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Depression and Heart Disease

Genes & self-healing! Change your genes & get rid of illness in days. Shocking 0134

As there are a lot of web and Facebook pages that claim to represent Dr Kareem Ali,
The translation on this video is temporary, and partial. It translates the main ideas and thoughts only. Please do expect a slight difference between the audio and the subtitles, if you understand both languages. Doctor Kareem denies any connection whatsoever with those pages
The translation on this video is temporary, and partial. It translates the main ideas and thoughts only. Please do expect a slight difference between the audio and the subtitles, if you understand both languages. and confirms that he currently does not take any requests of consultation except via the link in the description of the video
The translation on this video is temporary, and partial. It translates the main ideas and thoughts only. Please do expect a slight difference between the audio and the subtitles, if you understand both languages. * The translation on this video is temporary, and partial. It translates the main ideas and thoughts only. Please do expect a slight difference between the audio and the subtitles, if you understand both languages* Hello Welcome to a very special episode of New Thought Year-end and new year This episode was postponed for more than two years Until I prepare the family of New Thought for what I will mention today In this episode I will demonstrate The human body is capable of changing any disease self And able to recover from anything self There is no such thing as a
chronic disease in 99% of cases Today we will talk about the EPIGENETICS How functional medicine
can enable MS patients Or cancer or any other disease to fully recover It is not a myth
and not just herbs Today we will talk Science proven by clinical laboratory research that the whole world knows,
but that has not yet reached our Arab world An important and long episode It will change many of your concepts in life Private consulting exclusively on (and See you after the break April 14, 2003 were published the results of one of the most important medical
projects worldwide and throughout human history It is the “Human Genome Project” The human genetical identity and DNA (nucleic acids) were made known And the shape of the chromosomes And their functions It was thought that after knowing the human genome, We will find cures of all diseases And prevention of many diseases caused by genes by changing the gene To understand the greatness and importance of this project Protein sequences produce a specific protein Or a specific trait or disease There are about half a million protein sequences For example ASBSBB A A A O A O O Each sequence translates to a specific object This discovery is the most charming and most important Before talking on EPIGENETICS
we will talk about two things The first is what is the human body is The body is a DNA And DNA produces a substance called RNA The RNA produces a substance (agents) called ribosomes those produce proteins This protein produces cells Cells produce tissues and
tissues produce organs The organs will be the human body The beginning is the DNA This is the first thing The second thing is that there
are two systems in each body A system for the body in general and a system for each cell Every cell performs functions similar to body functions, such as excreting waste, breathing and producing energy Each cell is a human body in the form of a miniature This is an introduction to understanding and simplification The two systems in the body are The first system builds, regenerates
and maintains the body’s immunity This is the permanent default system of the body The second system is the emergency system It is a life threat protection system And the two systems never work together If one works, the other stops The emergency system works on exposure to stress No creature on the face of the earth can sustainably live in that emergency mode for more than half a day And we at times live in this system for long years High cortisol keeps the body in a protective
state and we can continue to push ourselves for years This is why there are diseases in
humans that are not found in animals 80% of people live in this protection system (mode) continuously This is the origin of diseases The protection system makes the body draw blood and focus For other things important to the protection system A situation similar to the case of running away from the lion The body in that case needs a brain that thinks fast, a heart that beats fast, that eyes grow so that I can see more, and tha blood arrives to the muscles of the legs This is more important than food digestion and disease prevention It is the blood reaching the reproductive system This is the state of the body in the case of stress This is the origin of diseases I have mentioned earlier that the DNA is the origin or the human body. The second is that there are two systems of the body How does the human body work? Man is born with fixed, specific genes It was previously believed that a
harmful gene produces harmful genes And the secret of the great discovery of EPIGENETICS is that DNA produces cells But it has an operating system, a Switch ON-OFF This ON-OFF switch is the real beginning and not the genes If this system is controlled we’d be able to print the genes that are important to the body and to stop the work of
genes that are harmful or cause diseases A very important point The cell’s brain was thought to be the DNA But he discovered that it is not the brain of the cell After it was removed from the cell, it remained alive And when removing the nucleus altogether that is the heart of the cell, Which contains important ingredients The cell died And when removing each of these components separately To find out which one leads to cell death American biologist Bruce Lipton discovered That the cell dies when a specific component is removed. That component is called B-sensory protein receptors Which are what comes before the genes. It is the cell’s operating system. It is the Switch. This system is controlled by feelings and the surrounding environment Emotions are the operating system of all genes in the body The cell receives all events in the surrounding environment It receives the person’s feelings Based on this information, it proceeds in one of two ways Either construction and renovation It makes strong proteins for the immune industry And for construction and renovation OR it receives signs of nervous pressure It then produces proteins of relatively poor quality It produces parts intended to protect and maintain the body Which is similar to the situation of running from a lion This is not the most important thing that Bruce Lipton has discovered but that The cell receives feelings,
whether true or false If you are in fear As fear of death Or fear of illness This makes the body invoke the image of the disease always And the cell deals with this on
the basis of a disease in fact It produces proteins that lead to depression The person enters depression and its
consequences from suicide and stress And the cell enters the emergency system The cell assumes a state of disease
even with no real external effect Treating depression with medication is treating of a symptom, not the cause, not the basis. While genes damaged by the stress are the cause After receiving signals from the nervous system, it was
affected by the stress the person was exposed to That is why someone with depression
relapses after stopping medication An effective treatment is to treat genes by
repairing the signals received by the cell Which helps the cell to produce strong proteins These proteins protect you from depression and increase a person’s morale This stage is pre-printing of the DNA Pre-orders for protein production The bottom line is that 99% of the genes issue orders according to the situation in which the person is 1% or 2% of genes are out of control We can control 98% of the genes The so-called controllers in human genes An experiment was conducted on two groups of people Each of the two groups
lived a different lifestyle After only four days,
a change in cell printing was found The members of the two groups were of the
same ages and the same state of health The way of thinking, feelings and life system Healthy food, drinking water and good nutritional supplements The other group underwent a poor lifestyle
of sleep, nutrition and negative emotions The cells printed 8 different genes With all other factors constant 8 genes can completely change a person’s life This experience caused a stir in the whole world This makes us think of a gene controller?
Or the person with his practices in life? This is the greatness and mercy of the Creator It is impossible for you to be given a body that controls you We are lacking in
genetic controllers The problem is the information we send to the cells Which causes diseases from influenza to cancers The beginning is before the DNA
and before printing the genes In 1988, a paper was published in the journal “Nature” by the scientist John Cairns, entitled “The origin of the mutants” This paper proved that the human genetic content is influenced by environmental factors This paper caused a stir when it was published This is the first step in the path of discovery All genes are affected by environmental factors that control the individual It has no autonomy Genes and DNA do not rule by themselves We are the basis for what happens in our lives through EPIGENETICS Children in orphanages in Eastern Europe They receive an excellent diet But are though deprived of the affection of motherhood and fatherhood It was observed that short stature and autism are higher among these children than others. This is because they are deprived of the feelings of motherhood and parenthood This negatively affects the gene responsible for the length of the body Because of insufficient protein quality The body is a collection of proteins produced by genes Increased autism due to his rejection of this community Or a reaction to protect the body from
negative emotions that it does not accept And short stature due to the inability
to build during stress Dr. Darren Weissman (Deerfield, IL) talked in his books About multiple personality cases Patients with this disease change the
color of their eyes with each character This is not illogical or far-fetched Because the feelings and response to the influences change according to the character This affects the EPIGENETICS The gene responsible for the renewal of the cells of the eye color may “go” (disappear) and others might come (become active) Like changing a person’s color in the event of
illness or living in different weather conditions Because everything in the cells is regenerated It is not necessarily renewed in the same style in all cases And this talk is on the authority of Dr. Darren Weissman And more reasonably with such change,
diseases that we perceive as chronic or incurable now that we have explained EPIGENETICS What are the factors controlling the operating system, switching it on and off? You can change EPIGENETICS
from illness state to health state The morale of this episode is (to ask): What are the factors that lead to the emergence and disappearance of diseases? And where is located the control of the operating system for physical condition? Any immune disease can be changed If the operating system changes the protein factory! First the surrounding environment Contaminants affect EPIGENETICS It is influenced by the positive environment
surrounding comfort, safety and love Reassurance and trust in God Satisfaction with the current situation In ecology, one of the causes of cancer is one holding a grudge against another psychological accumulations and hate This is not in medical science (today), because it is not one of its specialties.. Secondly, FEELINGS Whether real or fake! Feeling complacent is an important
condition in which a person should remain This positively affects the EPIGENETICS It protects against disease This is due to the purity of the soul that results from this situation Here, it becomes clear the importance of appreciating God’s grace It heals diseases This explains the link between acts of worship and not getting sick Anyone with any disease should review and ask themselves “Have I been exposed to difficult psychological conditions before getting sick?” And did not follow a healthy lifestyle in
sleep and nutrition and what the body needs? Failure to do any of these aspects will lead to disease This is what I find in 99% of cases that I treat They have been subjected to trauma or death of a family member, or difficult circumstances Emotions and environment are the most important
and first influencing factors in the EPIGENETICS Third, MEDICINES (DRUGS) Most manufactured (chemical, synthetic, non-natural) medicines have a role Medicines that affect hormones and that suppress immunity And any medicine that puts the body to an abnormal state They affect the EPIGENETICS One day, we may find out that 90% of the (chemical, synthetic, non-natural) medicines are the real causes of diseases! They are the real causes of diseases!! Fourth, FOOD Food if often the real cause of diseases The condition of ketosis is one of the most important effects of the EPIGENETICS High fat levels reduce inflammation and control genes Therefore, we note the health and purity of
the skin and hair of adopters of the ketogenic diet system If attention is paid to taking vitamins, especially vitamin D. We also note the strength of their bones This is because the genes are strong thanks to the ketosis case As well as healthy living food of organic vegetables and fruits Organic meat and
any organic natural food The reason for the increase in diseases is the use
of pesticides in agriculture and water pollution Food has a major role There are two cases of Multiple Sclerosis that I am treating. The patients were paralyzed (unable to walk) And they started walking gradually Because I followed a plan to change EPIGENETICS in their bodies One of the most important actions is healthy food Fifth and finally, AGE Genes are disrupted with age And aging does not have a
cure, so there is no eternity The quality of the proteins produced by the genes is affected Collagen protein in the body decreases This results in wrinkles, graying hair and weakened bones This is God’s tradition and no one can challenge aging Quick review of the episode: The operating system Feelings The surrounding environment healthy food Medicines (drugs) Aging (growing old) If these keys are fixed,
you can recover from any disease And you can transform your body condition from sickness to health This is proven by proven and existing research I will mention an important point before the end of the episode Dr. Robert Schneider is a fellow of the
American College of Surgeons of Cardiology They conducted studies on the effect of meditation Meditation twice a day for 20 minutes Reduces heart disease by 48% This study was referenced in Time
and Wall Street magazines in 2013 God’s gene conquers anything Time Magazine said your DNA is not your destiny The bottom line is that meditation twice
a day reduces heart disease by 48%. This is like praying with great reverence in Islam Reduces heart disease by 48% This study is referenced in Time and Wall Street magazines Cardiologists advise meditation For twenty minutes twice daily Dr. Robert Schneider mentioned (tried to explain) that Helical DNA is closed on both sides by a plug called a telomere If the telomere is removed, the DNA will be spoiled When the cells are printed, the DNA helix is ​​straightened It produces the cell and then returns to its helix state The telomere controls this process This telomere is long at birth And its length decreases with age This indicates the beginning of DNA corruption A relationship was found between telomere, heart
disease, atherosclerosis and high pressure After following a health and meditation system for 16 weeks Doing yoga or meditation and relaxing As a result, the length of the telomere increased This is what American heart
surgeon Robert Schneider mentioned With these steps, they (his team) increased the length of the telomere A component of the DNA was changed with meditation and healthy lifestyle This reinforces the importance of meditation, relaxation,
supplication to God, and drawing closer to Him What do atheists say about this??? Robert Schneider discovered A treatment for cardiovascular disease and
pressure that increases the length of the telomere Meditate for 20 minutes twice a day And follow a health system
without medicines Here, the importance of functional medicine and its effectiveness are highlighted and the invalidity of chemical drugs that treat the symptom and neglect the root cause of stress, feelings, healthy food, and the surrounding environment We have clarified and explained everything The last thing that I want to refer to The National Academy of Sciences 2008 EPIGENETICS was improved in 30 patients with prostate cancer By improving sleep, healthy food, the surrounding
environment, feelings, medications and meditation A change in the RNA (Ribonucleic acid in the cell nucleus) was observed in 70% of cases! They did not take any medications during this period 2008 National Academy of
Sciences on Prostate Diseases They changed the DNA that causes cancerous proteins by meditation and EPIGENETICS This episode has now reached its send and my goal
was to get a message across: All that I tell you is not a myth but fact and science For example, some of the herbs that I have recommended (in previous episodes) increase immunity and reduce cortisol And a healthy life by sleeping, eating,
and abstaining from harmful foods Nurture positive emotions and God’s bless And the belief that the body is capable of self-healing all diseases Cancer and immune diseases and all diseases due
to the control of the gene operating system only This is the EPIGENETICS I apologize for the upcoming Monday episode, to give you an
opportunity to understand the information of this episode SHARE this episode as much as you can For everyone to know the true power that God has placed in the body And that the body is able to self-heal If the surrounding conditions are available to it {And my guidance cannot come except from Allah, in Him I trust and unto Him I repent.} Koran, Hud 88 Thank you, I am Kareem Ali Bye May God protect you Happy New Year
Wishing you a new year full of health and success Pride and victory for the nation Greetings, everyone Good bye

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  39. Hello Doc, i really appreciate your work, i saw all your videos and i heard every single word, you talked a lot about stress and high cortisol, especially today with the epigenetics when you mentioned the switch off of the bad genes expression, but the solution that you have already suggested before and in this Episode will not really work with people having chronic stress means chronic high cortisol and high sympathetic nervous system activities, because they have cortisol resistance and there is no switch off of cortisol resistance, they loos the ability of recovering from stress, they are stuck in stress, I totally agree with you about meditation, long walking low intense working out because body building is stressful for the body and the situation will be worse because of high heart palpitation and it will add more stress to the heart and promote heart attack, (Vit D, Mg, Zn and K) level, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, deep breathing, deep sleep… the big problem is they can't sleep, so if you want to talk about the switch off please give us your opinion about switching off of cortisol resistance and high sympathetic nervous system activities, i have adrenal fatigue for two years now, and i watched a lot of videos and read a lot of papers about this, i can't sleep i can't breath I can barely walk,i am on keto for one year now, i tried every thing, so i highly recommend that you give us your opinion in your next live video about cortisol resistance in general and especially about the stress relief device of Dr. Eric Berg, i didn't hear you talked about this things, i am a biologist and i can understand you very well even if you talk on molecular level, you can explain deep as possible i will get it, you gave as a lot of hope to become healthy again with God's help of course, please please help i don't know what to do now. KIND REGARDS.

  40. Trust and respect are the foundation of every relation ship ,and we put our trust and the health of our bodies in the safety of your neck,,….
    We know that you are worthy of this trust and you deserve to have your name delivered all over the World , because you are an honorable destination for a muslim…❤️
    🌹🌹🌹Greetings from Dr.Kareem Ali💓💓and his distinguished team …👍

  41. ردكتور كريم انااستخلصت انو علاج النفسية وراحتها هي سبب العلاج راحت على الاطباء العاديين والطب البشري وهنيئا لالطبا ءء النفس والطب التقليدي داه صحيح ولا غلط

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