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100 thoughts on “DIY Blackhead Removal Goes Viral

  1. I saw him do it paused the video tried it. Then I played the video and there like don’t do that and I’m like oh shit

  2. I've tried this before and it messed up the shape of m nose and bruised it.. Lol idk what happened but it did heal up

  3. They’re SO RIGHT. I do that all the time (sadly) and it always results in swelling/redness & days later, scabbing/peeling and it’s so embarrassing.

    It’s also very addicting 😩😩😩

    So I’m officially getting on a new skincare routine. Pray for me!! 🙏🙏

  4. Okay, my mom's been doing this since I was little, I started doing it on my fiance. You mean to tell me this isn't normal?

  5. "How's the dating life after posting something like that it's hard to get that image out of your mind"
    Wow. I knew you guys were frauds and love any kind of publicity you can get while avoiding responsibility, but this guy is a straight up asshole.

  6. Well I’ve been popping blackheads by pushing on my nose for a while, and it hasn’t caused any issues. Sometimes I can’t just get it with the q tips or the paper towels twisted on my fingers

  7. Me: "That looks easy and painless"

    tries it
    breaks nose


    Doctor: How did you break your nose like that?
    Me: Its complicated….

  8. i saw a “ad picture” of this a while ago and i always used to do it even though it said not to, and like there was a point where like i just had to stop cause it hurt 💀. also i literally did this like 10 minutes ago in front of my mirror and then i went on to youtube and i see this in my recommendation 😳💀.

  9. This doesn't work on mine because my nose was broke before and is a little crooked so this won't work need a good product like a strip or mask anyone know of one that truly works

  10. I tried this to my nose after watching but omg my nose really hurts and were laughing because no white heads show up..😂

  11. I SWEAR he said semen. 😂 I was working on a project, listening to the video and I heard "he's collecting all this semen" and went "WHAT?!? Do you mean SEBUM?!?". When I watch the video though and see him make the "B" shape with his mouth as he spoke it became obvious he was saying "sebum". Damn. At first I was like "homeboy needs to stop getting cum facials if he's having that much build up of jizz seeping in to his pores!"

  12. Is Dr. Travis becoming more gay or is it just me? And Dr tanning bed needs to stay away from the beds. Bitch is orange like our leader

  13. Wtf you could ruin your nose like that……thats why you should always have the right tools for a blackhead, I popped and opened my blackheads, but it didn't ruin my skin, I just cleaned it out

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