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Benefits of COLLAGEN For Amazing Skin – How I Use it

Let’s talk about collagen. It’s the
protein in our body that’s more abundant than any other protein. It really is our
structural protein and what I mean by that is if you imagine scaffolding… that
sort of holds our epidermis up, that’s one of the main benefits of what collagen
can do for us. 15 years ago I was all over Asia and I couldn’t get over how
many women and men – everybody was consuming tons of collagen from their
bone broths, to the little liquid collagen, to their donkey hide, to
whatever it might be. And I had never seen it here in the US, and so I came
back and I thought I have to make sure I’m consuming all this collagen just
like everybody is throughout Asia. Where do I get it? How do I do it?
And it was so new here, culturally. In our country everything would be boneless,
skinless, and only 3% of the collagen market was in the U.S.. If we fast
forward to today, the U.S. is the largest market for collagen. And it’s such an
exciting time and so I want to share with you my top benefits that I’ve
achieved by incorporating lots of collagen into my day every day. So the
first thing is: I love collagen because it plumps and nourishes the entire
dermis. So, that’s the layer underneath the epidermis. So if keratin is all about
the epidermis, that’s what type of a protein it is and
that’s where it really affects us. Collagen is the protein for the dermis
and they go hand-in-hand. So collagen is gonna give your body so
much additional strength and so much additional health and beauty. As we get
older our collagen production declines. It starts declining in our late teens, so
when you’re in your 20s you’ve already lost considerable collagen, but it’s at a
slow loss about one percent a year. Once we get older, now that I’m in my mid-40s,
it’s starting to decline at a much more rapid pace. And it follows for
example, our estrogen levels. So you can have a big dip from about 45 to around
50. So this is the time for me, when I’m taking as much collagen as possible. I
try to get somewhere between 20 and 50 grams of collagen every single day. The
second most powerful benefit I think with collagen is the way it helps our
body to burn fat and increase our muscle. So many new studies coming out of
Germany and different parts of the world are really showing that when you consume
collagen as a protein. So you can get it in your smoothie, you can sprinkle it on
your food. In the description below, I have so many collagen recipes, and you’ll
see different sources of collagen. But as long as you’re getting tons of collagen
in your food, and incorporated into your foods where you’re fortifying your foods
with collagen, it’s critically important to help you burn those extra calories, to
help you burn that body fat, and to help you have an improved body composition.
Collagen is very effective at helping us with joint pain. So joint pain can be
caused from so many different things, but studies show, actually a study that was
done in 2009 shows that when you incorporate collagen, it can help to
reduce joint pain. So I’m a huge fan of collagen. In fact there are 20 different
types of collagen found in the collagen protein, but about 90% of it comes from
Type 1. You may be aware of Type 2, that’s very effective for joints. Type 3 and
Type 4. And I’m a fan of all the different types of collagen. I’m also a
fan of getting collagen from tons of different places, so I drink typically
one to two cups of bone broth every day. I get my collagen from there. I love to
eat the skin I love to gnaw on the bones of you know the meats that I’m eating
that’s really important for collagen. While I’m in Asia I’m not shy to eat any
of the Asian foods. In fact, you’ll see I have another video
on our YouTube channel about eating duck heads, which is a traditional treat snack
in so many different parts of Asia. I also will eat pork rinds as a treat
there, certainly Quito and they have lots of collagen in them as well. I started
eating them when I first would go to Singapore and that was pretty amazing
as well, just to see how many people were eating this as a tree as a snack. And I
think you can find all different types of effective collagen, so I love fish
collagen. I first was introduced to it in the South of France and in Japan. It’s
very, very famous over there. I love true grass-fed collagen peptides. There are a
lot of products out there that seem to indicate that they’re grass-fed when
it’s coming from bovine, but in reality they’re not. So just be very careful if
you are gonna get a bovine source of your collagen peptides, that you make
sure that it is truly grass-fed. I love getting my collagen from Germany. I know
the quality of the collagen coming from Germany, the sources of the German
collagen. The companies that have been doing it for over 136 years are the very
highest in quality, so I think that’s another great source. There’s so much
around the world of collagen that I can’t wait to share with you, but I
thought this video would really be an introductory video: What to look for, what
types of collagens that are the key benefits that I love getting from
collagen, and how important it is to get at least 20 grams of collagen in your
day, every single day. You can go to my website. There’s so much more information
on collagen. Again, I brought it to the U.S. as a beauty ingestible about 15 years
ago. And I love that now we’re living in a society where we’re consuming so much
of it, and there’s so much more for us to learn. Thanks so much for watching! Be
sure to hit subscribe, see you next time.

29 thoughts on “Benefits of COLLAGEN For Amazing Skin – How I Use it

  1. I take collagen powder every morning and bone broth every night. Great stuff to take care of our largest organ, our skin! I’m 58 so I know the importance of getting collagen in. Thanks for the video, well done!

  2. Its been a month now that I have been taking IT. And I can see the difference in my skin. I changed my eating habits. And since I found you. I have been taking up eating more healthier food. This is fantastic I love this video thank you so much I'm so thankful that I found you and started to follow you💗💗💗

  3. How do you balance collagen intake with autophagy? If you eat 20-50g of collagen, doesn’t the protein (Leucine especially) level inhibit autophagy as mTor is activated? You recommend 15-25 g or less of protein 3x/ week in Glow15, so how can you utilize that system consuming up to 50g collagen? Please make a video about this. Thanks!!!

  4. My skin is so much firmer and I wish Id started supplementing with collagen earlier. Thank you for collagen with resveratrol.

  5. What about: “The solution” collagen – Type 1 collagen with Verisol® peptide? It is on the marked here in Norway from Oslo Skin lab. Can you find out a little about that product for me? And I subscribe to your channel 😁👍❤️

  6. I followed the link for ordering glow but looks like delivery is only in America can you recommend any brands in England ?

  7. How are we supposed to make sure Bovine collagen that is labeled as such is really grass fed? Can't go visit the farm!

  8. I am a korean. My mom made beef bone broth alot once a month to use as a base for all different kinds of soup. Broth is so important to korean cuisine. Broth is backbone of dishes.

  9. In chinese cultural, they believe that white fungus, bird’s nest, gum tragacanth, peach gum produce collagen.

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