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Best low back pain treatment Chennai, India Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Hi everyone, This is Raju. I am working in Hyderabad as a software engineer. My father is having a problem in the lower back and thighs. He is not able to walk small distances also. We went to one of the hospitals in Hyderabad. There it was diagnosed that there is nerve compression in the lower back. L4/L5 region. The suggested that it needs a major surgery. They have given some medications also but no medications worked. So currently we came to Chennai to meet Dr. Venkatachalam at Chennai Meenakshi hospital. We met Dr A.K. Venkatachalam in Chennai Meenakshi hospital. He has recommended some x-rays and again MRI of the hip. In the hip area he found out some issues in the hip. Soft tissue problem is there. He has given some medication. If the medication does not help he may require some surgery. I am very happy with the treatment that Dr. Venkatachalam has been providing.

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