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Hip pain arthritis and/or bursitis

Hey there in this video let’s talk about hip
pain arthritis or bursitis hi this is Aw Boon Wei your exercise physiologist here
to help you better understand your body so that you can improve in your
fitness health and your performance so in this video we are talking
about hip pain and specifically arthritis and bursitis around the
hip so if you have done enough research you realize it’s both different things
arthritis basically just means in between the bone and it’s causing some
irritation some rubbing and articulation of the joint and that’s
causing the inflammation on the other hand bursitis is basically
this issue in your body that it’s known as the bursa once
it’s inflamed then it gets the name bursitis basically anything that you
that you hear about ‘ITIS’ ending with ‘ITIS’ just means inflammation so it
could be arthritis osteoarthritis bursitis is whatever ‘ITIS’ just means
inflammation so you get inflammation around the joint and there
are a couple reasons over here so if you’re searching and you’re looking
around for this term basically you may be I don’t know just trying to find out
what’s happening around the hip and that is causing you pain
so let me draw it out so they can better understand
whereas the arthritis and where is the bursitis and you can then better
understand what’s the difference and where you have pain and where is it
and what is it over here we have our hip joint think of this more like your thigh bone this is a where your leg is this is the hip area this is
where your leg is start of your leg and this is your pelvis right so
this is basically how the hip joint looks like it’s basically a socket joint
so if we talk about arthritis it usually happens where this reddish area is so
there are actually many reasons why people can get hip pain and inflammation is
just the easiest way to tell people that they have pain get the inflammation clear
and you should be okay but most of the time even before the inflammation kicks
in you have to understand why it’s causing the inflammation anybody can
just clear the inflammation and that’s very easy you just have to ice it you
can take pain k*llers plus anti inflammatory which is easily available
but the main thing over here is that you need to understand what’s causing you
the inflammation there’s no point clearing the inflammation again and
again just so that you feel lesser pain but you have no idea what’s causing you
the pain which in this case the inflammation so in most cases when
inflammation comes in it’s a lot tougher at the point of time to figure out
what’s giving the patient or the client the inflammation because all they do feel is just pain most of the time you wanna clear the inflammation which yes
you iced you the inflammatory pills tablets medicine
and you want to clear it away as a patient you want to visit somebody who
knows what can cause the inflammation you can clearly inflammation you can
continue to think the medication most people would not have any problem doing
that that’s very easy but you have to find someone who can tell you what’s
causing the inflammation so although this topic we are talking about the
Arthritis the Bursitis this are just the area the site that can cause
inflammation so Arthritis happens around the joint Bursitis happens on or in
the Bursa around the hip these are the four known bursas marked in blues you
can easily find them and this area don’t give us much clue when you feel pain
over there so of cause if it’s the irritation of the bursa may be anything
that you have been doing 1 time 2 times I think that’s okay but I think it just
coming back again and again and it’s causing you inflammation and pain around
the area that just means that there is something that’s irritating your joint
that’s causing you the pain so in cases like that you don’t want to just ignore
you want to find out what’s giving you the problem because well in my
opinion nobody wants to take medicine for the rest of their life and that
doesn’t makes sense if you know that it’s a mechanical problem you want to fix it
mechanical here we’re talking about how you’re moving what’s causing you hip pain so earlier on in my videos one of my videos
I talk about hip pain paint after squatting so for some people they may not even be
squatting they may just be sitting a bit they may
be not doing any form of exercises and that’s causing them the pain well then
you have to figure or find someone to help you figure out out giving you the pain because there
are many muscles around here my previous videos I show you what are the muscles around here whether you are coming from the front whether you
coming from the back whether you coming from the side it’s covered so you
can look it up at over there as well so when we talk about mechanical often
we talk about muscles over here because if the muscles are not working properly
and your joint is gonna take up more load than usual rather than the muscle
then the root of the cause of problem the root of the problem is basically the
weakness of the muscle so if you are not fixing the root of the problem you go and
get the operation done you keep taking painkillers there will be no end to it
because this is what’s gonna happen after taking medication the inflammation
is clearly top maybe two weeks three weeks one month the pain will come back
again and then you will want to take medication again and this goes in a
cycle for people who prefer operation yes I do agree that it in
certain x-rays or in certain MRIs you can see something over there
again my question will be why is it causing some deformity or why is it that
only this part of the joint is showing something if you happen to be both side
then you will be easily convinced that this is just wear and tear, old age but if it
only happens to one side then you really really got to question whoever that
you are seeing to give you a better answer because wear and tear doesn’t happen to one side only it happens both side degeneration doesn’t happen to one side only it happens both side but if you know that you are always using your right leg and it’s giving you for example right hip problem then the problem may be the
right side right so you’ve got to think through everything has to be logical it
has to make sense to you so this is something that I just want to cover
although you may be looking at arthritis bursitis these are just the
symptoms that’s giving you the pain it doesn’t tell you what the pain is this is what I want to cover in this video and I hope you do learn something
from it so again clearing information is very easy but finding out what’s
giving you the problem takes a longer time so you may want to find somebody
who can help you with that that’s really for this video if you like
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put it on the comment section below and I’ll see you in my next video
please take care bubbye

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