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How to Avoid Motion Sickness While Traveling

Hey Group Leaders! It’s Michelle with AST here to help you
get a jump on your group travel plans. Today we’re going to discuss ways to deal
with motion sickness. Whether it be on the plane, motor coach or
boat it’s a good idea to educate your group and be proactive. Motion sickness happens when there is an imbalance
with one of your senses. When motion sickness hits us we tend to close
our eyes or lay down. It is recommended that you look towards the
movement to reorient your senses. When you’re traveling on a motor coach sit
towards the front where you can focus out the front window. If not, avoid reading, turning around in your
seat, or texting. Look out the window. On a plane ask for the window seat, if possible. Otherwise stare out the window and again avoid
reading and texting until the feeling passes. On a cruise or boat focus on the water or
the horizon. Try to avoid areas of the boat with the most
motion. If you know you suffer from severe motion
sickness you may need to talk with your doctor for a patch. Over-the-counter antihistamines like Antivert,
Benadryl, or Dramamine may help. Remember to take one hour prior to boarding
to help stave off the queasiness. Another alternative is a motion sickness wristband. These wristbands have a button that presses
a wrist point that affects inner ear balance. Before traveling stay away from fried foods,
spicy foods and rich dishes that are harder for your body to digest. These worsen nausea. Carrying crackers and ginger ale may be a
good idea if someone in your group has mentioned they have motion sickness. We hope this helps you with your planning. Give AST a call if you need help in building
the perfect trip. While you’re here please subscribe to our
YouTube channel and like us on Facebook for more fun travel tidbits. Until next time!

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