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33 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 | Farming Son of Mothrakk Skins

  1. Also , if you have a nvidia card turn physx to low . I just done it on my last run and it helps . I gunzerker with 2 infinity pistols with Salvador and I can drop him right away on his first divebomb . Still got no good loot yet though .

  2. On a good day, how many runs does it take to get even one skin to drop? There's a hotfix for all unique drops out which does affect skins but I haven't had all that much luck either way. The strategy is very useful btw.

  3. Lookinf for Zero's Skin ,Tsunami of Bullets,message me here,i'm on the PS3 PS4 Console.Have all other characters' heads and skins for trade

  4. Alternatively, if you have access to the Big Game Hunt DLC you can simply farm Rakkanoth from the mission "The Rakk Dahlia Murder"; he's coded to also drop Mothrakk's colour drops but sadly does not have an increased drop% on the Skullmasher, so you're out of luck if you're looking for that weapon specifically.

    Back to screaming at my game when it phases through the floor…

  5. I just got the skull smasher on my first run… I wasnt even farming for anything!! I was going through a mission and thought why not kill something? And boom i saw three lights one looked orange was money then turned around and under his body i saw a orange light and a few yellow lights and i freaked out im so overly lucky!!! I was gonna farm latter for it so i can give it to my lower level guys but hey now i dont!!

  6. I got this to drop on farm 3, and it fell through the floor. I didn't realize how rare it was so I kind of just said to myself, "Well, I guess I'll continue on. Maybe I'll get another in ten minutes." (I rocket jump, grenade jump Salvador so I don't have to travel through the preserve) I farmed for a few more hours and couldn't get the skullmasher or skin to drop.

  7. I have got a SKULLMASHER ON MY mechromancer acsidentaly i did the mission from tannis where you have to open the boxes so i acsidentalty got it from my first try i googled it i was amazed remember i got this on my FIRST try and couse of a side-mision

  8. One thing to mention is if this is your first time through (so you're here on the story mission) the Annex save thing doesn't work. I found that out the hard way. I know this isn't relevant to SoM, but it is relevant if people wanted to farm the midgets or something. You can only do the Annex method after you've handed the story mission in. Great video though!

  9. how dare you kill my son over and over again for your entertainment. I'm disgusted to be involved with Vault Hunters…

  10. Dammit! I was disgruntled after the loot midget pacha and saw this guy- killed him only to find his legendary sniper go over the railing NOOB MISTAKE 😛

  11. I farmed SOMR for the legendary Jacob's Sniper rifle awhile back but I didn't know he dropped skins or the trick with the natural selection annex, great tips man thanks.

  12. I discover the fleet build by accident while playing and oh men!! I can't unequippe the shield and the fleet mod 🐇💨

  13. Thanks for the video! I thought I could only kill SoMo on my way out of the whole zone because that's where I always noticed him. Good to know he actually drops something, too.

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