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Do Women Really Handle Pain Better Than Men?

Many people assume that women have a higher
tolerance for pain because…well they give birth. But, science actually tells us a different
story. [ Hi guys and gals, Lissette here for DNews….
Now I’m sorry but, it’s true. Research shows that men have both a higher pain toleranceand
higher threshold for pain. In these studies, women typically report feeling pain much sooner
than men – meaning a lower threshold. And women also tell the experimenters to stop
the pain that’s being inflicted on them much sooner than men do – meaning a lower
tolerance. And this all comes from data analyzed in multiple
studies that span a period of more than a decade, many of which have been published
in the Journal of Pain. Now, researchers study pain using all kinds
of torturous methods – some of the more common ways they inflict pain on participants include
putting really cold things directly on the skin, administering electric shocks, and putting
a lot physical pressure on different parts of the participant’s body. In one study
at the University of Lincoln in the UK, researchers subjected 24 men and 26 women to cold presses
and measured their responses. Consistent with other studies, they found that women had a
lower tolerance and lower threshold for pain compared to men. But the scientists took the
study even further. When the researchers told the participants
to focus on the physical components of the pain, it helped decrease the pain felt for
men but not for women. And when they asked them to focus on the emotional aspects of
the pain, it made the pain feel worse for women, but not for men. So for women, it’s
like a double whammy – they seem to feel more pain more quickly and have a harder time coping
with it too. But what’s important to keep in mind is
that most of these studies rely on self-reports, which means they are susceptible to biases.
Pain, is largely defined by science as subjective We rely on people to tell us how much pain
they feel and when they feel it as opposed to measuring it more objectively like we do
with height or weight. Not surprisingly, studies have found that social factors influence these
reports of pain and the gender difference we see. In one study on college students from both
India and the US, researchers found that Americans were more willingly to express that they’re
in pain than their Indian counterparts. And this was reflected in how much pain was reported
– American students tolerated less pain than Indian students. Meaning that both sets of
students could have been feeling the same pain, but for cultural reasons one group expressed
it quicker than the other. On top of that, things like who’s conducting
the experiment seem to matter too. In another recent study published in the journal Pain,
researchers had 80 male and 80 female participants put their hands in icy cold water to measured
their tolerance. But, the researchers split the participants so half of them had the test
conducted by someone of the same sex and half had someone of the opposite sex.. The study
found that how long they kept their hand under water significantly varied depending on whether
the experimenter was a man or a woman. If tested by the opposite sex, they lasted much
longer. Clearly there are mediating social factors that influence pain. But this doesn’t mean biology doesn’t
play a role too. Another study published in the journal Pain measured pain not by asking
the participants how much pain they felt, but by measuring how their pupils behaved
with infrared technology. Researchers hypothesized that the amount the pupil dilated directly
correlated with how much pain they were in. In conditions of high pressure – or pain – women’s
pupils’ dilated much more than men’s. This is huge because it’s not like the participants
could manipulate how much their pupils were dilating. This is a completely involuntary,
biological reaction. So it might just be that men and women feel pain differently. But some men and some women don’t feel pain
at all! Find out why in this video Do you find some things totally bearable that
drive others nuts? Like maybe screeching chalk on a chalkboard?
Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching DNews and please
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100 thoughts on “Do Women Really Handle Pain Better Than Men?

  1. In 2015 the U.S. Navy SEALs has allowed female participants, still waiting for ONE to complete the FULL grueling, training the same as men do every single year……………..

  2. I think it's based on your personality, way you grew up and how much pain you want through in the past. It's different for everyone.

  3. I know I am late but here is what I think, I may be wrong btw.

    I think that girls feel pain quicker but get over it quicker, like say I sprained something, I would feel hurt for about 3 minutes but would then move on.

  4. Once i was running and i hit my foot on the wall i continued walking as if nothing happened. I happen to be a girl

  5. (note I am a female)

    let's see broke the same toenail twice, fractured then broke the same arm, gotten hit on the face and back of head multiple times (like a 100 times), fell on my face, injured my other arm last school semester, a few bruises from carrying the school instrument and from other shit, and scratches from my cat

    and only once I cried

  6. Punch a guy in the face and he get annoyed, punch a girl in the face and she cries like a baby. How anyone could ever think women are better with pain is beyond me

  7. We really even each other out. Men and women each have things they do better than the other sex. So no men aren't better then women. And women aren't better then men. Also personally believe it really depends on the person. I mean sometimes a woman might be just as good or better then something a man is usually better at. And sometimes a man might be just as good or better than something a woman is usually better at. Like I have been able to out run some guys or be just as fast. Or like I've seen where some guys are able to do multitasking just as good as most women.

  8. Some men (most of them) are really but REALLY racist and i just wish i can give them the slap of respect and be sorry for the resg of their lives
    Also,if they think they are stronger,can they bleed seven days and survive?No,so shut up!

  9. I don’t know why men think this is such a big deal and some women are getting annoyed it’s one thing they may be better at it doesn’t make them any more superior

  10. OKAY FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE FIGHTING! Men are women are perfect, without men we wouldn't have buildings and a family, and without women we wont have kids or people taking care of us.
    We are both perfect the way we are, just because boys are tougher doesn't mean you should get all shit up about it.

  11. 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  12. Whoa whoa whoa, biased, women have a lower tolerance for cold, not pain. My hands and feet are like ice and I’m always cold. My husband on the other hand my husband is like a furnace.

  13. we can tolerate more environmental pain because our body are designed to tolerate more our skin is thicker we also have hair on our skin which an extra shield and many other factors. I don't think we can tolerate giving birth because women have hormones that helps them with it that we simply don't have at least not with the required amount. The point is comparing pain doesn't really mean a lot we have always knew that man can just take more physical loads than women it's actually surprising that this not obvious I mean look for size and muscles mass difference between men and women bodies. what is really interesting is the psychological side of it

  14. Women think they handle pain because they go through child birth…BUT they have no choice. If they could tap out when they are in labor…they would. Men would too, but they'd handle it as well.

  15. Painful experiences increase a person's tolerance. Men tend to get injured more due to doing more dangerous activities, so they are often exposed to more pain earlier. My pain tolerance before kids was really low. Now? It's MUCH higher. I still don't ever want to pass a kidney stone.

  16. lmao i dont get why guys have to suddenly say women are pathetic once hearing that they have a higher pain tolerance, like…whoo big accomplishment? gfu? ur body doesnt tell ur brain that ur in trouble as much as women bodies do?

    also it makes guys think that suddenly their pain tolerance is 10x higher than women. they said higher, not "men have no pain and women cry about everything"

    thats just from what ive been seeing in the comments btw, not every guy i guess..

  17. Let me just say it here. Women are stronger then men whether you like it or not. We are the ones who give birth, go through periods every month, puking because of pregnancy. And we can handle it. Sorry, men.

  18. It doesn't matter what kind of things both women AND men go through. The body simply doesn't work that way. Some females don't even give birth and don't know the pain. So when giving birth to their first baby, the body isn't aware of what amount of pain it's about to go through. But say if someone (the female) has giving birth multiple times, only then their body will grow some sort of toleration to the pain.

  19. Some woman handle pain better then men and some men can handle pain better then woman so it's about the person not the gender

  20. "woman typically report feeling pain much sooner than men" that's because men are dumb, this have nothing to do with pain tolerance lol

  21. Any suggestion that men are better than women at anything is sexist. How dare you! I am 100% sure that women have a higher pain threshold for pain and men are all lying. That isn't sexist.

  22. i'm a guy but I really don't like this argument what ever it is to empower women or to make guys feel tough it shouldn't matter to use that much because when I though that women had a stronger pain tolerance then men it made me feel failed a little bit like their was nothing I couldn't do to change what I was just does it matter

  23. I don’t know. I think it could totally be up to an individual and their experience. When I got a tattoo I was talking to the tattoo artist and I asked if women take pain better. He said without a doubt. He was tattooing my upper wrist which can be the more painful as it’s near the palm and before he even started the tattoo he told me he tattooed a guy in that exact spot and he fainted and vomited everywhere.

    Also I dont think a study with only 100 people can really be that accurate to billions of people.

  24. You know what. I have the answer. Pain is a protective mechanism, it protects you from potentially harm like the time you put your hands on the stove. Being a woman, to bear children the woman body is wired to have a more robust protective mechanism from pain meaning more acute pain receptors. So the answer is man have a higher tolerance for pain, sorry woman.

  25. "Women have a higher pain tolerance because of child birth…"

    Proceeds to scream uncontrollably for hours on end when giving birth, even with a high dosage of drugs…

  26. Woman can withstand more pain when it is inflicted by another person BECAUSE people take it easier on women. Men arent going to punch women as hard as they do other men, even in sports we take it easy on women.

    Whereas women will go 100% on a man and it probably doesn't really have an effect on him, most women dont have the strength, ability, coordination to even deliver a proper punch.

  27. i even hate men more now , spoiled brat’s that did nothing to get their higher pain tolerance and everything really , straight up got it from the nature

  28. not true as its for also women it DEPENDS 2 women from different families wont have similar period lol much less labor

  29. That argument oh women give birth so they handle pain better is irrelevant because it's a natural thing mew statistics came out that shows us men just getting tapped in the balls hurts worse then labor and women give birth and they bitch to their kids until the kids move out us men get hurt we suck up the pain and move on

  30. And I don't understand why all of this is controversial I mean its truth and facts biology and science anything to do with us men being better then women these days is controversial lol

  31. Women actually tell doctors about pain sooner yeah because they are smart and don’t wanna permanently hurt

  32. Not because im a woman, but because of the shit I've been through,
    And how people legitimately think im a guy so i experience toxic masculinity too

    Theres no escape and it sucks

  33. What women dont get Is youre not tougher and can handle more pain if you are screaming and crying girls experience more pain bu 2x! So a pinch feels more painful than one for guys but when you are barely handling it it means you passed your pain tolerance

  34. I'm a 32 year old man with arthritis in my back bad knees bad feet and bad hands and yes I take Aleve and use pain relieving patches and pain relieving cream and I'm a man I toughen through my chronic pain women don't women who have arthritis lay around crying about the chronic pain

  35. Men have a higher core body temp overall. That's why women are always cold and men are always hot. So I'm not sure the cold exposure test really is that accurate.

  36. Me when I see the the title


    (Edit) I really hate that I’m female (sorry for being sexist) like why are we the gender that’s get all the bad things and men have it better I just wish I was born male

  37. I am woman but can't bear the pain of even little needle. I was injected once but it makes me cry like I lost my breath. The pain on needle area did not wipe out even after a month. I do not what kind of people make this assumptions. It's not women or men or age or race that make people more sensitive. It is completely individual nothing to do with age, race or gender. Many women are so big boned and violent, they can even beat up weaker men.

  38. A brain injury change my whole CNS in two days to become very Hyper sensitive, no medial branch block or cortisone injection could block off pain. Mine is a " software injury" in pain chemistry to function incorrectly to process more pain.

  39. I put a knife through my hand not on purpose and it hurt and I just yelped and fell on the ground and was holding my hand and ran inside to wash I while i was yelling but I don’t think that compares to child birth

  40. Growing up in the 90s we where always taught this . That woman can actually withstand more psychical pain then men and men can with stand more emotional and mental pain then women

  41. If you think you have higher pain tolerance because u give birth u r delusional. Like if a baby broke its leg and i have never broke a bone at 15 would that make the babys pain threshold is higher than mine?

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