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Chest Pain in Children | Frequently Asked Questions | Cincinnati Children’s

[Dr. Nicolas Madsen] One of the questions that I hear a lot
from patients who come see me in clinic is about chest pain; chest pain in their children from young ages of 5 and 6, to throughout their teenage years. Well, with this video what we’re really hoping to accomplish is to begin to let families and kids themselves know how common
chest pain really is in children. In particular, what we want them
to know is it’s really less than one percent of the time in children that chest pain has anything to do with their heart, uh–and in fact, for me when I hear about
chest pain, it is most often something not related to the heart, something related to the muscles in the chest wall, or some other, less serious
condition. I think we’re things about chest pain
that makes it difficult for patients and families, and for kids and families really is
that it can be very, very painful. So painful that they are brought to tears, that they can feel short of breath, and then of course having chest pain makes you worried about your heart because you see movies or you’ve had relatives who had chest pain as adults, and then serious things have happened. And so it’s a real pain, it’s a real
significant pain, and on top of that, it’s in a place
where people worry something really dreadful is happening. The way that chest pain is described to me most often by kids themselves or their parents, who are retelling it, is that they describe short, brief periods of chest pain that occur really at random times. It can be with activity or could also be watching TV, or doing their homework, or while eating… Often, the word the kids are going to use is “stabbing” chest pain, and that can really be anywhere in the
chest, but they’ll use that sort of “stabbing” word, and then often what they’ll tell me is that they feel short of breath, and not that, you know–they just feel like it hurts to take a deep breathe. The pain part about it, it’s not that the
pain isn’t serious, of course it matters a lot that there’s a lot of chest pain, but the more painful it is, it does not
associate with the more likely it’s heart-related, and so really the–the amount of pain for me isn’t a barometer of how significant, or how likely it is to be related to the heart itself. I get told a lot by–this is usually from the parents of younger kids, maybe sort of ages 5 to 10– who tell me my child describes their
heart hurting, and literally that’s the words that, that the child is using, and of course that’s very alarming. What they really mean is that their chest hurts, and they’ve learned that their heart sits in the middle their chest, and so they don’t make any distinction between their
chest muscles and their heart itself. The chest pain age groups? Most commonly this is something you see in adolescents, sort of 13 to, you know,19-year-olds; however, chest pain can exist in young children, and I’ve seen it in 4 and 5-year-olds
who have described very clearly to me that their chest is hurting. Uhm–and while that may be for a reason
that’s different than why the teenagers have chest pain, it is still very unlikely to be
heart-related. One of the things that I often ask the kids
themselves or the parents is about whether the pain can be reproduced by
pressure on the chest. And if they come and see me in clinic, I’ll
reproduce that myself on the physical exam. And really, if you can push on the chest
and make the pain worse, you’re not pushing on the heart. You’re pushing on the–the chest pain muscles, and that is not heart related, and so you
know whether it’s taking a deep breath in, stretching the chest from the inside, or
pushing from the outside, if that is bringing up that chest pain, you can feel very confident that it’s in the chest muscle, and the pain is not from the heart. I think the main features where I get worried again, is that chest pain with activity, certainly anything chest pain and passing out at the same time, those two together are quite worrisome. I think if the chest pain has been going on for some time, and it’s very stressful for the kid, that may be helpful to go see your local pediatrician or family doctor, and get that reassurance that this is actually not related to the heart. But most the time I think you can begin
to rule it out by noticing that it’s these short, brief moments of chest pain that can be
reproduced by pushing on the chest, you can begin to feel quite confident
that in fact this is not heart-related. Again, it might be quite painful and it might last for sometimes weeks to months at a time, and that’s–that’s of course difficult
for the child and for the parent who’s worried the entire time. So again, you know, if you’ve been worrying for a long time, go talk to your doctor. But feel comfortable when you’re talking to your doctor that you’ll be talking about pain from a source other than the heart.

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  1. Im still 9 and i think maybe i just eaten hot food and hurts alot since and i felt like im gonna puke and its hard to breathe 😷😷😰😰😥😥😧😩

  2. Its hurts when i think of this girl i like, i cant stop thinking about her and almost cried in school because chest pain, i dont know what to do it always hurts really bad and i just let it happen

  3. That means I'm not the only one!!!

    I'm 14 years old and every time my chest hurts i always get scared because i think it's a heart attack

  4. It happens sometimes when I eat and after bam 💥 the chest pain it hurts so bad and also what helps for me I lay down on my bed and lay side ways and just go on my phone I don’t want to tell my parents otherwise they are going to drive me to the er like it’s nothing I’m sure it’s nothing it goes away and never comes back for me if my English is bad sorry lol 😂

  5. Ive had this for 3 months and haven't been to the doctor. It happens when I lay down, I'm comfortable,and when I breathe sometimes

  6. i have chest pains right now and it hurts. everytime when i get up from bed,my chest hurts.when i jump,it hurts… 🙁 i really worried…

  7. I get sharp pains in my chest every once and a while but the thing is I feel like I’m going to faint a couple mins after but I’m pretty sure I’m aight

  8. My chest feels heavy when i go to school and work. My hands are shaking. I tried to fight my fear but still makes me feel emotional.

  9. My left side of my chest hurts and a little bit on the right when i breathe in
    Feels like i cant breathe
    Hurts when i run and jump
    Side of my rib hurts when i get up

    Its been hurting every night and i dont know what to do im freaking scared😭😭

  10. It hurts all the time in the left lung when I breath, and my left shoulder is acheing, what did you do? 13 by the way. HELP… 😭

  11. My chest hurts right in front of the heart. It happens when i take a deep breath and only that. When i press it, it doesnt hurt

  12. Here are my symptoms:

    -can’t drink water or breathe in heavily it is painful
    -coughing hurts
    -chest is a full on ball of fire
    -chest feels really tight
    -wtf do I do?

  13. thank god I am not the only because I have chest pain and it hurts when I breathe and if it happens again I am gonna tell my mom to tack me to the doctor because I really don't want anything to happen to me because I love my life and I don't want my life to end just because of some chest pain and if it happens to you go to the doctor because your chest pain might be something tottle different from this video so pls go to the doctor go to the doctor and if u need someone to talk about it you can talk to me because we can handle or chest pain together. ps I am scared to tell my mom but if it happens to me one more time im gonna tell her

  14. Im 8 and it feels like there a electric pain from my shoulder to my jaw once it started hearting when i was at school but i didnt tell my teacher i told my mom though

  15. Nobody could tell me why I have chest pain… glad I'm not the only one the comments who has this problem. Been dealing with it for 3 years now. Somebody I knew told me it could be development and growth. I'm 18 now, so all throughout high school I had chest pain problems.

  16. I get these chest pains. I’ve had them in the right part of my chest since I was 4 and it makes me slightly struggle to move and breathe. I’m now 9, not long until 10.

  17. I'm 11 and right now my chest is paining and I wanna know why. Plus when I was going to school after I ate I vomited everything and my chest started painting again until I went to school, then it was our first break and I didn't have the appetite to eat when I tried to I had to go bathroom to vomit again..

  18. ive felt this pain for my whole summer its been hurting alot i dont have shortness of breath anymore and ive never felt pain in my leg or back im pretty sure if someone has chest pain its something i ate that got stuck is my body or asthma attacks but for me i think its something i ate that is stuck

  19. I am 15 and and I am coughing and having chest pain
    I can't really cough its so hard I started to think that I will die today and can't breathe properly

  20. im 11 some times when i take a deeo breathe it hurts but its not always happening and thank god now i know that i font have heart disease ty doctor

  21. I’ve been having sharp and dull pains on the left and right side of my chest sometimes it feels throbbing I smoke too so that might have something to do with it I’m getting it checked in a couple days I’m only 15

  22. It might just be anxiety. I got a blood pressure test and it was normal. They checked my urine and it was all clear. It could also be chest wall pain. Hopefully everyone gets better❤️

  23. I’m 14 and I’ve had chest pains and headaches nearly everyday for 2 and a half years but doctors always dismissed me, but my pains last up to 8 hours or more and my headaches can last all day for days straight. I don’t know what to do but I can’t breathe majority of the time, and I can get them 2 or 3 times per day :/ I don’t know what to do and it leaves me tired and dizzy and I’m just tired of dealing with it for a long time

  24. I had really stings it’s hard to breathe and I drink water and I get so scared so I start crying and I feel my heart pumping

  25. I get this shooting pain in my heart which lasts a couple seconds. It’s very painful and i have to exhale for it to go away. I’m eleven.

  26. I started getting this similar feeling on my chest are but it doesn't hurt like what others say like "knife going through my heart" sorta thing. It will sometimes happen randomly but it doesn't hurt when I breathe tho….I'm getting abit concerned lately but after watching the video and reading the comments,it made me calm down and not paranoid about it

    I'm still 14 years old , still young asf

  27. i always have frequent chest pain when i breathe, it always happens. i don't know what is going on. im happy theres people i can relate to.

  28. Every time I sit up straight i feel the pain in my chest right over my heart. and when i rub on it in a specific spot i feel the pain. Every time i take a deep breath i also feel the pain again.

  29. …I have chest pains that come and go left and right side(randomly anywhere)but it hurts a little bit and it doesnt hurt more when I take a deep breath…someone explain pls

    P.s my doctor SUCKS

  30. I have it like 10 times in year, I just had it but Gladly it was for 10 seconds and now im curious what does it and i came here

  31. Iam 15 and i have that pain to my heart side for 3 days now. It wont hurt if i walk/exercise or lay down. It mainly hurts when i am sitting. And the thing I know I have a very small hole in my heart so I thought it might be related to something. So we'll see

  32. I have the pain Om my right chest I keep telling my mom she says it’s nothing it’s okay
    I just found out I once cried when it happened it’s happening now

  33. Im a skinny 17 year old, i offten eat microwaved popcorn wich increases my cholesterol and i now woke up with pain in my chest middle whenever i move my body in a certain position and it lasts for 30 minutes now. Is this serious?

  34. So I’m 11 and I have chest pain in the middle of my chest and it comes out of nowhere and it’s like a stabbing pain but it’s lightly and it hurts to take a deep breath. I haven’t been getting it now but this video so far is helping me!

  35. i came here not to watch the video but to read comments that makes me calm cause i feel this little pinching pain in my chest near to the heart and it goes away and then come again another day. it keeps moving sometimes here and sometimes there it comes and goes, anyone here expiriencing what im expiriencing right now?? plsss reply

  36. why does my heart sting sometimes and my heart rate increases its only usually hurts maybe 5 seconds and can happen at any time?

  37. Doctor last time said i have a good heart beat but sometime feels like a pinching type in my chest on the left side under the peck or Brest whatever it's called idk if it's normal or not anyone has same thing lmk please cause I'm scared

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