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Golfers Elbow – The 7 Steps To Overcoming Elbow Pain

Hey everyone, welcome to Peak Performance Today I’m talking about a topic that I’m very passionate about because I’ve had to overcome it myself. I’m referring to flexor tendinopathy in the elbow or more commonly known as golfers elbow. This is something that we have to treat on a regular basis with alot of our corporate clients a lot of our these guys do corporate golf days and stuff like that and come into the gym and do a lot of gripping and because of that overuse or repetitive use of the flexor muscles which attach down here in the elbow we get this accute pain and it usually begins with a little bit of pain in here or around the elbow when we grip things and it can develop to an accute or quite serious golfers elbow or flexor tendinopathy and it’s very difficult to get rid of. Unfortunately, once you do have it a lot of the exercises we need to do to fix it will also aggravate the issue. So the first thing as always that we have to do is eliminate the issue or the cause. We have to identify the cause and eliminate it. One of the most common is constant and frequent work on the computer, with the wrists flexing on the typewriter Obviously anything where we’re gripping, golf swing, especially if you have a tendency to hit the ground like I do and dig big holes but I’m obviously not suggesting that you give up golf altogether, but during the time when you identify the discomfort to the time that we re-habit and you need at least two to four weeks absolute pain free before we continue to play golf again. So there is a period during the rehab process where you will have to stop swinging golf clubs around. So first that’s step one: identify the cause and eliminate it be that maybe only temporarily if it’s literally golf that is causing the problem. If you’re in the gym that maybe gripping heavy stuff, deadlifting chin-ups are out, a lot of bicep curls are out. It depends on the grip and what aggravates it. It’s slightly different for everyone so what we first have to do is really identify what is causing the pain what is aggravating it. Remove all of that during that rehab process. The second phase is to increase the conditioning in your wrists and the flexibility. I’ll see if Brad… Are you in close so we can see this? Yep? Yep So, I’m going to get Brad to take you through a few of the exercises that we do everyday with our clients. Now we do this whether you are experiencing extensor or flexor tendinopathy or not just to keep the conditioning up in your wrists. So what Brad’s doing here is, he’s got his palms flat out he’s got his index fingers neutral on the ground and he’s working the mobility and the grip and the strength and conditioning in his wrists here by applying a little bit of his body weight. The more weight he puts down on the wrist, the harder it’s going to be. He’s now inverted his hands so he’s putting pressure directly down onto the wrists but this is stretching out all of his extensors through the forearm here and the other one that he was doing before was stretching out all of the flexors. Now he’s going to go back to the flexors so this one is specific for golfers elbow because now he’s getting a really good stretch up through the inside of his forearm up to the elbow and the attachments just below his elbow, which is generally where the golfers elbow originates from. So he’s going through all of the different angles in his forearm and he’s using his own bodyweight to apply pressure. When you first do this especially if you’ve got symptoms you need to let it settle down first because stretching, it’s like stretching an open wound it’s going to re-open the wound okay? so just go through and do the finger, the hand stretches mostly these ones, first knuckle yeah, yeah yeah We go right through a full conditioning movement workout for the forearms We’ve got this in more detail in the FMS mobility circuit which we can make available for you you guys it’s on our YouTube channel check that out, there’s three videos FMS mobility one, two and three So what he’s doing here is stretching all of the muscles and tendons and conditioning with his own body weight all of the muscles and tendons. So just repeat those movements again quickly So first of all, no no start from the very start First of all we’re conditioning the wrists through here and stretching the back, which is the flexor muscles in the forearm, he’s going side to side, forwards and backwards circles both directions then he’s going to turn the hands over and invert the hands so now he’s stretching right through the top of the forearm forwards and backwards side to side and circles both ways Then he’s going to reverse the hand position and he’s going to do the same forward and backwards side to side and circles both directions and now he’s going to do the first reverse that again so he’s done each different angle I’m rushing it, you can spend more time on it than that yeah, usually we would spend about five minutes on this He’s doing a little bit of wrist conditioning hand and knuckle conditioning and now he’ll do the first knuckle stretch right up onto the finger tips Perfect. Thanks Brad. Alright, so the other thing that’s really important it depends on the severity of the golfers elbow is to get ART Active Release Technique It’s very, very effective You’ll probably need, if you’re in quite a lot of discomfort, you’ll need more than one or two treatments with a qualified ART Practitioner We send guys down to Tom Cartwright down at Cartwright Physical Therapy Tony Battaglia or Joe Lim and other than that, we’ll move onto the strengthening stuff. It is very important that you do not skip any of these phases. If you don’t eliminate the cause and you go in and try and do mobility all you’re going to do is aggravate or open a fresh wound You’ve got micro tears in the fibre the muscle fibre going through all of those mobility movements if you’ve still aggravated it on the weekend playing golf, you’re going to re-open a tear, it needs to settle down first, okay. So step one, identify and eliminate the cause Step two, increase mobility and conditioning in the wrist stretch out all those forearm muscles and get some ART to speed up that process of healing and then step 3, step 4 and step 5 are specific strength training exercises where we use isolated movements so the first one we do I’ve got my whole kit here on the ground is…we’re going to do supination to pronation so we lock the elbow in the side here and then we’re going to rotate supinate, let it stretch right out through the forearm and then 1000, 2000, 3000 to pronation and stretch right out through the forearm. 30 times, so 15 either side and we’ll do that for two or three sets nice and slow this is what we call a clubbell we’ve got at Unity gym a 2 kilo we’ve got a 4 kilo and we’ve got a 6 kilo clubbell so we start everyone on the lowest weight possible 2 kilos and that’s generally plenty of weight. As you progress through you can obviously advance in weight. The next step, which is step 4 is that we start to develop specific grip strength and this is a little bit… no sorry! I’m going to get flexion extension first. Step 4, we get some nice light dumbells. I’ve got some threes here which is suitable for me most likely I’d get people to start on one or two kilos. We’re going to use a nice steady bench and we’re literally extending all the way through and flexing all the way down. I do recommend, if you’ve got any sort of jewellery or a watch you get rid of it so that it doesn’t restrict your range of motion. So you can see, fully flexed I’ve got nice flexibility there all the way up through nice mobility there and the reason is because I’ve increase my mobility by doing step 2 okay after we’ve done that we’re going to go to the flexion so we go right down into the fingertips there, squeezing up to the top nice and slow back down and we repeat those on each side for 12 to 15 repetitions Nice and, squeeze up, nice and slow back down into the fingertips okay start on a very light weight usually you’ll do a little bit more on the flexion than you will on the extension. You have to start light on that and you’ve got to make sure that step 1 and 2 have been done properly first okay step 3 is stipulation pronation step 4 flexion extension step 5 now is where the fun begins we go to specific grip training We’ve got two different ways that we grip train I’ve got one tool here which is for pinch gripping we’ve got lots of different attachments that we can use and we rotate that so this is literally just squeezing as hard as I can for about 30 seconds we want to hold and then repeat the other side one or two weeks of this shape then I move and transition to a different shape there you can make something like this up if you want at home or we need to go we got this from a company in New Zealand called Get Strength for about $300 including postage and they send that whole kit over to you the next one is grip crushing we do this in two ways we can either do repetitions for about 15 repetitions, I’m closing this grip crush tool or we can squeeze and hold for about 15 to 30 seconds so there’s two different ways we can do grip crushing strength but all of these different specific isolated movements are crucial for the development of the strength in your forearms so you don’t repeat the process and end up with golfers elbow all over again and it gets worse every time you get it so it’s crucial that you develop that strength. Now we’re going to go down to the other end of the gym and we’re going to go over our first quite difficult exercise and as again I say if you jump to step 6 here and you’ve missed or haven’t done enough work on step one: eliminating the cause step 2: increasing the mobility, flexibility and conditioning of the wrist step 3, 4 and 5 which is developing strength in all different modalities of the wrist and the movement if you jump to step 6 which is gripping strength where we start to use our body weight and stretching at the same time so this is what we call active mobility you will tear the hell out of your forearms again it has to be done in the right order and sequence so all I’m doing here is gripping tight different angles with the forearms and just gently rocking backwards and forwards letting my grip and my forearms open right up through the arm here, stretching what can happen with golfers elbow is because of the reaction in your forearms you’ve got your radial nerve your ulnar nerve and your median nerve running up through the shoulder into the neck and you can end up with quite severe neck problems and neck pain as a result if it’s not treated in time so what we’re doing here is now that we’ve developed the flexibility and conditioning in the arms and the strength we’re going to open it up and re-establish that really healthy shoulder mobility so I’m just gently rocking forwards and backwards nice and easy, the good thing with the olympic rings, the the gymnastics rings, is that I can alter the grip and change to adapt the parts that are really stiff and not feeling very comfortable in my shoulders and that’s step 6 we’ve now increased the mobility through our shoulders again also increased the mobility and strength in our forearms the last phase, step 7, is to use integrated strength training methods and compound movements that are going to train your body to use strength properly the best, the godfather of that, is the barbell deadlift so using multiple different grips we can use alternator grip for doing our deadlifts we can do a pronated grip deadlift and of course we can do a supinated grip deadlift We’re going to work all different areas of the forearm there we can also use chin-ups we can use bent over row all the big bang for your buck strength exercises need to be added towards the end for long-term, sustainable health in the forearms. I hope you guys enjoyed that and got something out of it Like, share, post, questions, comments and good luck with overcoming your golfers elbow so you can get back out on the course. Enjoy!

100 thoughts on “Golfers Elbow – The 7 Steps To Overcoming Elbow Pain

  1. If you do not feel any pain from the strengthening exercises, does this mean it's ok to do it and that the tissues aren't going to tear from it? Does this also mean there won't be any pain that comes later from it? As it heals, is the pain supposed to slowly subside because my pain just started hurting elsewhere such as my triceps and forearm but it's less pain than the original one felt on the medial epicondyle.

    Also, do you have a video for tendinitis for the knee?

  2. I have tennis elbow. Should I start doing the exercises from 2:33, below the intensity where pain starts to appear? I suppose the pain would be a sign of reopening the wounds, right?

  3. Thank you for this, I was feeling pretty hopeless with some recurring injuries that I am dealing with; Golfer's elbow on my right arm and Rotator Cuff/Bicep tendonitis on my left arm. I am about to start your program and feeling hopeful, I completely eliminated the things that aggravate it (Shadow boxing, pull-ups, presses, curls and extensive computer use) and I have rested for a week and feeling better.

    Now that step 1 is done, how should I approach this? Step 2 every day and then slowly incorporate the rest of the steps? Should it get to a point where I do Step 2,3,4,5,6,7 consecutively in one rehab session? Never start directly with a higher step unless first doing a previous step in the same session? or can they be isolated like step 2 the previous day and then the next step the day after? Thank you for your help and one last question, do you also have a routine for a way to rehab tendonitis in the bicep/rotator cuff?

    I appreciate you posting this videos, it sucks not being able to work out the way I used to, but I am determined to get this fixed first, however long it takes.

  4. thank you very much. my question is if its a good idea to do some of the first excersices in a gym ball? is it right?

  5. I've had a mild but irritating wrist pain for years and my elbows sometimes act up too. This is the first helpful advise I've found. Thank you, I will try these out.

    Just a question: where are you guys from? (To me you sound sort of Australian or Kiwi. Is that a rubbish guess or somewhat close?)

  6. How do I know that I can start to stretch? I already did that for some time, but it didn't really get better so I think it was too early.

  7. Great Video, question. Should I perform all 7 steps every day or should I begin with steps 1 and 2 until the pain goes away?

  8. Great video!!!! Just a one question, when i get to step 6 should i continue the isolated exercises done in step 2,4 and 5? And if so, how often should i continue to them? Im loving the detailed info in this channel. Keep with the good work!!!

  9. During the supination/pronation club bell exercise I am 100% pain free. But when I hold my left hand out, arm bent in a 90 degree angle, palm facing upwards and then lift my right arm (the "aggravated one") up a little as well with a flat hand, palm facing downwards, pushing down on my left hand I feel a burning sensation in the area around the medial epicondyle. This slight pain for me shows up at any given time, when stirring something in a pot, cutting groceries with a knife etc. It is just so frustrating because I have been massaging the tendon using cross friction, flossing my elbow once every day, cooling, using heat, stretching, using a Lacrosse ball to massage the elbow and so on and so forth and it doesn't really go away. But as I said during the club bell exercise (I use a hammer I attached 0.5 kg to) I am 100% pain free. I am starting to get desperate here :/ any suggestions?

  10. hi thanks for tips great and the reply……quick question whats the difference between using a theraband and the voodoo bands?…..if you know?cheers again.Shane

  11. I am unclear what you mean by identify and eliminate the cause? The symptom presented itself while doing repeated yoga poses. It is not clear that this is the "cause". It might be that shoulder weakness or posture is a factor. A PT person suggested this.
    Before starting mobility exercises and then strengthening do I simple want to refrain from doing anything that causes discomfort?

  12. Im 15 and i got golfers elbow from basball. My elbow was really tight but i decided to pitch anyways and I threw a pitch and it cracked really badly. I tried to throw another pitch but it was too painful. My arm was stuck in a weird position so i went to the doctor. He said it wasnt anything serious but he gave me a referral to a physio therapist. As if today it is still a problem and im 5 weeks in and its getting better but flares up easily. So im wondering if its common to get it from throwing or is it something else?

  13. Hey guys. Did I understad right – do I have to be pain free in order to start step 2 (mobility). If yes then I do not know how to achive that. I stopped training, I'm trying to avoid all the movments which initiate the pain but the pain is still there in some of the simples movments of everyday life – which I'm not able to avoid. What can I do if I still have some pain in some of the movments. Can I start step 2 in this situation. Thanks a lot for all your advice – I'm struggling with golfer's elbow for 7 month now

  14. Thanks you so much this is awesome tip. I have been elbow pain from 1 month and this stretches helping me out.

  15. Thanks you so much this is awesome tip. I play lot of tennis and do lots of wrist actions. Is there way you can put some stretching videos for wrist and knee? Thanks in advance..

  16. Before going even to step one, should there be a total rest period for a month or so? Thank you. I am in Honolulu Hawaii. Noticed the condition about 3 weeks and I lightened up my routines, primarily bodyweight exercises. But now I have stopped altogether since there was no real improvement. The pain is not too bad but can I start on step one now or give it more rest?? I guess I'm sort of asking the same question twice.

  17. I really don't want to stop lifting I love it and just when i started seeing result my right arm elbow hurts so much when I lift 5 pound things it's so sad my left arm is lifting 3x more than my right arm.

  18. can i stretch and still train ?? i reduced my weights to the half and doing 20 reps i feel better but in the morning the pain is unbelievable 🙁

  19. Hello , Thanks for the informative video, I am sufferring from the same pain since four weeks now,.

    I tried the excercises which you show in this video, but the pain didnt end and also my other hand elbow started paining.

    The most important thing is i dont want to stop my workout though i have not done gym in last four weeks. I want to continue my gym workout very soon.

    I would really appreciate your solution for my pain . Thanks.

  20. You know what I found that aggravates this ailment besides working out with weights is driving and gripping the steering wheel.  Any tips on how to drive without pissing this tennis elbow off?  Hard not to drive.  The tendon now hurts on both arms above the elbow.  Frustrated that I can't go to the gym!

  21. hey! thanks for the video, i just wanted to ask you something, after doing the wrist curls and all the exercices, after some time a feel a little bit of pain, is not huge the pain i feel but is a disconfort, is that normal? or should dicrease the weight for the exercices?

  22. I just want to let you know your video really helped me cure my golfers elbow. I would recommend these exercises to anyone suffering the same! Thank you and sending lot of gym blessings your way!

  23. There are a few factors in ways to treat tennis elbow. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Secret elbow tactics (check it out on google) it's the most incredible blueprint i've heard of. Check out all the super
    info .

  24. Thank you so much! Gripping while practicing Judo has destroyed my inner elbows and this will definitely help me getting back on the mats.

  25. Great post!! I just came back form docs form have cortisone injection which was ok. I'm going to give at least a week before I even start on the wrist mobility and progress from there. Have golfers elbow for over 6 months is killing me hehe, thanks again

  26. awesome vid, I have been suffering for 17 months now stopped everything and been working at for 2 months now. I am wondering once your healed, how often do you go through this routine?

  27. I have a pain on inside of my elbow when throwing but no pain with gripping and weight training??? What should i do ?

  28. I pieced together a similar protocol for myself already that has worked. Good to see my research led me to a similar path as this video. But I am going to add some of the things in here I am not doing. This is an great video. And I like the ART mention as well. I have been doing my protocol on all my days I train, and ART/deep massage and stretching on my off days. I am almost completely healed after about 2 months.

    I also noticed having very tight upper back/shoulders and knotting to be a cause in the issue as well. Sometimes I'll release knots in my back and have almost instant relief in my elbow which slowly started to feel like it was tightening up. Have you noticed anything similar?

    Thanks again for this information.

  29. Olá moro no Brasil, estou acompanhando seu canal pena que eu não falo inglês mais da pra entender os exercícios para epicondilite médial, cotovelo de tenista , fasso calistenia, gostaria de me comunicar com você na minha língua

  30. really great video mate, thanks for making the effort to make it. I have golder's elbow from tennis, and it feels like the tendon is about to rip off the bloody bone.

  31. I have pain in fhe inside of my elbow from javelin throwing but no gym exercise hurts it only throwing??? And my forearm feels a bit tight throughout the day

  32. I am not sure if I understand correctly, but when I am still feeling pain with golf elbow, do I only do steps 1-2 or can I do all 7 steps?

  33. recent meta-analyses show that the single best isolating movement for recovering from medial tendinopathy would be ECCENTRIC WRIST FLEXOR TRAINING

    that means the exercise at 8:37 but where you raise the weight up with your other hand (assist the concentric movement), and then control the return (actively do the eccentric part).

    Not 100 % sure on the biomechanics, but from what i've read, concentric movements activate and train the muscle belly, whereas once the belly has been activate (the muscle shortened), stress relays more to the tendon. I.e. eccentric movements focus on the tendons, concentrics on the actual muscle fiber.

    that said — this is obviously a multi-faceted problem which requires a multi-faceted approach. this video is great for stressing that fact. i'm battling this issue myself — the hardest thing is staying away from my tennis racket until i've made some progress wrt wrist mobility and flexor strenth in the gym.

  34. Watching him stretch it had me in tears, my elbow pain is severe. Like if you jam your elbow on a hard surface and want to punch something cause it hurts soooo bad. I’ll try these, but I can’t even lock my elbow. 😭😭😭

  35. I've had golfers elbow for 1 year now and it's not going I've done physiotherapy with a physiotherapist, I've done muscle realignment therapy, cupping, acupuncture everything! My one is basically stiff elbows but when i stretch them the pain goes and they feel perfect but then it tightens up again what do you think i should do because anytime i do anything it just gets worse and i feel more pain 24 hours later so how would i go about it?

  36. Hi THANKS A LOT but how many time should I do each steps ? Like 1 week of stretch then add strengh on the second ? Longer ? Thx for answers

  37. I literally lost about 1-2 inches of my reach for my right straight and unfortunately boxing is specifically a game of inches 🤦🏾‍♂️

  38. Btw guys, any type of tendonitis can be also sign of low vitamin C. Also if u r strugling with tendonitis increase vit. C in your diet and it will heal a bit faster. Anyway very good video it helped me alot. Specialy step 2 and 3. Btw on step 5 (grip crushing) its very important to squeeze and RELEASE SLOWLY (like count to 5 when releasing)

  39. As someone who has to have surgery due to golfers elbow. I'm going to tell you the best advice when it comes to golfers elbow….stop doing anything that put heavy use on the elbow period, especially in the gym. I know it sucks, but trust me you are greatly raising the risk by continuing working out, even at really light weight as I did. The pain of golfers elbow at the time of needed surgery, absolutely sucks. I listened to trainers, physicians, and doctors saying use light weight, I did EXACTLY as I was told, and it just made it worse. Save your elbow and just let it rest.

  40. Excellent video guys. This is no doubt the best Golfer's elbow treatment video I've seen. Excellent presentation!

  41. great video…I notice that you don't prescribe any self massage techniques to break up scar tissue…any thoughts on this? if you have this covered in another video I'd love to see

  42. Hi great vid! I have been doing the wrist curls and isometrics etc but get a lot of pain when doing it, should I stop and continue with the other methods first? It has been said that you will feel pain during the rehab but I'm not sure how much is too much? And when can i get back to lat pull down? Is it only when 100% pain free or earlier?

  43. Great video! But everytime i do wide grip pullups it acts up. How long should you let it settle before you start stretching. Its been 3 days and still a bit sore

  44. I was racking a barbell at the gym and my wrist kind of snapped backwards awkwardly, I felt a pain in what I later found out was my pronator teres, several months later my arm will really ache at the inside of my elbow. The ER doc at the time of the injury said its "golfer's elbow". Some days I am unable to straighten my arm at all, icing helps but my movement is quite restricted.
    This has been a difficult injury to heal from.

  45. Great video! I got a problem from my tennis serve. This looks very good method and will start today with step 2. thank you.

  46. 1. Eliminate the Cause

    2. Increase wrist flexibility/conditioning (maybe with: Active Release Technique)

    3. Supination to pronation training (15 per side)

    4. Flexion and extension with low weight 1-3kg

    5. Grip training

    6. Bodyweight gripping with different forearms angles (rings)

    7. Strength exercises that support grip training

  47. thanks for this video, as good as another one from Dr Kim, but you guys do ALL the steps for recovery which is great. I work in IT and type A LOT, so I think you hit the nail on the head on this for me. I have BOTH golfers and tennis elbow PLUS distal biceps tendon soreness (probably tendonitis by now). I also have a small tear in my lateral epicondyl and mild medial epciondylitis, in BOTH arms, with my right one being quite severe especially the painful lateral epicondylitis I am suffering from for a month now. It is making normal day to day life IMPOSSIBLE and I have had to stop all workouts, even cardio as changes in my wrist and arm direction would cause pain in my exterior elbow. Wondering if the exercises mentioned above can be used having a small tear that is quite deep inside measuring 2.3 x 2.2 x 2.5 mm. Dr says to just leave it but it has not improved since I last saw him and it is killing me. Thanks in advance @Unity Gym!

  48. “Theraband” twenty bucks on amazon. Tried everything from grip trainers to cortisone injections over the last year. 48 hours with it and it’s already fading. Amazing product with simple exercises.

  49. Regarding step 1, eliminating the cause of the pain and letting it settle down, about how long does it take for the tendons to settle down so that I can move into the stretching and strengthening exercises?

    Unfortunately I work a manual labor job that seems to aggravate the condition and I don't know how I can heal my golfers elbow without quitting my job all together. What do you recommend for people with golfers elbow who work manual labor?

  50. Hey guys just finished watching both of your videos on golfers elbow treatment as always I love your vids, so clear and informative! I've had golfers elbow for 3 months now and based on your vids I've missed so many steps which is probably why it's not recovering as fast as it probably should.
    I have 2 questions;
    Q1. In each rehab session along with doing the mobility would you recommend massaging with a barbell/ball and flossing before I start the strength work?
    Q2. With the strength work do you do steps 3-5 in the same session or progress from 3-5 or just pick one or two of the 3 movements per session?

  51. Do you think it's impossible to do workouts that actually grows or maintains my muscles (push muscles) while rehabbing the golfers elbow?
    Or should I just accept the fact that I will lose all my progress and stop everything?

    Amazing video btw!

  52. Great video, one of the best out here. I also massage my elbow and use a Push-brace plus medical tape to increase bloodflow. Can also use binaural beats music for tendon healing. Some Wim Hoff breathing to increase oxygen for healing and visualisation technique of the healing process. I think I've got myself a new hobby now. This is probably gonna take 6 to 12 months to heal. Man that sucks.

  53. I got it really bad. Haven’t lifted in more then 6 weeks. Massaging the area daily. Going to a spa with mineral water. Using DMSO and Arnica. Iceing the area three times a day. CAN’T shake it off 🙁

  54. Hey guys, it's me again. So I've started your plan 10 days ago starting with phase 1, really weak essentric only exercises in the videos and wrist mobilities as well as stopped arm strength workouts just for working out purposes.
    The problem is, when I go too weak (4/10), it doesn't seem to really do anything or even make it more painful the next day. The past 2 years that I had golfers elbow I've always done rehabs, the same exercises, tested out many different resistance, frequency, etc and when I go heavy essentric it seems to feel great the next day with almost no pain. But I feel like this is just because the muscles are numb, as 3 days later it's back to normal again. Also, I can't seem to get consistent results and complete recovery.
    My pain directly comes from doing one arm pull ups, and only from my middle finger. Like when I grip my middle finger I directly feel it on my tendon.
    Do you guys suggest I go less resistance, or more, or something else?
    Thanks again

  55. This video is the real deal guys! Been dealing with golfers elbow for 2+ years without significant changes until I found that video. Took me about 3—4 months to heal but now I‘m back to heavy strength training! You inspired me to become a fitness trainer myself and study physical therapy, so I can help others as well! Great work!

  56. great video. How long would you wait between faces? From the stretches to go to the resistance exercises?

  57. Gotta give this a try, my "funny bone" on my right elbow always feels like I just hit it and sometimes the ulna feels like I tried to knock down a steel pole with it.
    Wish me luck.

  58. I have a quastion! I quit working out for 2 weeks and the pain in my elbow gone. But When i start stretching and do these exercises my elbow starts hurting aganne and the pain is like it was before.. should I keep doing the exercises or should I wait till the pain is gone and try aganne

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