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Depression and Heart Disease

30 thoughts on “Breaking the Stigma on Mental Illnesses

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. More people need to know about both the information and the stigma that surrounds it.

  2. This is a wonderful video and I really thank you for bringing to light a subject people really don't understand. One this in the video was you named Eating Disorders in the self harm category is incorrect, an ED is a mental illness and is commonly linked with things like self harm and most people I've met who also suffer from eating disorders also suffer with depression. Again thank you for posting this video 🙂

  3. You are amazing! I am going to share this on my facebook  so we can get the word out. I had similar struggles to you and I wish that during them, I hadn't been so alone. Thank you for the wonderful video

  4. Fantastic video. You are a courageous and passionate young woman who IS making a difference in the world.  I am a suicide awareness advocate on Vancouver Island.  This is my blog.  Near the bottom is a youtube of a speech I gave in Belfast N Ireland at a suicide prevention conference in Nov/12.

  5. A great addition to the resources that help people understand mental illness.  The young woman who created it is FABULOUS. She deserves a lot of credit . .  and gratitude!

  6. Although you reference Canada…your message is global. Amazing should be proud. I will add it to my website Thanks, Donna DeStefano

  7. Amazing self knowledge for your age Yvana! Thank you for your strength and inspiration. Sorry to see the conspiracy theorists have popped up to spout their one-sided drivel.

  8. Incredible how well you educated yourself on mental illness- aside from just depression. 🙂 Glad you were able to get the help you needed! Going to be talking about your video in my BA course on the stigma of Mental Health!

    Great video and very creative!

  9. Shared on The Professionally Depressed Professional FB page!  Great stuff young lady!  Keep on talking about mental health!

  10. Congratulations Yvana with this well-made video, you succeed in explaining complex problems in a very clear way and help reduce the stigma. I would suggest studying psychology when you go to college 😉

  11. In the first place, you need to stop calling various disorders "mental illnesses".  They are not mental illnesses but mental challenges in our lives.   The phrase "mental illness" alone is the biggest reason for being stigmatize.   In the second place, the DSM-5 is unable to define mental illness.    Some of these disorders you are calling "mental illnesses" are co-morbid to Autism.   And I really resent being seen as a mentally ill person.  You are very well informed about the various disorders and the many challenges, but lose the phrase "mental illness".

  12. GREAT video. really helped me understand myself more. and will share with people in my life so they can they can more understand metal illness

  13. This video needs to be shared which I will do. My granddaughter has a condition. She's is very sweat. She's 8 years old. Even though her mind is as if she is 6. She's been having panic attack since she was a baby. She sees the letters and numbers backwards. Thank God that her mom got help for her. We have learn how to treat her and her condition. This school year she's been catching up and she is a happy girls. I'm very proud of my daughter because she's working hard to help her daughter. Lots of blessings

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