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Depression and Heart Disease


follow me on twitter v69_nf Because i know i am, okay? I am back with another video and as you guys can see by this title I am going to be pranking Ricky once again, okay? He got me with the possessed prank now I’m going to prank him with the disgusting skin flaky prank thingy so basically Ricky’s gonna come to my apartment Cuz we’re going out And I’m just gonna say that I can’t go out because I have an allergic reaction to this cream this new Cream that I’m using. Hey darling if this is your first time seeing my face or knowing of my existence Please click that subscribe button subscribe subscribe subscribe that helps me a lot Without further a do let’s get right on into this video SHALL WE DARLING? Okay, so we’re going to be doing this we are doing this. Okay? Here’s my elmer’s glue Oh my gosh I’m wear these jeans tonight. You know what hold on Oh my god, this is so disgusting Denzel, the shit you do for youtube My god. We just take off all my hair No, I feel like this is too much. I think I need to take a shower after this. This is not cute Oh my god. Oh what i will not do is put this on my Mother fucking face that’s what I will not do got me fucked up if you actually Actually think I put this shit on my face in my face was just not getting clear. I cannot sacrifice this for YouTube I’m sorry. I love YouTube but not that much there’s not to sacrifice my face, but my face is just not getting together I’m not gonna put this on me face like it for you to not I not I not I oh My god. This is so gross. Oh my god ii feel like im getting too much, hold on, I need to wait for it to dry This is so gross ok, bitch alright Would you like to get all of this bitch why am i tippy-toeing the fuck-lemme bring this shit down My hands are so wet wet wet ayee wet wet wet aye bitch, my whole arm-i look bionic. yes, I do They’ll be peeling in a few seconds okay an hour later Two hours later and ready to get to start it now I feel like it’s time the skin is peeling it’s been peeled spinning a little bit scary. Oh my gosh oh My god. He’s calling Hello yes Bitch ready come when you’re done. Are you finished? Okay be on your way bye, how This is just for dramatic effects what? Oh, this is darling can that be yours yet? Hey didn’t tell me benefit big what’s your broke bitch never that so that why? We’re rich, Toby I Remember when I think that’s a Bit oh my god, she bother shouting yeah, bitch, oh my god, okay, not you What’s wrong with this Person what you talking about I’m just kidding Ricky oh my god He makes a little nasty, I’m not oh mama that goes You like to do hey Rick Do something, thank you Okay, so what let’s do do me a call I mean Bitch stay your ass on that conceit. I’m not blind I swear you didn’t tell me Because you Come Down please, please I’m trying to be cool Okay Mr.. Frank oh This is hard PG back the fucking video over eight elevators, but we shit on me, would you actually ritual who do you actually think bitch? I’ve asked to sit around are you miss okay? But everything is like you know like I let well bitch is the prank you got Frank It’s may place their to you ever act like that you have some kind of kidding disease Which my we’re sorry the only thing. I’m not think don’t think I’m thinking about right now. Is you’re crazy as neighbors Sorry de Anyways, so yeah that was it for this video guys Give this video a big thumbs up if you like to light conscious conscious got subscribe like I said you see me I’m doing it you watch. I post your watch. I jump out so watch and until then see you later my darlings byeee! They say-


  1. "You wanna go to the hospital or what?"
    "What's the hospital gone do?"
    "Well do something cause bitch that's not fucking cute" 💀💀💀💀💀

  2. I love how supportive he is 😂 “you look like a lizard or some shit” “you look nasty” “disgusting”

  3. Rickey is me as a best friend
    "i will pray for you, let me pray for you"

  4. Their whole conversation from as soon as Rickey walked was so cool and interesting to watch, like damn i thought conversations only flowed that well in movies- but then again i have no social life xD

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