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FYI, Quincy Health Department – Seasonal Flu

welcome to quincy access televisions
studio this is FYI the quincy health department i’m mark crosby thank you for
joining us fYI is a program that looks at various
health the issues health topics and helps you to stay healthy and informed
every year it seems we talk about the flu and this year being no different we
will certainly do that in this half-hour program I am joined by public health
nurse Caitlin Pico from the city of Quincy Caitlin welcome the influenza is
something that we talk about as I mentioned every year it comes up it
starts actually people start to get the flu around this time of year and it runs
until after the first of these it’s very unpredictable each season is different
so it can starts normally around October November and then you can see it all the
way into May so it depends on the season but we are approaching it we will talk
about things that folks can do to try to avoid even getting the flu so that that
is always best and then unfortunately if you do get the flu there are things that
you can do to feel better while you have the flu yes I’m so to start out before
we even do the overview I just wanted to go over some of the facts of the flu I
know viewers have gone over this for the entire life so a lot of people know a
lot about the flu but I just want to clarify some symptoms and facts about it
okay before we get to the outlaw well we can start with that okay we’ll start
with you okay okay so what if the outline could be brought up there it is
so we will talk about the flu what is influenza symptoms how the flu spreads
prevention and vaccination and this flu season 2019 2020 what strains they are
following what strains are in fact out there and
so now we get into what is the flu so influenza also known as the flu is a
contagious respiratory illness that is caused by the influenza virus that
infects the nose throat and sometimes even lungs in this virus there multiple
viruses it’s always changing it can cause mild to severe illness and
it can even lead to hospitalizations and even death in some individuals often
you’ll hear folks say I have the flu but in fact sometimes they don’t it’s just a
bad cold so there is there is something that differs from let’s say the common
cold and the flu and we will look at symptoms in just a moment and the folks
will will see through the list of symptoms what in fact constitutes having
yes when we go through symptoms a lot of them are very similar to a cold so even
and you do see a lot of colds this season also so it’s good to always get
checked by your doctor if you just to rule out the flu just because there can
be serious complications and then two other things I just wanted to add is
that there are two types of them flu ends of viruses type A and type B and
both are responsible for the seasonal flu epidemic each year and then as I
said each season it’s depending on the timing severity and length of the season
varies year to year if we could bring up the next category and that would be
symptoms so symptoms come on very suddenly with the flu and you may not
you may not experience all of these at once yes but they’re always sudden
that’s what you’d like to think with the flu
you may have a fever or feeling feverish and chills a cough sore throat runny
nose or stuffy nose muscle and body aches headache fatigue and then vomiting
and diarrhea but you that most often with young children than
in adults and it’s important to note that not everyone with the flu will have
a fever right so not everyone with the flu experiences all of these symptoms
yes so if you think it could just be a common cold if it’s not going away and
it’s getting worse I would still go to the doctor just to rule out the flu and
let’s talk about how the flu spreads it’s very contagious is it not it is
very contagious so the flu the route of transmission is considered droplet that
means that when a person is infected with the flu when they cough sneeze or
talk to an individual it’s in you’d like to think people aren’t spitting on you
when they’re talking but a lot of times they do I’m in this because we’re
talking about droplets that are extremely tiny yes like microscopic
droplets and it can land on an individual up to six feet away and then
it’s also important to note that people with the flu or most contagious the
first three day three to four days after the illness begins and most healthy
adults are able to infect others one day before symptoms even develop so that’s
tricky yes so it’s hard to know that you right before you could still be
spreading it and this is why it is so contagious and then in children and some
people with weakened immune systems they can continue to spread the virus longer
than seven days after they with the symptoms let’s talk about the virus as
far as how long it lives on objects so that is it’s less often that you see
this but individuals who contact say someone with the flu was sitting at a
table or touched a doorknob and then touched a pin or touched a pen and then
someone with picked it up these viruses can live on objects for several hours I
wasn’t able to determine each each sight I looked at kind of gave a different
amount of time but it is important to know that they do live on the surface of
objects mostly hard metal glass objects you wouldn’t see it as much on like a
sofa or a fabric but it’s very important to always clean these surfaces and these
are always like common as I said doorknobs tables faucet handles and you
want to make sure you’re using a germ killing cleaner and you want to follow
the label on each on the detergent that you’re using and then you also want to
make sure that it the EPA has approved the product and its
effectiveness against influenza A viruses okay and you will see a lot of
that on the market and again just read the labels yes and if you have a
question certainly consult your physician even a phone call to the
office yes even a phone call to the health department we would be able to
help you with that good point and with that said if you could at this point in
the program and give out the number to the Quincy Health Department so my
direct phone number is six hundred seven three seven six one two eight six great
let’s look now at prevention because if we can prevent the flu then we’re ahead
of the game yes so the CDC recommends an annual flu shot and this is the first
and most important way to protect yourself from getting the flu because of
its potentially serious complications before we move on from that though and
and we’re talking about the shot the shot will only last so long correct yes
so they recommend an annual shot because the virus is always adapting and
changing so the flu shot you got last year would not your immunity would not
last until this year and the virus has seen this year couldn’t adapt and change
I remember I don’t know if it was this year specifically but advertisements
from pharmacies for folks to get the flu shot in August now that’s a bit too
early no yeah so they also they the CDC recommends that you get the flu
shot by October so if people have not received their flu vaccine by now they
should go get it right away and that will cover them for the flu season this
is because it takes up to two weeks for your body to build immunity against the
virus and we are about to enter the season obviously but so they want you to
always get that done and then avoid close contact and avoid close contact
which is tough I I suppose during the holiday season because there’s a lot of
parties a lot of gatherings in a lot of crowds yeah right but as much as you
can’t avoid it avoid I suppose avoid that you we’re not telling people not to
go to parties just be aware of the flu being out there yes so there so they
want you to avoid close contacts that may appear sick or symptomatic and then
if you yourself is sick it’s very it’s very considerate to stay home because
then you are also infecting everyone around you right so don’t be the hero
that has to go to work yes and you don’t know other people’s
immune system if you went to your work and someone else was sick that had some
sort of just water with their immune system wasn’t as strong they who get
sick very easily good point okay and then also very common we teach young
children this when you cough or sneeze cover it with your elbow and then you
also want to clean your hands with soap and water regularly this because a lot
of times if you’re touching a surface a lot of people tend to rub their eyes or
even touch their lips and you’re able to spread the virus that way that’s how it
gets into your system I’m so hand washing it’s very important okay so
let’s say that we’re not close by soap and water hand sanitizers what do they
do and how effective are they so hand sanitizers are a good alternative if
there is no available soap and running water the also they do not
he’ll the germ virus but they are advertised that they do help with stop
the flu and that’s because it dries out your hands and the virus is less likely
to stick to your hand okay when they’re dry practice good health habits what
would they be so good health habits this is what we always preach on every show
you want to keep a good balanced diet get adequate rest I’m an exercise to
keep your body good and strong if you have any illness it’s important to
manage that illness with your physician whether it’s taking medication it’s just
really keeping your body immune system as strong as you can right so avoid
pulling all-nighters I suppose anything that might lower your immune system’s
ability to fight infection so if you’re not sleeping regularly your immune
system will end up breaking down so that’s especially the season it’s very
good to make sure your immune systems as strong as it can be to help against
these viruses and I don’t think a lot of people realize how important getting a
good night’s sleep is but it’s during that time that your body is able to rest
and build itself up yes and recover from the day we’re now going to look at this
flu season and specifics to this year you had mentioned that the strains last
year are not necessarily the same ones as this year yes so each year the flu
vaccines are updated to better match the viruses that are circulating in the u.s.
it’s important to know that you cannot determine how well these are going to be
working just because you never it’s hard to be exact and also the how well the
vaccine works for an individual it depends on their own health also so two
changes that we see this year with the a h1n1
PDM onine vaccine component there was an update from the a Michigan 45 2015
and it’s changed to an a breast pan Oh – 2018 h1n1 so that’s a little confusing
but it’s just saying that that’s updated to the newer what they’re expecting to
see this flu season the strains again being different heightens the need to
get that flu shot for this year and again it only lasts from let’s say
October to the end of flu season anyway so even if you had last year’s and it
was the same strain if it was it still wouldn’t cover yes you’d still want to
get a new vaccine just to make sure that you are adequately protected they even
say you mentioned earlier how people may have gone vaccinated in August it could
you may be protected but your immunity still decreases so it’s not guarantee
that you will be immune all through the season so could you get could you get
the flu even though you got the flu shot and it would be it would be a lesser
degree so there are many things that they say or could it simply be a cold
that you’re calling good it could just be a cold but also if you were to get
the flu shot but you got exposed to the flu either before you got the shot or
within the first two weeks when your body is not has not been able to build
up the immunity you can still get the flu some studies have shown that it is
the severity is a little less but there’s a lot of misconception the flu
vaccine itself cannot give you the flu people will say that I’m glad you
brought that up because people will say well I got the flu shot and it gave me
the flu not true okay it’s not true because the flu shots are made with an
inactive virus in other other flu shots that are produced have either just one
strain so it cannot give you the actual flow and would you say that everyone
should get the flu shot as far as I guess I’m thinking of
so they say six months and older and it depends like they have different types
of vaccines I didn’t review all of them in the show
just because there are a lot but I would consult like if you had an egg allergy
there are vaccines available that are not produced using an egg which was very
common and you see more nowadays they’re creating these viruses in cells rather
than eggs so you’ll hopefully a lot more vaccinations will start being egg free
right because we should mention that the the common vaccine is made from egg yes
yes and then well quickly just to get back to another strain of the that we’re
seeing this year that a h3n2 vaccine component has been updated this is
actually a very long one so it was a singapore before and now it’s in a
Kansas 14 2017 age 3 & 2 like virus okay so those are the two common a viruses
that we’re seeing this season or we’re expecting the season and both the B
viruses are remaining the same and quickly while I say that it’s important
to know that these the vaccines that we’re seeing this year the quadrivalent
which means that they’re protecting against for the two A viruses and two B
viruses where last year we were seeing tri which meant there was a link
protecting against three streams so extra protection this year yes and then
one other thing I wanted to mention a lot of people you’ll see a lot of signs
at different pharmacies for high-dose vaccinations and this is recommended for
individuals who are 65 years old and older in this one common brand is the
flu zone high dose which contains four times the amount of antigen
which is the part of the vaccine that prompts a body to produce antibodies in
it is more than the standard dose so that kind of just giving these
individuals a better chance of immunity against this flu is there anybody that
shouldn’t get the vaccine um so if you have like if you were sick at the moment
or if you do have a severe like egg allergy instead of going to a pharmacy I
would call your doctor directly and go to the doctor’s office to see what their
recommendation is for you what about pregnancy so pregnancy I
would also just consult with your doctor before you take any sort of vaccinations
I know that hand-washing is again is something that we should all do often
because it just it cleans your hands immediately so nothing can attach for
very very long or at all to them if you again keep up that practice but I do
want to talk about the length of time that folks should be washing their hands
I mean you you just don’t put soap run a little water and you’re done
right that there’s a length of time that you should be washing your hands yes so
actually we just did a teaching with elementary school kids over this you
want to really lather hands and it’s important to know you when you’re just a
lot of people will just put soap and be done with it right you want to get your
full hands under the nails if you even can and what we tell young kids is you
want to do this like sing happy birthday in your head twice so you want to do it
for a long time it’s not just a quick rinse and you’re done because the
viruses can still be left on your head and also a good point and also I was
going to have you sing happy birthday but okay maybe next time but the again
if you don’t if you’re not close by water and soap to carry that hand
sanitizer will help it will help yes and that’s since yeah it’s drying out
your hands and the viruses don’t stick that’s why they’re able to say that they
are helping again it’s preventing the flu well I want to thank you as we close
this program I do want to bring up information again to the city of Quincy
Health Department should they have any information they just would like maybe
more information on this topic or they have a topic that maybe you and I
haven’t discussed that they would like to see on TV because certainly we get
our material from viewers as well yes we’d really like to reach out and give
people what they want to see information that they’re curious about um so my
direct phone number again is six one seven three seven six one two eight six
and you could also email me at Kay Pico at Quincy MA gov that is also available
on the Health Department website and I also just want what I forgot to leave
out these flu vaccines are available at doctors offices and pharmacies and if
you have any question unfortunately the Quincy Health
Department no longer is funded to give flu vaccines and that’s across the state
that’s well different towns do it oh is it based on town yes unfortunately
Quincy no longer does it but if you need any help locating a place by you that
vaccinate you can give me a call also and I’ll be able to research a closed
pharmacy or office that you could go to great and I’m sorry once again that
phone number it’s six one seven three seven six one two eight six great well
thank you for coming in and talking about the flu this year this flu season
and we will have you back in on a different day with a different topic of
course thanks and thank you at home for watching you have been watching a
Cooperative Program of Quincy access television and the city of Quincy Health
Department please continue to watch Quincy access television for more
locally produced programming you

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