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Depression and Heart Disease

2 thoughts on “Breast implant illness

  1. I have Metastatic IDC …. THANKFULLY I did not have to do Port Chemo but I do however have to take Anastrozole for the next 5/10 yrs…. I have ALL of those exact same Symptoms …. I didn't need Reconstruction Surgery. It's from the Rx

  2. My implants almost killed me. I had 11 years of different illnesses that no doctor could find answers to. I felt toxic, I looked old and felt old. My mouth and body odor was terrible. My hair fell out. I had vag bleed for 8 months then I had Premature menopause, low libido, heat intolerance, metalic taste, weight gain, dental cavities, severe dry mouth, joint pain, arm numbness, severe bloating and gas. Blurry vision, choking sensation during meals, chest pressure, leg swelling, constipation, severe insomnia, irritability, depression, elevated ANA and sed rate. I was left with memory problems to the point where I had to quit my job. I was left sick and broke. I finally found a doctor in Tijuana Mexico, short walk across the border of San Diego that took them out . Cost me a lot less that what was quoted to me by doctors here in the US. I am 1 week postop and I have been feeling so much better . I was told I will have to detox my system to get back to normal. I would encourage anyone with breast or buttock implant to get them out if you are feeling sick without any explanation from doctors .

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