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Depression and Heart Disease

Foodborne diseases

Food borne diseases
affects everyone. We’ve seen examples like
the fenugreek e coli outbreak in Germany, the melamine
contamination scandal in China and they are examples that
even highly developed countries can get big problems with
food borne disease but they’re only the tip
of the iceberg. There’s a lot more
food borne diseases that you see with these
highly publicized outbreaks and when you go to the
developing world the problem is even a lot bigger. There it affects many people
particularly young children and their mothers who
are very vulnerable. We also know that food
borne diseases are very diverse, it’s a very complex problem,
there’s a lot of different agents that can cause food borne disease
and they lead to very different diseases; diarrheal diseases for example
that normally will cure within a week but even the diarrheal
diseases have long term impacts. Children in developing countries
can suffer from malnutrition, from impaired growth because
of the diarrheal diseases and we’re only now learning to
understand those problems. And diarrheal disease may
lead to a paralytic disease known as Guillain-Barré
syndrome for example, very few people realize that. And when you think about
parasites, they can cause epilepsy. Chemicals can cause cancer, infertility,
intellectual disabilities, kidney diseases. So food borne diseases occur
very frequently and they can be very severe and until now the
real impact of those diseases has not been investigated
and documented properly.

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