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Get protected – get a flu jab

Hello I’m susanna and I’m appealing to you today to get your flu vaccination Hello I’m Tim and I’m appealing to you to get you flu vaccination in the coming months Every year our community and the NHS faces an onset of flu It hits the vulnerable, our patients, our families and us as NHS staff We need to work as a team to make sure we are all protected there’s no active virus in the vaccination. The vaccination can’t give you the flu. It just protects us against it Even if you’re lucky enough not to have had the flu you’re still vulnerable And if you’ve had flu, you really wont want it again! Please take the time to find out where your nearest clinic is or go to your local supermarket or pharmacy and claim the cost back We need to beat the flu this year. We’re all under pressure in the NHS Don’t let the flu add to the pressure of our work. We need to beat this together…

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