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Diabesity (Part 3): Devastating Disease Outcomes

This is part 3 of the series on
diabesity. Again, maybe not a word, but you get the point. Diabetes is the leading cause of
blindness, kidney failure, limb amputation, and the number one driver (it’s more than
a major contributor) to cardiovascular disease. It’s the number one driver now
if you separate diabetes from prediabetes.
Yes, you could say it’s a major contributor, but I tend to lump those
prediabetes and diabetes together. They’re the same disease process. The
people that have full-blown diabetes are just folks that have a documented blood
sugar over 200 at one point in time, fasting blood glucose over 125, or
hemoglobin A1c over 7. These are all fairly arbitrary cut points.
When you start adding the number of people that have some challenges… and
some of us have challenges at some point but not at others. For example, if you
gain 30 pounds, you’re gonna get a significant increase in problems
associated with prediabetes or full-blown diabetes. Stress is a major
driver to cortisol, increases the blood sugar just like increased somebody’s fat
mess. So what about two eyes? Diabetic macular edema is a big deal. When you
look at it, over 3%, almost 4%
of Americans aged 40 and older have diabetic macular edema. This is again
far more prevalent than we understand or than we tend to realize. Another thing to
realize is that diabetic eye damage is not just for diabetics. And the time
someone gets a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, 30% of us already have damage
to our eyes from the high blood sugar. High insulin – that same process. We just
have not gotten a diagnosis of full-blown diabetes at that point. Again,
this is a very serious disease. I’ve gotten some feedback recently that I’m
focusing a lot on it. You bet I am. Thank you for your interest. Did you want to go
to the intensive experience in Louisville but just didn’t have that
kind of money or time? Take a look. We’ve got another one coming
up in Orlando, February 28th. There’s a way to save
a lot of money on it as much as 50% off. Take a look.

10 thoughts on “Diabesity (Part 3): Devastating Disease Outcomes

  1. We were traveling north about thirty miles south of Orlando when a very low reddish orange cloud slowly drifted across the highway about eight years ago. It was one of the scariest things I have seen.
    We pulled off the highway and debated if we should go underneath it. Later we saw the same cloud just east of the University of Florida.

  2. Dr. Brewer, thanks for scaring the heck out of me. I'm aware of all the dramatic consequences, yet we don't have an effective medication that is safe (Metformin is only the first line of defence). I'm adding 1200mg of Berberine to my protocol to see if it helps. Is Aspartame detrimental to diabetes? I know t is a poison, unfortunately, I'm addicted to it. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  3. I believe required reading before watching Dr. Brewer's videos, especially on this topic, is Dr. Joseph Kraft's book. It provides the foundation, but, Dr. Brewer pulls all of this incredible information together for many of us, further reinforces it for others.

    And if these videos along with Kraft's book don't scare someone into action — or seeing someone with full blown diabetes and their issues — well, not sure what will.

  4. I think it’s important to state that if a diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes has been made, subsequent good management of blood sugars can reverse background retinopathy, neuropathy, and some other problems. These reversals take place slowly, so tight blood sugar control has to be long term.

  5. By the time my mother and her sisters, who all but one had diabetes, got old they were going blind, almost could not walk, were losing their minds, etc etc.
    It is a horrible thing.
    Do something while you can people. Before it is too late.

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