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[EN,ES,RU CC] HOW I DO MY BASE MAKEUP?+skin care, products and tool info🤗

Hey guys it’s Aego here Hi, Hello. What do you apply on your face? How is your skin so glossy? What base products do you use for that glossy skin? How do you do your base makeup? These were some questions people have been asking me, so today; I’ll show you how I do 2 of my most recent semi-matte and glossy base makeup. Starting from the skincare I’ll tell you what products I use, what I do and what tools I use. But first, let me tell you about my skin type. My skin changes depending on the season. In Early Spring, Autumn and Winter my skin get dry and in the Summer my skin gets super oily. So now let’s start with
How I do Semi-matte base makeup. The Semi-matte, as most people know, is in between, not too dry nor too glossy, but I personally feel that after applying Semi-matte products, my skin gets a bit dry, so I usually use skin care products that concentrate on moisturizing. But since Im not a fan of thick or heavy products, I choose to use very light and comfortable products. I recently have been using Apieu’s MADECASSOSIDE FLUID and CREAM. I’ve actually reviewed these products in
one of my previous reviews, and since it was summer at that time,I personally felt that it was a bit too thick to be used in the Summer, so I didn’t use it much. But I started using it more now, cuz winter has come and it’s really great. After washing my face, I just wipe my face once with this fluid, and then do a toner pack for about 5 to 10 min. By doing this, I feel that the moisture seeps deeper in to my skin. And after I’m done with the toner pack I
dab it to ensure it’s completely absorbed. And then I apply the cream. I just apply a small amount for my whole face and allow it to be completely absorbed. Since my cheeks feel a bit dry over time, I apply a bit more by layering it once only on my cheeks. Then I dab it to absorb the cream completely. After I’m done with skin care, I apply the base product right away, And the products that I use often is HUXLEY’s COVER CUSHION OWN ATTITUDE and CONCHIC’s ALL OVER SKIN FOUNDATION. These are the products I really like to use
often, but they do tend feel a bit dry when used in the Winter, So I focused in moisturizing when doing my skin care routine. I think the most important thing when doing the skincare is to make sure they’re absorbed completely. Otherwise, the base makeup will be peel off, get flaky and dry. Next, let’s take a look at the skincare, products and how I do my glowy base makeup. First when using glowy products, I do my skin care very lightly. Since they’re a GLOW PRODUCT anyway, I don’t think I need to apply heavy products. So the skin care products I use for my glowy base makeup is CCLIMGLAM’s AHA BHA PHA ALL ABOUT PURE TONER and the LUMINOUS CENTELLA SERUM. I love both of these two products, but I especially love the Luminous Centella serum, as I have already gone through more than 10 bottles. Seriously. Like before, after washing my face I wipe my skin once with the All About Pure Toner and do a toner pack for about 5 to 10 min. Actually, this toner is very moisturizing. It’s moisturizing enough even when just doing toner pack. But when I feel that my cheeks are dry I apply this serum. This serum is very light, yet it’s so moisturizing that I sometimes use it as a toner pack as well. Similarly, every time you go through one step of the skin care, it’s important to allow it to be absorbed completely. The glow base products I use often, they are ESPOIR’s PRO TAILOR BE GLOW CUSHION and ETUDE HOUSE DOUBLE LASTING SERUM FOUNDATION. These two base products are really well used products, which are really moisturizing and longer lasting than I personally had thought they would be. And since they are moisturizing I really want to recommend them to people with dry skin. Like this I’ve showed and told you about the skin care products I use to the base products and how I use them, so now let me tell you what tools I use. In case of HUXLEY and ESPOIR, I just use the cushion puff which comes alongside the cushion, In the case of CONCHIC and ETUDE HOUSE, since they are foundations, I first use a brush to apply them on my face by spreading it and then dab it with a puff or sponge. My favorite brushes are the MAC No.191, PICCASSO COLLEZIONI FB17 and KUMO Highlighter brush. The MAC and PICCASSO COLLEZIONI brushes are very thin and flat so it applies very detaily and evenly, and although KUMO is a highlighter brush, I like to use it because it just works so well. In addition, the puffs that I like and often use are these diagonal puffs that are sold in drug stores. Whether it’s a square diagonal or water drop diagonal, I personally feel comfortable applying products with the flat part. I also really like PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s COLOR TIP SPONGE, which I had previously mentioned in my HOLIDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL. This sponge is made with the RUBY-CELL puff which is normally used to make cushion puffs and I feel that since it doesn’t absorb as much product, it does a great job when used to place the product onto my skin. Like this, I’ve told you how I do my skin care to base products, to the ways and tools I used. I hope this video provides to be helpful even if it’s a lil bit. The products I showed to you guys are actually my favorite products so I hope you’ll also give them a try them if you have a chance. Thank you for watching my video today🙏🏻 Don’t forget to subscribe▶️ Press the like buttons👍🏻 And please leave some comments for me💌 I’ll see you guys next time BYE BYE

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  1. please share some affordable korean skincare products for teens!! i love your videos, please do continue making them!!💕💕

  2. Thanks for the tips, do you have a video that show your full make up on the products you use?
    P.S. I noted you speak so fast, i have to watch twice & use 0.75 playback speed. Lol…

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