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100 thoughts on “Hot Sauce Challenge: Pleasure or Pain

  1. U guys are great, I’ve watched u for less then a week and I NEVER SUB TO ANYONE… I subscribed and hit the bell

  2. “That could be garlic.. or I could be from HELL guys! Again!” I don’t know why but that part made me laugh so hard

  3. Jon = King of hot sauce
    I feel like everyone who played in the challemge wished they were Jon so they dont suffer

  4. I'm eating wings while I watch this and for everyone commenting that they want wings mine are very good.

  5. It’s midnight and I could do with some food
    Gotta sneak downstairs so…..

    Wish me luck!

  6. Can u guys at least, and I said LEAST! PLZ turn ur mics off when ur chewing. I might stop watching if u don't

  7. I’ve seen this Video so many times and I can never get over the fact that Jon is so polite! Like its intriguing

  8. I'd probably end up drinking Spontaneous Combustion straight out of the bottle
    I do that with the Carolina Reaper sauce I have (I did that in front of my extended family after letting them try it and they literally screamed)

  9. Maybe next time you do a spicy challenge I have my uncle and he really likes spicy stuff like he put our sauce on everything

  10. I just watched ‘I feel fantastic’ yknow that sCaRy video (it’s really not) and this came up in recommendations lol

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  12. 6 hours later

    Wife: Who doesnt know how to flush the toilet after they had a SHET!!! Wel it was fokin one of yees DISGUASTANG

  13. 1.Ass Kickin Bacon
    2.Ass Kickin Chile Lime
    3.Ass Kickin Sriracha
    4.Ass Kickin Cajun
    5.Ass Kickin Original
    6.Ass Kickin Wasabi
    7.Ass Kickin Roasted Garlic
    8.Hot Sauce From Hell
    9.Hot Sauce From Hell – Devil,s Revenge
    10.Ass Kickin Ghost Pepper
    11.Ass Blaster Hot Sauce
    12.Spontaneous Combustion

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