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Elephant Saved After Maggot Infested Injury

COMM: Film producer Verity White and her crew were filming with the Uganda Conservation
Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority vet team when they came across this limping elephant. COMM: The young female elephant, thought to be in her twenties, had previously had a snare
removed from her leg. But seeing her discomfort, they realised that infection must have set
in since and she was therefore in desperate need of further treatment. COMM: When they first found her, she was located near water, a dangerous place for her to be
sedated. So the team had to work hard to move her into a safer location, so that they’d
be able to treat her properly. COMM: The rescue took a team of 15 people in total to safely dart the elephant and start
cleaning the wound. COMM: The animal’s trunk was held open to help her breath and a dedicated ranger monitored
her heart rate. COMM: In addition, she was covered with palm leaves to keep her cool. COMM: Once they began treating her, they made a shocking discovery. COMM: The wound was completely filled with maggots. COMM: Fortunately, they managed to safely disinfect and clean her wound. COMM: And the team left the elephant to wake up naturally and rejoin her herd.

100 thoughts on “Elephant Saved After Maggot Infested Injury

  1. I wounder if this is the only time they had to intercede in having to tranquilize the elephant to be able to assist ti? From what little I understand about working with elephants. Tranquilizing the elephant is the most dangerous for the elephant as for when the elephant could be at immediate risk of dying. So I guess it becomes a toss of the coin to as which is more of a risk factor to the to the elephant, Its leg injury or the risk of death from being tranquilize. I hope the elephant was able to heal from its wound.

  2. So glad that they follow up on the animals they treat, and retreat them as needed! the poor girl probably saw all the little humans and was like, "this shit again!??"

  3. I wonder exactly how long this magnificent female elephant actually survived before the utterly barbaric and merciless big game poachers tracked her down and ruthlessly killed her, just for the tusks?

  4. I thought maggots were good. They eat all the dead flesh and leave the healthy flesh which prevents rotting and massive infection.


  6. If anything the maggots are helping cause they are just eating dead tissue, it's used all over the world too cure disease

  7. I enjoyed the video but I thought that maggots cleaned the wound and ate only the dead and decaying tissue leaving the healthy tissue to heal. Is that true?

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