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100 thoughts on “Graves Disease – Overview (causes, pathophysiology, investigations and treatment)

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  2. You are awesome,you are really helping people,expecting more useful videos from you.again fantastic presentation.thanks a lot..

  3. Sir at last of video you should take full picture of the complete thing u taught..this will be helpful for us to recall..

  4. Many People hope to buy the your final drowing … do U have any plan to publishing a book for all your pieces?

  5. Wowww this is awesome . Drawing while you teach is helping me to understand all of this . Thank you so much . Please keep making this kind of video !!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  6. Thanks so much. Your videos are very helpful. Please, I would like to suggest that, after the presentation, you can make a general focus on your sheet so we can see all the diagrams and points together. This will help us see all the presentations on one sheet

  7. Excellent video, thank you so much, like some people said, you explained it better than teachers at some universities….

  8. i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate to dislike the video because they help

  9. Wow, this helped a ton. My doctors wanted me to research my problem, this helped me so much to understand step by step

  10. This bloody disease killed your libido lower dopamine level very dangerous disease I was diagnosed 2008 I my TSH level almost 8 years was 0.01 poorly treated….

  11. My thyroid peroxidase Ab ( TPO) was 418 kU/L ( 0-5.6) my TSH was 0.01 my freeT4 13.6( 9.19.1) my freeT3 7.56 ( 3.6-6.5) NHS uk thyrotropin receptor antibody 1.5 TRAB 1.8 is regarded as positive my endocrinologist said I got Graves' disease but somebody thyroid web site said your antibodies show hashimotos…I said to him impossible I was diagnosed Graves' disease 2008 ….

  12. Can Graves' disease cause dopamine deficiency? My TSH was0.01 long time some endocrinologist said tsh suppressed because not enough dopamine inside The brain very low from hypothalamus symptoms low TSH : premature ejaculation ,ed ,low libido is it true ? Low mood ,anxiety..

  13. Could you do some video about Graves' disease or thyroid connection with dopamine please because hyperthyroidism make extreme premature ejaculation and cause low libido must be connection with dopamine levels! Can Graves' disease cause dopamine deficiency?

  14. I believe Graves' disease cause dopamine deficiency and lower dopamine Levels inside the brain since diagnosed 2008 Graves' disease killed my libido

  15. Amiodarone is structurally related to thyroid hormone and contains 39% iodine by weight.
    Because amiodarone is stored in adipose tissue,high iodine levels persists for >6 months after discontinuation of the drug.
    Amiodarone inhibits deiodinase activity ,and its metabolites function as a weak antagonists of thyroid hormone function.

  16. I had graves my whole life, but not diagnosed until recently at 64. i'm on ptu it works, but the potential for liver failure scares shit outta me. i'd rather not use it, and risk heart attack, but I sure don't want liver failure. any suggestions?

  17. Thank you brilliant , I have Grave's , prior to diagnosis I had throat cancer , which masked the symptoms .

  18. There is no single video of yours, I have seen so far where I felt you did not do full justice. You are an excellent teacher, thank you for making your videos available for free on YouTube. Best Regards

  19. FYI, Some of this is way off. Thyroid does not make T3 – the liver does as it converts T4 because T4 can not bind with the cell receptors. So you shouldnโ€™t completely ignore the liver when discussing thyroid issues. You also should not ignore estrogen in females with thyroid issues as it blocks thyroid production and can cause hypo.

  20. Great video thanks. Just a note, looks like it suggests onycholysis IS clubbing rather than being two separate entities.

  21. Thanks for the video and for the explanation, it has been very useful. However, whilst you know a certain amount about this topic, there seem to be large gaps in knowledge surrounding it, particularly what causes it in the first place, and how it should be treated (rather than managed).

    As someone who has Graves, the block and replace has been fine to manage the issue, but it is no long term solution. I will now try altering my diet quite radically, and hope that works. I also think that this disease comes about through mental anxiety, or stress as suggested, and feel that has a much more significant influence on whether you get it than alluded to in this video. More research is needed on dietary, and on mental connections to this disease, as my consultants are only concerned with management of the issue, rather than treatment. Doctors seem a little narrow minded, but that's just my view.

  22. I have Graves Disease and had been taking Tapazole and Beta blockers for more than a year. I had all these symptoms (CHF, elephantitis, bulging and swollen eyes, and tremors). I also have toxic multi-nodular goiter and distended jugular vein. My endocrinologist suggested surgery but my T4 has not reached normal level (10.000-20.000) and goes up to 30. down to 1.0 level. Thank you for the video it made me understand clearly what needs to be done medically.

  23. Great video, but I'm a bit confused about amiodarone, how could it cause hyperthyroidism when it actually causes hypothyroidism too?

  24. VERY VERY informative. I have a severe case of Graves Disease. I also just went thru a Thyroid Storm a couple weeks ago. Iโ€™m VERY lucky and blessed. Very few people make it thru and die. It was a horrible ordeal. My Endo told me I would not have survived had I waited a day or two before calling called the ambulance. Iโ€™m going to have a total thyroidectomy the middle of next month. I could use some positive vibes. Iโ€™m so scared. โ™ฅ๏ธ

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  26. Wow! This is amazing, so interesting, thanx for your explanation, for just normal people like me, now I could understand why I am so thin and have always been, even when I felt good, I think my thyroid must be a llittle bit overworking, so I will be more careful with the iodine intake and food that contains it, like japanese miso soup that I love, so no algaes for me. Thnx a lot.

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  28. In the 3 years of watching videos about Graves, this is the absolute best one. Excellent for anyone dealing with Graves.

  29. Hello, my soon to be Xwife has hypothyroidism. She was tinker Bell now she is jell the rapper. She is a monster, And lies, and is very crazy, like bipolar narcissistic social pathic. Just unreal. Weight lost and blames me for everything wrong in her life.
    There are 22 different types of thyroid disease.
    Best wishes everyone.

  30. Paranoia, constipation, hair lost, always right disease and no cooperation brain fog lots of yelling and screaming in the mornings are just awful wanting to fight syndrome. I feel so sorry for my xwife. 42 years old.

  31. I was told in 1992 I had hashimotos, then in 2016 I had Graves, now I have hashimotos/ hypo again, anyone else have this ?

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  34. I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease by my primary physician through my blood test months ago and he transferred me to a thyroid specialist (Endocrinologist). The symptoms are scary, especially of the tremors, anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart beat and losing a tons of weight (45 lbs.) in a short period of time. I had simple symptoms and decided to ignore it since i have been feeling those things throughout my life, but when one of my close friend mentioned something about losing some of my weight, i kind of started to worry but not entirely because it is my body and i thought it was just because i was being active (Outdoors, Hiking, Hula dancing, Gym and i was doing intermittent fasting). Months passed and that's when some of my symptoms got worse. Tremors and unexplained rapid heartbeat was affecting my everyday life so i decided to consult my primary physician and he asked me to take different kind of test such as electrocardiogram, blood, urine and feces test. Everything was perfect and healthy except for my metabolic profile, hemoglobin, T4 Hormones, Alkaline Phosphatase, Sedimentation Rate, and Glucose is waaay to high and my Thyroid Stimulating Hormones(TSH) is waaaay to low. He was eager and helped me to look for a Endocrinologist as long as possible. Fortunately, i was able to find that specialist despite of 1-2 months wait list on any other Endocrinologist. He asked me to do a thyroid scan to make it sure it is a thyroid problem and it is positive. He enlighten me about the disease and told me everything i need to know. It was mind opening but that was day darkest day i have ever felt in my life and it went darker when my i found out more cons about the disease… I had no idea about thyroid and what it does to our body until the day i was diagnosed with this disease. It is far more important than i thought…. but now i am about to attend my Radioactive Iodine Treatment this coming Wednesday and when i decided to agree to do that, i am fully aware of the changes and that my life will never be the same again. I may be sound so dramatic right now but you'll never know the feeling until you experience a health problem that will give something that you will be responsible and carry for the rest of your lives. Take a really great care of yourselves guys, life is short. God Bless you.

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