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Great Mattress for Relieving Back Pain, Shoulder Pain & Hip Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and the folks
at SleepOvation sent me their California king mattress, and yes this is
a California king. so let’s take a look. oh hey everybody so as you can see I’ve
had about a month to try out the sleep ovation bed, and it is awesome.
you if you watched some of my videos you might know I’ve had shoulder surgery.
I’ve had hip surgery. I need a one on this side, I need one on this side, and so
I am always a little skeptical about beds of how comfortable they are going
to be. cuz I’m a side sleeper. and so one of the coolest things about the sleep SleepOvation is it has 700 little individual cushions. so instead of like a
memory foam where you sink all the way, in it only sinks in where you need it to.
so for me, I have a lot of hip pain when I’m sleeping, my shoulders as well. but
when I was on a memory foam, and it was a brand name memory foam bed, I just kind
of sink all the way in and it wouldn’t quite get what I needed to. but for the
nights that I’ve sleep slept on this bed already, what happens is just kind of
where my hip is where I need that extra support, and where it’s not poking into
my hip, it sinks and because of those individual cushion pieces in there. so
since there’s so many, you know it works at your hip because it goes in deeper.
it works in your shoulder because it goes in deeper. especially if you’re a
side sleeper. if you’re a back sleeper then it comes up and it supports your
spine. so that is just amazing. and it’s it’s nice and squishy, but it’s not so
squishy where once you go in you sink in and you can’t get out. like as soon as I
get up, then it springs back up. there’s no space where I’ve been. there’s no
indention that stays which is really important because it’s only supporting
you when you need the support. it’s not then staying in one spot and then you
move, but that spot’s still sunk in. so I really like that. and that’s really
helped take away the pain. I haven’t had any more hip pain, my shoulders are
probably about 80% better which is about the three to four weeks that I’ve slept
on it. so that’s a huge difference because then you can sleep through the
night. you’re not waking up in the middle of the night, and then having to get back to sleep.
another big important thing that I love about this bed is I get really really
hot when I’m sleeping, like sweating. you know just very uncomfortable. I like, I
like to be cold and I like to cover up in the sheets, and so again like a memory
foam bed or other kind of beds, I don’t want to just knock memory foam, but you get
really really hot when you’re sleeping. And the lot of times, specifically with the
memory foam, it kind of holds in the heat. I had a memory foam topper for a while
on my own bed and it was just no good. so with the individual cushions what allows
that for, is the air to flow through. so those hot pockets don’t just get stuck
in the bed. so another thing that I think I’ve slept so well through the night is
because I don’t get hot like I used to, and that to me is really really
important because we’re supposed to cool down at night. you know you get a better
night’s sleep if you sleep a little bit cooler. they’ve
done research and it’s proven for that. so this is really really awesome in the
fact that it does that. so as you can see here, like as I’m sitting, I’m kind of
scooted in like that, but as soon as I move it pops back up versus if that was
a memory foam, that divot would stay there for a little while until it slowly
comes back up. so that’s what’s really cool about that. also you can see there’s
a zipper all the way around here, and so it’s nice because if this top layer were
to get dirty, you can unzip it and wash that and then not mess up the mattresses. so so I really like that component, and you can see when I’m here it’s dipped in
kind of where my hips and my buttocks is, but here at my spine it’s supporting it.
so that’s really nice. if I am to lie on my side, you can see here where it dips
in a little bit more where the pressure points are, but it’s still supporting me
right here. so a couple of the videos you might have seen that I’ve shown you know,
you rolling up some towels or you know the pillows and things like that to make
your pillow fort. well you can do that, but this bed really helps where you
don’t have to have a lot of extras with it. you can just get a really good
night’s sleep. so what I also want to show real quick for you is what you can
do in the mornings when you first get up. a couple easy stretches to do. it’s
really nice in this bed. again even though it does kind of sink
into the places where you wanted to, you can do some of these stretches pretty
easily even before you get up out of bed. so then it kind of helps you get loose
kind of helps your blood get flowing in the morning. so it’s a really nice thing
to do. I’m gonna kind of flip my pillow over this way just so you can kind of
see a good angle, but let’s say if I’m asleep in in bed and I wake up, I would
just roll over onto my back kind of prop my knees up like this and just start off
with a simple pelvic tilt. so I’m just rolling my pelvis back trying to flatten
out my back, but I’m using my hips to do that instead of trying to push with my
feet. that’s not really what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to get just those core
muscles kind of woken up in the morning. so just a couple of these maybe five-ten
just to kind of help get everything loosened up. if your backs a little sore
in the morning this is a great way to start. and then the next one is just
going into a bridge. so that I usually kind of flatten out my hands, put your
feet you know about hip width apart, and then just come up into the bridge. and so
you can see it’s supporting me very well. if I was on another mattress, sometimes
you would sink. and I have a lot of people tell me I can’t really do bridges
or things on my bed because I just sink right in, and I can’t get into that
bridge position. but you can see here I could do that pretty easily and then
come back down. so again you know just just five or ten to get you moving. you
don’t have to do a whole lot. and then the last thing I usually do before I get
my bed is just a little trunk rotation. so then I bring my knees together my
feet my knees and just kind of now stretch it out from side to side. so you
don’t have to do a full stretch it doesn’t have to be thirty Seconds, but
I’d maybe hold it five or ten seconds on each side and then maybe do five each
way. and so you’re getting a nice stretch. again this mattress does a great job of
you to be able to do that because you’re not sinking in and staying in like a
little hole. it’s just kind of protecting you all the way around. so that does a
really nice job and then you can just kind of pop up on the edge of the bed. you happen to have, you know, maybe some
hip and some knee issues, you can even just do a couple knee lifts when you’re
sitting on the edge of the bed. and getting going. and so that doesn’t take
much, but it kind of gets that blood flowing. again if you have a nice
mattress like the sleep ovation it’s going to give you a really good night’s
sleep. and it’s so important especially if you have injuries or if you’re
hurting. sleeping is when our bodies recover, so if you’re not getting good
sleep, you have a harder time recovering. so getting a good mattress is one of the
best steps to start off with. so if you’re interested in purchasing the
sleep ovation, make sure you click on the link up there, and don’t forget to
subscribe by clicking down there. and remember be safe have fun and I hope you feel better soon.

18 thoughts on “Great Mattress for Relieving Back Pain, Shoulder Pain & Hip Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. I'd love to have one. Maybe when money is better. I know this Sealy Posturepedic has been the worst mattress I've ever had. I wake up with lower back so tight I can hardly walk sometimes. Only way to alleviate that is to put a pillow under my knees when laying on back.

  2. Wow…great video. I toss and turn all night on a firm Serta. Hips cry out in pain. Thank you for rating this mattress. I'll be looking for one.

  3. I'm a side sleeper as well and also wake up with a lot of hip pain. Being a side sleeper with hip bursitis and other hip problems is horrible. So I know how you feel. I was excited when I saw the title of this video. Little hesitant on buying sponsored products. I know some companies instruct the person to only say positive things. Were you allowed to give a fully honest review?

  4. I really could have used a mattress like this while recovering from a broken ankle 3 years ago. I was totally unprepared for the hip and back pain I would have from sleeping on a regular mattress (I had been in a rehab facility for two months!) I took pain medication and cried all night, got very little sleep. I felt like I was going to die. That went on for about two weeks!

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