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47 thoughts on “Gas pain, trapped gas, magenblase syndrome – FIXED with Gonstead Chiropractic

  1. if the sphincter is open then there should be easy passage of gas and contents through the esophagus and out the mouth. One would think that the issue is that the sphincter is closed and causing trapping and build up of gas within the stomach. the gas can only be expelled by forcibly belching. In the ED, a nasogastric tube would be a temp fix but wouldn't address the sphincter tone issue. Nerve decompression with chiro seemed to have helped.

  2. How hard is it to take full spine X-rays? All the imaging centers don’t know how to do it. Is it difficult to see the upper thoracic vertebrae on the full spine views?

  3. Hi , I enjoy your videos, maybe if health problems would be addressed this way by default there won’t be some many health problems. I got a question though regarding chiropractic care: what benefit does a specific adjustment brings that a full body adjustment does not? Let’s say that if after u diagnose a patient and recognize the problem, u will adjust all the vertebrates and not just the specific ones, will u see similar results?

  4. I think I have this problem sometimes. I feel like I have too much gas and need to expell forcefully. If I don't get much movement during the day it gets worse

  5. Hello doctor.I have the same problem whever he said.Gas is not going out and coming up.
    Wht to do sir ??
    How to contact with u sir ?

  6. Your amazing! Not only did you heal his chronic condition, you listened to him, believed him and took him serious. Then you took the time to tell him not only what the issue was, you explained the how and why it happened and how it will be corrected and why your doing what your doing to fix it. And then you fixed it.
    I'm glad to know there are professionals out there that treat their patients with dignity, respect, honor, empathy and honestly . you didn't mock him, question him, correct him or doubt him. You actually let him talk and while he was talking you didnt speak, you paid attention and listened. You heard his words.
    I can't remember a time any doctor or even any family members that has ever done this for me.
    I pray that you never change and continue healing the body, spirit, mind and most of all the soul.
    Bless you and all your patients.

  7. Same problem with me swelling in main back shoulder bone and front chest pain all the time after eating anything . . . aaaah i cannot sleep 😟

  8. I have a similar issue of gas in my stomach but I was just given pain pills or steroid pills for the pain and medicine for my sinuses. If they don't work guess I'm checking out my back as well thanks for the video.
    Issues are so scary when you don't no the cause or how to fix them😥

  9. My gastroenterologist did a gastric emptying test and diagnosed me with idiopathic gastroparesis…I experience gut wrenching pains from gas build up, and I was told that it is because the vagal nerve is not working properly, which sends the signal to gut muscles to expel food to the small intestine, so the food sits in the stomach to ferment , which causes the gas pain. Do you have a chiropractic adjustment that could help with this or do you suggest a vagal nerve stimulation ?

  10. I'm honestly considering eliminating all plant foods from my diet.. This bloating is just uncomfortable! Not every day but about once or twice a month

  11. Oh man I need you so bad, gas is stuck in my back so bad I can't stand up straight. I need help.

  12. God damn it I have the exact same issues as him and the exact same parts of my back are painfully hurting (and all I got were unhelpful probiotics that made everything worse). I need to see a chiropractic omg

  13. When he pressed the button on the board, the back area that lit up is exactly where I feel a nagging ache plus my stomach, I feel I’m full of gas too and tried everything it’s horrible, does this impact on breathing cus I feel I can’t get a full breath in but it feels like my stomachs tight 🤔

  14. I only pass gas when on my menstrual cycle. The other 3 weeks of the month I can't pass gas or burp. I get chest and left rib pains most days and think I'm having a heart attack could trapped gas be the cause of the pains do you think? My belly has also been gurgling a lot at night when lying down

  15. Sir My mother having a problem of stomach shuddering, this shivering starts from the stomach and moves to other body parts causing shivering, after waking up in morning, there is not shivering but solid pain in back , some parts of stomach. Please let me know what is her problem?

  16. You know it make sense because I use to pass,gas,everytime I went to chroir.Pra..crazy..And it would relieve me headaches boy them was the gooood..days..

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