want any taking it at night the other Supplement that you can take is omega-3 omega-3 is great for inflammation, but also the DHA Helps stimulate melatonin production. We’ve all heard of melatonin. That’s what helps you sleep So that is a great supplement to add as well as probiotics serotonin, the happy hormone 9 percent of it is Produced in our gut so probiotics having the right kind of bacteria Yeah, and you need serotonin to convert into that REM sleep cycle so it’s important that we have adequate amount of serotonin in our body to feel good right that we’re happy, but also to get that deep good quality sleep So probiotics are extremely important and I said 90% of the serotonin is actually made in our gut the other Supplement which I recently discovered is Moringa Moringa is great because it has tryptophan in the leaves tryptophan again converts to serotonin Which is what helps us Sleep better It also helps our thyroid health and thyroid health is important To get good quality of sleep because if our hormones are a little off that can impact the quality of sleep As well and again, it boosts our serotonin levels and that’s what’s so important to get that sleep Fantastic, I love that Isis so much good information. So So pretty much magnesium probiotics Omega Omega and During the Rinka. Yeah, and you’ll be sharing a recipe recipe later I’m very excited about it because the only way I know how to do it is just stick it in my smoothie. So Amazing. So what happens to your skin while you sleep well? First of all, the cortisol levels are decreased and during sleep It helps restore all the damage that is done to your skin during the day so sleep is a very very important time for your skin and You know the actions that your skin kind of do while you sleep Also the blood flow increases which is fantastic when you sleep so that means like more circulation On your face, you might you know Wake up and actually look a little bit more plump and youthful so you better know that the skin is very active while you sleep Also collagen production increases which is very important For your skin. It’s fantastic now What what can you do in terms of product while you’re sleeping? Well, I think I’m just gonna give you a couple of super simple tips I’m gonna say cleansing is a huge factor and it’s very very important I know it seems like such a basic thing, but not everyone does it and Just clean up the day. It’s it’s sometimes it’s shoppies wash your face. Ok, so just a light a gentle cleanser He was an oil cleanser if you wanted to but just get the day off your skin It’s therapeutic in more than you know, it’s in more ways than you know, it’s not just about your skin It’s also for your for your psyche and kind of preparing again for sleep. It’s like an you know, perhaps really little ritual Yeah, a nighttime routine. That’s right. Exactly. So you have that time, you know, the day is super busy So you have that time at night. So take it and do that for yourself on your skin The other thing too is that of course after you’ve cleanse you should moisturize and you know, if you follow me You know that I’m kind of a minimalist with product and there’s a lot of information out there that tells you to use a heavy moisturizer and kind of layer all these things on and I would probably suggest you know that you rethink that because the skin we already talked about how Active it is and it’s an organ. So it’s actually doing its own thing And the last thing you want to do at night is to apply something Yeah to supplicate it and apply something so heavy that it actually kind of throws off its own natural function so if you want to give something that actually Complements what the skin is doing at night. So that’s where I want to bring in one product so if you are and Oiled over this would be you know a good one for you And if you’re not, you know Just try to bring in a little bit of an oil into your regiment slowly and perhaps the night While you sleep and you don’t feel it so much and you’re not, you know watching it I don’t know cause your makeup just slide off Pickups tonight is a good time to bring it in and use it And as we mentioned in our previous video oil is your friend So for those of us who are a little bit scared an item is a great way to start Yeah then you’re not applying it and you’re gonna like let it do its thing and you’re gonna wake up and look in the mirror and you’re like Wow, it’s gonna be like a visible Visible change. So the oil that I recommend is the Moringa oil So this year is a product of Nicaragua but it’s a pro. It’s a local brand here in Toronto It’s called Moringa life source, and this is 100 percent cold-pressed Moringa now moranga is very rich in oleic and majimak and linoleic essential fatty acids which your skin definitely means it has anti-aging and antioxidant properties or vitamins a c e and it also has certain its Anti-inflammatory antibacterial so fantastic if you are suffering from acne That’s right in any dark spots any You know any scars from acne? Okay, so fantastic for that So it’s a fantastic product because it supports cellular regeneration Which is exactly what your skin is doing at night, and it’s a lightweight oil. Yeah, that’s right And that’s not I think why I would recommend it because it’s lightweight and it’s absorbed Very quickly. So, you know, you don’t want it ending up on your pillowcase So and the way that I would use it is I would add a couple of drops onto my hand And then I would just warm up the product and I will just gently kind of press it into my skin Perfect, press it on pretend I don’t have any makeup on but that’s what you would do if you have any remainders You know do the top of your hands we tend to actually ignore our hands sometimes and we do get spot. Yeah Discoloration there as well. So Moringa is a complete source of skin renewal and it penetrates deeply it also Promotes collagen and it leaves the skin, you know looking very youthful I guarantee you that you’re gonna see the difference in the morning when you look in the mirror with your product so the bedtime tea that Maria touched on him earlier It’s essentially a golden milk recipe with the initiative oozing Moringa So you can make the recipe again if you sign up to our newsletter You will be receiving the recipe the recipe consists of coconut milk, which is high in magnesium. It also reduces inflammation Adding some turmeric turmeric also reduces inflammation And you want to pair with black pepper? Because black pepper is what will make you absorb the turmeric. That’s right Which a lot of people tend to forget. Yeah, I like to add cinnamon as well cinnamon helps to relax the body I love the taste of it and it helps to alleviate some stress and then you want to also add the Moringa and The Moringa will help with the tryptophan production getting the serotonin levels up and this is a great little Cup that you can drink before bedtime. It’s very soothing and very Relaxing perhaps that can become part of your ritual right whether you are actually taking care of your skin Take it with you in bed and kind of you know, chill out a little bit. Yeah wipe down and prepare yourself For bed because I think a lot of us seem to neglect that then we’re just so go go go is actually during busy times Of the year and then we’re just expecting that we’re gonna go pop ourselves in bed and fall asleep. So that Is what we wanted to talk about today the importance of sleep Don’t neglect it and you think what you can take away from this is create a nice bedtime routine over your body wind down relax get the day off your skin get the day out of your head and just Take some time for yourself to really relax Yeah and prepare for that deeper quality of see exactly we’re saying right So I think some of us even if we lay there we are not getting The type of skin or the kind of skin yet, we’re sleeping but right the quality as well. Yeah exactly Thank you so much for watching our three-part series and I hope you learned a few tips that you can use to support your body from the inside and out to look and feel your best and if you enjoyed watching our beauty segments our videos on these three different topics Make sure that you click on the link and join our newsletter where you can download The recipes that we talked about and a few other skincare tips that we talked about in our videos. Thanks so much. Thank you So much everyone five back

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