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  1. MAC I love your products but please feature someone with bad skin (hyper pigmentation, active acne, scarring etc.), it would be very helpful.
    This model is blessed with amazing skin 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful 💜 My goals in life is to become a makeup artist (ha maybe one day) and to one day create beautiful videos on my channel 💜 love mac cosmetics xx

  3. Glad to see a reputable brand showing women of color how to CORRECTLY apply base make-up.

    Love how she noted 1 SHADE lighter to highlight the high points NOT 10. I'm so ready for this obsession black women have with making their face look NOTHING what they actually look like without all the make-up. It seems we've moved from relaxing our hair to highlighting our faces to death to 'fit' some version of beauty.

  4. I never bought make up because I've had trouble finding tutorials, examples for this skin color. I hope u make more videos like this.

  5. "matte finish"…. but the model was beautiful! It lookd like me and her share the same oil problem, ( that or there were lots of skincare beforehand) so I know for a fact that with that much shine the foundation has, it would be an oily mess. I also know because I tried the foundation lol. maybe would work with a lot of powder and bake?

  6. That was a pretty clumsy foundation tutorial. Quite a lot of coverage for her. A thin layer of liquid would have sufficed. The "lighter" shade of Studio Fix stick wasn't light enough to bring out her facial structure, and the artist applied cream highlighter on top of loose powder and powder contour. All of the products were applied too heavily and out of order. Not what I consider professional makeup artistry.

    Take notes, and stop selling in China while you're at it.

  7. idk why but i cringe when i watch theese because shes using her finger to blend the highlighter and i just want to take a beauty blender and blend everything

  8. You know, you have done a lot of hacks. how about rubbing banana peel on your teeth and then your teeth would look whiter😉

  9. Nothing flawless about this look. This is the worst MAC tutorial I have ever viewed. I'm so disappointed.

  10. Any small New YouTubers want to support one another? The struggle is real, people don't want to see others do well Smh, IM ALL FOR SUPPORTING! I'll Support if you Support!!

  11. Your model is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! But you all slopped her makeup and took very little care to make the application seem flawless. I'm a cosmetologist and work for A major cosmetic line as business manager and I remember watching the Mac artists do make up and not one of them ever made a mistake or applied make up in an unbecoming way. This was the first time I had ever seen such a sloppy application from MAC artists. This person needs to spend more time in MAC classes!

  12. WOW is she beautiful! Her skin was flawless before but this makeup look elevated her to the next level.

  13. should have started off with troubled skin model to flawless foundation.application and finishing like what MAC is known for COVERAGE. COVERING YOUR AGE

  14. I do love mac products, however, this wasn't a good foundation video. I don't believe the right products were used, she looked oily from beginning to end. I think the stick just created more oil, then trying to make her look matte at the end, just looked uneven with her pores peeking through, I could almost bet, with in a half hour, the model looked oily again. The little bit of make up she applied on top, didn't blend seamlessly, because the foundation was not a seamless application.

  15. 1st off what kind of tutorial is this first why dose it take two foundations and why are you smearing the cream colored base when you could've just used a light feather brush taking the foundation off along with your finger than you carelessly applied it to her face .. no time no effort she looked more natural with out it and you didn't do a good job fire her mac you guys need to do better for all tones because miss RiRi baby got yall all the way beat

  16. MAC, I would love to wear your products, but I can’t, because they aren’t cruelty-free. Please stop paying for tests on animals.

  17. Sometimes I have asked myself: what would it be like to put on makeup with brown skin?
    Being white, I almost "forget" that there are other skin colors, and to see so close brown skin, look so beautiful. True!
    Show more and more skin colors up close so they can be more loved. Thanks for opening my "eyes", MAC!

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