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*EXTREME* PAIN RELIEF after FIRST Chiropractic Adjustment

You came all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina, so A little bit of a drive there Okay, and now what’s going on? What brings you in here today? Well, I’ve been having neck pain, lower back pain and the pain will go down my thighs More on the right side? Yes. Okay. Does it ever go down the left side? Sometimes. Okay, but primarily on the right What do you feel? Does it go all the way down passed the knee to the foot? No, it’s just stays like on the leg Okay, and so it’s lower back to down on to the thigh. Okay, and then also it was the neck as well, okay. Now the neck does that stay there does anything ever go down? No not really just kind of stays. It just kinda stays there. Okay. And so you’ve never been to a chiropractor before. Okay What have you done to try to help with the pain? I’ve tried to do stretches at times like in the mornings but it’s not a everyday thing Okay, alright, let me have you stand up. I just want to go through some ranges of motion. Any pain if you bend forward? No If you stand back? A little bit like on my lower back On the side It hurts a bit right here And if you rotate like this A bit Okay, and I’m gonna have you look all the way up to the ceiling any issues with that? No. Down to the floor? No. One ear toward one shoulder and then to the other side? A little tense. Okay, and then if you rotate Same right here A little of the same on both sides, okay Let me have you lay face down on the table. So I’m gonna start off we’re gonna scan the body. We’re gonna go from Cervical spine up top and then we’re gonna go all the way down check on the leg length and I’ll check the symmetry from the right side to the left side Let me know if anything is painful or tender to the touch. Yeah, that hurts. Yeah it’s a bit tender right there. Okay, so a little bit of all over? Yeah. So from the neck, middle back and lower back with that. Okay, so your right foot does pull short compared to the left. Right side of that hip is actually a little bit a little bit raised up there here on the right side So we’re gonna start using that massage device. I just want to relax everything for you. So you ready to get the adjustment for the first time here? Yeah. Good How’d that feel? It felt good. Okay. Take a deep breath in and exhale out. One more time with that deep breath in and out. Okay Okay, so next what I’m gonna have you do I want you to sit up on the table and then straddle the table. So bring one leg on either side. And I’ll have you bring one arm over one shoulder the other one up and over the other. So through here is what I want to focus on so keep your thighs to the table. I’m gonna rotate you this way. That was the big one. And I really wanted to focus there because that right side is raised up a little bit more than the left side there. Let me have you lay facedown again for me, please. So actually almost perfect already with bringing that together. But so let’s see so now mom do you notice this? More on the right side a little bit more raised up and it kind of like needles. Okay So we’re going to bring this up the table is going to pop up on this side. We’re getting a couple more okay? Okay. Good Okay. Now we’re gonna drop down to the sacrum here. So we’re going to stabilize on the sacrum. I want you to raise that right leg up as high as you can Any pain with that? A little bit Okay, the left side now How does that side feel compared the? It’s a lot harder. Left is a lot harder? Yeah. Okay, so I want you to cross the left foot over the right foot. And then we’re gonna bend this knee. Okay, raise that left leg up again. How’s that feel? Feels a little better. Okay, now what I want you to do I want you to lay on your side and face me this way, please. Just bend that top leg. I’m gonna bring it forward just like that. And then we’re gonna flip to the other side. Top leg up. And then lay flat on your back. Okay from here, I’m gonna do those leg pulls, just relax your legs. Come on up. Stand up for me. Okay, I’ll have you stand right here Come right in front of me. Yep, perfect. All right, so I want you to bring your arms up. If you bring your hands on top of mine and while leaning back I got you, squeeze your elbows together. Okay, let me have you take a seat right here facing that way. Your gonna bring one arm up and over bring the other one up and over. Deep breath in and exhale out. And relax And now we’re going to use the Y-Strap. Can you pull your hair through for me? Thank you. There we go Relax right there deep breath in and out for me. How did that feel? Let it out let it out. I’m sorry You’re good this is your time to relax and breathe. Just call oh good I know you’ve been living with a lot of pain Sometimes when I want to lay down from a hard day like I can’t lay down straight because of hard it is. I just I couldn’t get comfortable I’d have to like twist in order to make it comfortable, so my back wouldn’t hurt. And now you’re laying on your back right now. You probably wish you would have done this a long time ago. Don’t worry. Get comfortable we’re gonna use that massage device one more time. Let me have you stand up How do you feel? I feel great. So now what did you feel when we did that Y-Strap? Like how would you describe it to people? Um I really don’t know It felt really good though, it was just it’s crazy what that did because like I’ve had um I guess like my mom has tried to crack my back sometimes but it does not feel the same way. It’s very different This was your first time getting adjusted. How was it? I’d definitely get it again. Worth the drive from Charlotte? Yes. Okay, but yes you see how you feel now. This is how you need to feel all the time Because I you know, I know you’re young but still you had all that pressure on the nerves. And especially when we did that Y-Strap and it decompressed the spine, I mean everything just the pressure released Going from all the way on top to all the way on the bottom.

100 thoughts on “*EXTREME* PAIN RELIEF after FIRST Chiropractic Adjustment

  1. I wanna come so bad 😭 Sounds weird, but as far back as I can remember, I can’t bend my left thumb. I went to a chiropractor a while back and he says I somehow damaged my neck when I was 3. Pinched nerve and some scar tissue. I haven’t been able to make it back there, but I think the y strap will definitely help. Also, he asked me to look up and like… flex my jaw/cheek muscles while he pressed on a certain spot on my left shoulder 🤷🏾‍♂️ BUT. I had an EXTREMELY weird reaction. My whole head started shaking and spasming, but I was fine. He was really concerned. I really want to make it there. I’m from Fayetteville NC.

  2. Damn you Dr. C- you’re amazing! She had me tearing up, then to see how sweet he was. I wish I can get this one day. I live in so much pain, and to see you give that relief to people gives me hope and makes me so happy for them. Also, that you exist to help so many people.

  3. cette fille est très très belle . elle a un bon cœur sensible . elle sera bien sur parmi les femmes résistantes ..bonne chance .

  4. Imagine you being a chiropractor
    You see left leg is shorter
    You pop the joints and boom

  5. I'm going to a chiropractor tomorrow. My neck and shoulder are so sore. I cant even get out of bed. I'm hoping for a miracle

  6. I love watching the emotional ones, to see ppl get adjusted and be relieved finally. I’m due for another adjustment.

  7. Hey Doc I have a question,. When I lean up against the counter and take my hands and lift my body weight so my feet are off the ground and I'm just hanging, i get a nice deep lower crack. I feel like i can relax more but i stop pre maturely cause i get a sharp pain. . Is it okay for me to just fully relax and let it extend through that pain will it give me relief or will I screw up my back more?

  8. Why would she drive from NC just to see this guy? I mean hasn't anyone here noticed that he cracks the same places for every patient. It's the same simple procedure that any chiropractor can do every single time. There's no therapy or an actual systematic approach to making these poor people actually feel better.

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  10. Rất hay! Chẳng qua đây là lên video nên mới vậy chứ thực tế khi làm thì phải cởi hết quần áo ra mới đúng quy trình..!

  11. I need this man in my life like something bad!!! I’m bawling my eyes out in this video because I wanna feel that relief she felt, Ive always had back pain but it has gotten so bad after my second daughter.

  12. If only you can go here in the philippines Doctor Joseph.. I badly needed adjustment in my neck, back down to my lumbo sacral. I’ve been suffering pain since highschool, almost 18 years ago. since i had an accident, a fall from a pyramid during rehearsal of cheerdance.. that cause me slipdisc of L5 and S1.. and i think im suffering from sciatica also..

  13. One of my friends is an intern at a chiropractic office and so whenever she learns new pops she always asks to practice on us and its the best

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