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Depression and Heart Disease

72 thoughts on “Heart Disease Starts in Childhood

  1. Thomas Dayspring claims that infants are being born with fatty streaks too if their mother had a high LDL particle number. Mad world.

  2. Oh Lord, lets wait for the Paleo true believers to start a-babbling. As for me, fruit, veg, legumes and whole grains with very small amounts of oil, please!

  3. Dr. Gregor, could you do a video on male pattern baldness to see if there's any correlation between it and diet? treatments? cures? Love the vids!!!!

  4. Could it be that arteriosclerotic plaque is normal ? Assuming a 'normal' diet, it seems normal that people develop this plaque ? Isn't this a hypothesis one could derive as well ?

  5. 5:11 ***FALSE***

    Ornish and Esselstyn did not prove you can reverse heart disease with a plant based diet. They proved you could reverse heart disease with a LOW-FAT plant based diet!

    …and there may be more to it than that. I'm still trying to figure out what impact sugar has. I can drink several cups of straight orange juice and have no problem. But if I have a plate of low-fat mashed potatoes made with rice milk I experience hypoglycemia.

  6. Uffe Ravnskov was debunked in the video "26 Cholesterol Confusion 9". Plant Positive has pretty much debunked all the major cholesterol confusionists.

    Surprise, science still shows excess cholesterol is a problem.

  7. Compare vs obesity rates and you might have the answer. Cholesterol is a risk factor, but not the only one.
    Comparing US citizens who tend to have all risk factors vs people who have the only major one? Did they adjust for exercise, obesity, hypertension, smoking? Did they measure total cholesterol (outdated) or lipids and triglycerides?

    It might be the case that the whole metabolic syndrome triad is worse than just additive risk. Studies welcome.

  8. There is no known reason for atherosclerotic plaque to be beneficial and many reasons that it is harmful.

    I wouldn't call it normal, I would call it expected. Even if it is normal, it's likely not good.

  9. I read something about preventing frequent blood loss due to capillary fragility as a result of deficient formation of collagen of those vessels during the season in which foods rich in vitamin C (and also vitamin K) used to be hard to find.

  10. You mean that plaque reduces wall fragility? The thickened wall is actually less flexible, which could cause more damage if ruptured and definitely causes hypertension, which would increase bleeding.

  11. I agree with the comments. I also see that when arteriosclerotic plaque is found in such young people as those autopsied during war – our notions of plaque cause/effect and physiology need examination. Heart Diseases is now a disease of middle/old age, but why is that ? At the time of the Korean War, the typical American Diet consisted of less processed and more 'whole' food as well as meat, milk and eggs. What was the effect of chronic stress of war ? Diet variablity may not be attainable.

  12. Thank you so much for this video! I will share and keep encouraging my loved ones To please consider a plant based diet for life- our health is in our hands and jn our backyard gardens and on our plates

  13. I would like to see how Dr. Greger responds to that book. I am familiar with his work so it would be interesting to see Dr. G's take on it.

  14. That is part of the problem. While cholesterol provides the substrate for heart disease more recent publications seem to be concentrating on systemic chronic inflammation as a major factor. No doubt obesity is a factor too. This is why I want Dr. G to comment or produce a video on the cholesterol skeptics and Swiss/French Paradox. Ironically the French also smoke more than people in the US and have on average higher cholesterol but significantly less heart disease.

  15. Because our whole economy relies on people making these kinds of bad choices. We are bombarded with such artificial stuff, commercials, fake disinformation, all kinds of guerilla marketing tricks, the technology used to ovethrow governments is used to brainwash people and to make them proud they are so free.

  16. Post WW2 presents:
    1) Introduction of Crisco
    2) A steady climb in pounds of sugar consumed annually
    3) An increasing saturation of NPK fertilizers
    4) "Refining" foods, stripping out fiber.
    6) Milk pasteurization kills digestive enzymes.
    We can't wait a decade to prove lowering cholesterol is "All." Planr based diet, yes! But talk cholesterol and ignore inflammatory sugar, or hydroginated fats, no.

  17. "But talk cholesterol and ignore inflammatory sugar, or hydroginated fats, no." He's not, he hits on all these other topics in other videos. Please watch more videos : ))

  18. Yes, other videos definitely. I watch them all and subscribe to email downloads. When we go back in time and isolate a single marker without it's causes, readers might get the mis-impression they need a statin drug to control that marker…never pausing to consider the Crisco and sugar ladened slices of Better Homes and Gardens that are forever at the source of it all.

  19. Pasteurization was introduced in the US many years prior to WWII. While it was available, unpasteurized milk is chemical napalm. Unless you own your own cow, and even if it is disease free, it still is dangerous.

    While I agree that people should be given the right to choose, provided they are warned of the possible dangers, and provided that the milk is heavily tested to prevent possible contamination or infection, it would seem far safer to simply introduce probiotics into the milk itself.

  20. CTVB- corporations already add stuff to their foods like synthetic vitamins.
    If you've ever talked to farmers or been on the farm, you'll discover that there are milk tanks for milk the absolutely has to be pasteurized because of the way it was collected (a reflection of the ethics of that particular farmer) and there are tanks another farmer will draw milk from for his family's kitchen table. That's the safest and highest quality source.

  21. Thank you, changed my whole families diet to an organic raw diet! I am very lucky that I found this out while my husband and I are in our yearly twenties and while are kids are four and two!

  22. This topic is so very important, certainly one of your videos that every-fucking-body should see.
    I mean, the problem was already there 60 years ago … but now it's 2015, and my generation is stupid, living for entertainment and fun only, eating meat and junk food like crazy … where will this lead us to? Huge problems, that's for sure. An insane amount of death, suffering and sadness. People need to wake up ffs …

  23. Personal story: I'm a 36 yo male, 6'2" 183 lbs

    Since switching 6 months ago, to a 99.5% vegan, whole foods, plant based diet, I have visibly grown younger. I look like I did when I was 23. If I buy wine, I get carded. My whole body functions like it did when I was in my physical prime. Moles I had, have flattened and lightened markedly, a hemorrhoid I had disappeared! My total cholesterol went from 280 to 106, w/o medication. My BP dropped from 140/100 to 110/65.

    My fingernails are more resilient and grow more quickly; my hairline grew back to where it used to be, my sexual function is back to what it was in high-school. My asthma vanished (95%) Early signs of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic back pain became absent. My skin-tone is what it was at age 20 (people have asked me if I started wearing concealer, I DON'T!)

    My muscle-mass is slowly but steadily increasing; my aerobic endurance is what it was at age 18. I am much more physically strong and my IQ was measured to have increased 25 points. All from diet. You can have it too, if you're willing to go ALL the way, as I have:)

  24. There are some states, I work in one of them, where we the medical community are required to start drawing blood for a Cholesterol levels starting at age 2 due to the high fat diet fed routinely to children, the Standard American Diet.
    In America, 2/3 of Americans are either Overweight or OBESE, the high fat, saturated fat, and dairy (bovine milk products) intake has induced an Alarming increase in Diabetes Type 2 and Type 1.
    Right now in America, the average lifespan of a child being born today, is shorter than their Grandparents.
    With all the science and knowledge so very available to Americans, in an act of narcissistic stubbornness, 95% of Americans still force their young children to eat meat/dairy/eggs thus causing their children a much higher 'all cause mortality' rate, a life of pain, chronic disease, and a decreased quality of life. We have just got to start loving our children more than that….

  25. How much of an impact do plant based saturated fats, particularly those of almonds, peanuts, and walnuts, have on the arteries?

  26. This stuff is not an exaggeration either. I am only 34 and at 31 I was diagnosed with a 4.2 cm ascending aortic aneurysm. It was only found after I almost died of multiple pulmonary embolisms. I just hope that people are taking this seriously. It is the only thing that my whole food plant-based vegan diet can not reverse.

  27. I grew up on a dairy farm, and were taught that milk was GREAT for you, and I ate steak, bacon, eggs, and dairy at every meal for years. In addition to high cholesterol, after watching this – I am now depressed too. ;0(

  28. I just tallied up my score based on my state last year before I went plant-based. I got a 17. Off the charts, and I was 31 at the time. Needless to say I've been healing since then.

  29. Dr. Greger,
    Re: Carnitine, arginine & taurine: I read that these supplements will help reverse tricuspid & mitral valve regurgitation. Also heart glandulars. And herbs as in Dr. Christopher’s Circulation and Tissue, Bone formulas, also D ribose & co q 10. Any thoughts? I value your opinion & follow Markus Rothkranz as well. I have moderate tricuspid valve regurg. & mild mitral regurg. with 50 to 55% EF. (I will have an Echo with stress test.) Thank you very kindly. T.

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