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HOME REMEDY FOR VIRAL FEVER II वायरल बुखार का घरेलू उपचार’ II

Welcome to Health Care At Home Due to winter season there are many people facing viral problem stomach viral, throat viral So if you are suffering from viral fever what you have to do is Dont go to doctor No need to take any antibiotic Antibiotics burns your red cell This can cause plastic anemia This plastic anemia can be converted into cancer after some years So no need to see doctor atleast for 15 days if you are suffering from viral fever Treat yourself at home only Drink a glass of hot water regularly After that you can have tea coffee Dont drink only tea or coffee have a biscuit or something with it Best thing to fit a virus is our immune system Our immune system will only fit this virus having antibiotics affects our immune system So we have to energise our immune system so you having food to store energy is very necessary People usually avoid food in viral fever Have healthy food instead heavy food Atleast 4 meals you should take in a day to energise your immune system to have strength to fit this viral Take 50 gms of ginger grate it and add in a1 litre of water boil it till the water becomes 1/2 litre Filter this water and have it after lunch or breakfast you will get rid of throat viral within 8 days Your stomach viral will get cured within 5 days Your viral fever will be cured very soon by this So next time whenever you have viral just boil water with ginger, have food, tea, coffee and get rid of it Rest we wish to see you healthy, happy, fit and keep meeting us Thank you

69 thoughts on “HOME REMEDY FOR VIRAL FEVER II वायरल बुखार का घरेलू उपचार’ II

  1. Sir i would like to ask if this remedy is also for 3years kids my nephew is also having fever from the last 1 week he is not eating well from the last 2 days only drinks juice or milk ..

  2. I'm not trying to be disrespectful sir but how did these people understand your remedy I expected atleast half english

  3. sir agar kisiko kaafi purana bukhar h like pain in the body and tiredness ,feverish us case me kya home remedies h…pls reply

  4. sir for 2 year old kid please tell the remedy and doses, sir please reply because i dont want to give my little daughter allopathic medicine all the time whenever she caught fever and cold

  5. sir very good video but i have heard that tea coffee should be avoided during viral as it contain caffeine which is dangerous for immune system

  6. ginger water ko kab kitni baar Aur garam karke ya lukewarm ya thanda Lena Hai. I mean Kaise Lena h plz explain

  7. sir isko khana khane ke kitne der baad or kitni quantity me lena he or din me kitni baar lena he yh bhi bata dijiye..plazz

  8. hi sir,
    My son has been suffering from tonsillitis for few years he is 7 years old and his weight is 23kg.He eats only if I feed him and is very thin,he gets strep throat once in a while and he has to take antibiotic ,he has viral fever for 6days and dry coughing ,yesterday night he had high fever at night.I don't want to give antibiotics.also he is not drinking ginger water which u suggested.what should I do .should I wait for 2days more.plz suggest…I m giving expectorant and paracetamol.

  9. I have started a channel on youtube Sumana's Kitchen with focus mainly on diet foods. I want to promote it. I need some suggestions from you and also any information about companies who promote websites/channels/blogs.

  10. Sir,My 13 years old son suffering from viral..!! he has 103 fever and then low 99 somthin please give a another option please sir he didn't give his sa1 exmas too please reply

  11. Hello sir, muje kal se fever he 100 or thand bhi bhut lag rhi he, vomiting bala man ho rha he bar bar, aur mein migraine ka patient hu toh boh bhi ho rha he…

    Kya aap muje koi upaye bta sakte he/

    Kya mera pitt Bda hua he/

    Please sir reply..


  12. my mother had got fever…. on last one week he is completely disturbed with it …. and she lost all energy now we consult a doctor , he says that it is viral fever plzz give me a tip for regaining energy…… reply mee faster as possible

  13. sir ji mein 18 yrs ka ldkaa hu mujhe viral fever ho gya h….
    kya yeh upaaye mujhe kl tk scool jaane ke liye tayaar kr dega…..reply plz

  14. Ginger and hot water remedies is very dangerous in fever a strong acidity is made in stomach and men can not eat anything I take this and feeling bad

  15. Sir muzhe viral fever h 15 din se 99 jo continue bna hua h medicin bhi le li koi frk ni pd raha plz plz sir koi upay bataye

  16. It seems you have no knowledge of how antibiotics works… leave your reply here and i will tell you how it works.. bullshit people

  17. I agree with a 'll the home remedies n all but how will a patient know he has viral without going to the doctor at the 1st place… hahaha! Think about it 😉

  18. Sir aapne remedy to bht achhi batayi hai….. But aap jo continue meal lene ki keh rhe hai wo to kisi k bs ki baat nhi hai kyuki jb viral fever hota h to uska drd wo khud hi janta hai……. Puri body tod kr rakh deta h + vomit bhi😥

  19. Thank you sir!!. Ma aap ka bohot bada fan hu…aap ka nuska bohot effective ho taha…sir mujhe one week se viral fever ho raha tha…fever hota fir chala jata ha… Sir ma na doctor k pass gaya tha aur thik v ho gaya tha.. Doctor na antibiotics dia tha…fir 4 char din baad fir din ma fever ho gaya ha…sir plz suggest.. Wisa sir fever ma thanda pani lana ha ya gram..??

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