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Eye Cream | Eye Massage | Eye Skin Care | Anti-aging skin care | Eye puffiness | Applying Eye Cream

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel
this is Gadgetlily today we are going to talk about skincare issues around the
eyes and about eye cream I will also show you how I do a quick and easy I
massage when applying my eye cream plus a few extra helpful tips I hope you will
enjoy this video as a beauty product consultant at work I often get questions
from my clients and I thought it would be a good topic to discuss with everyone
to share these questions that I get from work and a very popular question I get
at work is about eye cream and all the issues and problems surrounding the eye
area that’s because signs of the aging often
start around the eye area I just want to mention that I am NOT a skincare
specialist I’m not an esthetician and today’s video is just about things that
I learn from my work and from my own experience. The 4 categories I want
to touch on today are dark circles or under-eye darkness puffiness fine lines
and wrinkles and dryness or dry patches I also get questions and which I
will discuss today is whether someone should use eye cream can I just use my
moisturizer as an eye cream that’s another question I often get how do I
apply the eye cream there are also two main groups the ones that believe in eye
cream and the ones that don’t I happen to use eye cream and for reasons that I
will share with you on the other hand I really believe that
not all eye creams do what they claim I use it but I don’t truly believe
everything that the product claims to do but then why do I still use it a couple
reasons first of all I think of it in terms of
opportunity cost that means that I don’t want to miss out I am not sure whether
it works or not and only time can tell but if I let time pass
I can’t recapture it so in a way I want to play it safe and not miss out so I
put eye cream if it doesn’t do anything at least I did my share in taking care
of the skin in this area at least I feel like I did instead of regretting as time
passed so I think that’s a very honest way of expressing myself about how I
feel about eye cream second of all is that I came across some old pictures
by accident I was just looking through some old pictures and I did notice
something that prior to eye cream use which was about four or five years ago
my eyes seemed to be a little bit, the eyelids seemed to be a little bit more
more hooded and more heavy and more droopy and that was five four or five
years ago so if the cream that I and it’s not just one cream I want to say
that there is no one cream that I use that is working for me I’ve try several
and use different throughout this time period so but if these creams have
made a difference kind of hold back time in a way then I think it did its job so
you know I don’t ever want to be you know two hundred percent sure of
anything I’m always very conservative in my in my skin care philosophy no one
knows for sure and everything is fleeting those are my
sort of the basis to my skincare philosophy but yet when I look at
these pictures I feel like they did make the difference that my eyelids are not
as heavy they are not as hooded and I actually can see more of a fold and on
my eyelid so I think it did make a difference so the question also comes
about couldn’t we use a moisturizer instead of a eye cream and I don’t use
my normal moisturizer which I totally love it’s this Embryolisse which I
highly recommend without any doubt because one of my pet peeves is that I
hate burning around the eyes and I just feel like an eye cream is made for the
eye areas so the ingredients are are more appropriate for the eye area and
mostly will not sting your eyes I’m sure there are probably eye cream out there
that will sting your eyes for some reason but the fact that they are meant
for the eye area I feel a little bit more confident there’s the notion that
and I don’t know who started it but people say that the molecules in an eye
cream are much finer because the skin under your eyes is much
thinner and therefore it’s easier to penetrate I don’t know if that’s true or
not it could be a marketing verbage I don’t know
I don’t know I don’t know the answer to that and I’m sure somebody might ask me
or mention it in the comments so I personally use eye cream for hydration
for fine lines and also to prevent dryness for dark circles so I don’t
think honestly that a jar or a cream would solve the problem I think it’s
more of a circulation issue I personally don’t have dark circle problems I don’t
know if it has to do with doing the facial massage on a regular basis and
that my face has good circulation i I don’t know a lot of times it’s
hereditary and there are different types of dark circles as well some darkness
are definitely on the skin and some are sort of deeper so again it depends but
if it’s more of a a deeper under the skin darkness I don’t think any cream or
would any eye cream would really help the most it would do is impart some
brightening effect and there’s something in the cream that would actually reflect
light cause the skin to reflect light better so that it will look bright
brighter but not to change the the underlying darkness and another reason
for darkness could be also for people with rare very deep set eyes that could
be corrected with concealer under eye concealer or or just with me
up before I started to film I use my Shiseido White Lucent and it’s called On
makeup Spot Correcting Serum just apply a couple dots I use this to brighten my
under eye and it has a peachy tone which offset the any darkness under the eye
and it just gives it a brightening effect
it also has SPF 25 I just put a tiny little bit and tap it in with the warmth
of my fingers you just kind of keep tapping it in don’t rub under your eyes
it actually works better when you tap it in as opposed to rubbing I also use
what’s left on my finger to kind of conceal some dark spots less is actually
more when it comes to under-eye concealer you don’t want that heavy look
and also take your time to work it in you can notice the difference of the two
sides now I am going to set it with a light powder face powder that’s made by
Canmake a Japanese brand it’s their marshmallow face powder and got its name
because it’s very light and fluffy and it wears really comfortably on your skin so people often ask me about puffiness
under the eyes one trick that I tell people is to not eat salty food at night
and drink a lot of fluids and then go to bed so don’t eat salty food late at
night it will retain fluids and when you’re laying down it will kind of
gather and especially because the skin under your eye are so thin that’s the
place that’s most obvious the swelling and the puffiness will show up most
obviously so to test the theory you should do the opposite so I want you to
try this at home to prove it to yourself very late tonight eat something very
salty have a salty snack drink lots of fluids and then go to bed the next
morning yeah I’m pretty sure you will have puffiness under your eyes so I want
you to test the theory out I personally don’t use eye cream for depuffing and
the reason is because most depuffing or eye cream for puffiness most of them
have the ingredient, caffeine or in it and caffeine is a one of the main
ingredients for de-puffing because I’m allergic to caffeine I usually read the
label and select a eye cream that will not have caffeine or any eye cream with
green tea extract will have some sort of caffeine in it which I I’m allergic to
so I don’t use eye cream with caffeine but caffeine is a very good ingredient
for again for depuffing reduce puffiness or swelling as far as fine
lines and wrinkles I think it’s really
helpful to keep the under eye area hydrated at all times when it comes to
fine lines the fine lines don’t show as much when your under-eye is well
moisturized or hydrated wrinkles took a long time to form it’s unreasonable to
think that it can be erased or eradicated overnight takes time for
certain products to maybe lessen the lines but not to completely
remove the wrinkles as far as deep wrinkles like I said earlier it’s really
hard to find one product that will completely erase wrinkles
I think products with the ingredient retinol is much more promising when it
comes to fine lines and wrinkles again they I think retinol is a powerful
ingredient so like I said skincare is an integrated process and I strongly
believe in that so don’t rely on just your eye cream to do all the work some
of the other things that you can do in taking care of your eye area the
surrounding area of course is to wear sunglasses sun protection wear sunscreen
when you apply your sunscreen make sure you you also get this whole area and
also don’t rub your eyes be gentle when you apply your eye makeup when you
remove your eye makeup and also when you are washing your face be gentle in that
area I’m sure I’m going to get questions what do I use what kind of eye cream do
I use like I said I’ve used several different brands throughout the years
I’m going to list a few that I used and that I enjoy in the
description box but again this video is not about recommendations I’m not saying
that you should use the ones I use I have different concerns than yours
what works for me might not be for you I think people have different requirements
people like a certain texture some like a creamier some like like them later
it’s really hard to recommend an eye cream until maybe you try it yourself a
tip and trying new product is try it first of all to see whether you’re
sensitive to the product whether you like the texture of it how it feels on
your skin what it smells like that’s how you try a product but don’t expect to
see results right away and also don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that
after one application it your eyes look better I think a lot of it is
psychological use it for a while and don’t test too many products at one time
but yet don’t buy it because of the hype buy from a brand that has good
reputation has good quality and not all expensive products are good and not all
inexpensive products are not good so there are good quality products out
there that are less expensive and affordable now I’m going to show you how
I apply my eye cream you can use your ring finger or your middle finger I’m
gonna use my middle finger but just be gentle and put the eye cream on your
eyelids and your under-eye area and in three full circles and then underneath
your eyes go out six or seven times and then once you’re
at the temples just do soft circular motion it’s a little pressure and that’s
it your eye cream would have been absorbed by now and once the cream has
been absorbed you don’t do any more massaging because there’s no more slip
on the skin and you could kind of press it in and you’re done so that’s how I
apply my eye cream and do a quick and easy massage at the same time thank you
and how do I shop for an eye cream when you are ready to go shopping for an eye
cream make sure you identify what you’re looking for in that particular product
do you want ingredients in the eye cream to target dryness or puffiness or fine
lines or do you want it to brighten so know what you’re looking for
some eye creams will have ingredients or active ingredients that will target a
few different issues there’s some that will brighten and depuff at the same time
or will hydrate and also brighten so read the labels and look for the active
ingredients do your own homework look for reviews get a sample and try it out
first if you can so those are some of the
advice I would give to to my clients at work and I want to share them with you
and don’t get talked into buying something that you think does not work
for you as far as your budget or what you’re looking for so that’s it for
today thank you very much for watching I’m really glad I made this
because I think it’s a a popular topic and hopefully my video will help you in
making some kind of decision for finding the right eye cream or the right process
for your for your skin care especially around the eye so thank you very much
and I hope to see you in my next video bye

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