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How To Get Clean & Clear Skin Without Pimples & Dark Spots : Vitamin C Face Wash Powder

Hi friends, this is Ramya from Wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share a wonderful vitamin C face wash powder
that will help reduce scars and blemishes very very fast. There are many face wash powder recipes but if you are looking specifically to
reduce blemishes and scars, this recipe is the most effective as it contains all
the ingredients that reduces scars and blemishes very effectively. The first main source of vitamin C used in this recipe is amla. Many of us use
amla only for hair care but amla is good for skin care too as it is full of
antioxidants and it helps prevent premature aging of the skin both when
consumed internally and applied externally. It’ll help reduce blemishes
and scars very fast. You can either use store-bought amla powder for this recipe
or you can make your own. To make your own amla powder, grate amla using a fine
grater. Now spread it on a plate and sundry till
crisp. There should not be any moisture left. Now take it in a dry mixer, powder
finely, sieve and then use. The second source of vitamin C powder used in this
recipe is orange peel powder. Like amla, orange peel powder also helps lighten scars and blemishes very fast. We get very good quality orange peel powders in the shops
but if you don’t want to buy it from the shops, you can also make your own by
sun drying orange peel till crisp. Once crisp, powder in a dry mixer, sieve and
then use. This recipe can be used by all skin types, just use the appropriate
liquid depending on your skin type while mixing. This recipe gave very instant
results that really surprised me. If you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation
oo blemishes, please do give this recipe a try. For the recipe take two tablespoons of besan also called as gram flour in a bowl.
Add in 1/2 tbsp of orange peel powder to it. Add in a teaspoon of
kasthuri turmeric powder. Finally add in 1/2 tbsp of amla powder
too. Now mix well with a spoon. I tried different proportions and liked this
proportion the best but if you want to change the proportion you can do so. If
you’re allergic to besan, you can use finely ground oat flour. But in my
personal experience, if you use good quality besan, you will not face any skin
allergies at all. Once mixed well, store it in an airtight box away from moisture. To use, take the required amount of powder in a bowl. Now add in the required
amount of liquid to mix. Now mix well to get a smooth paste. For
oily skin, use plain water or rose water. For combination skin, use cooked rice water.
For dry skin, use milk or curd to mix. To use, take the mixture and apply it all
over the face and neck. Massage for a few seconds gently and then wash it off. This
face wash powder can be used every single day. Try not to use rice flour in this
recipe instead of besan as you can’t use it every single day as it is slightly
abrasive compared to besan. This face wash powder will last well for about two
to three weeks at room temperature. I have dry skin and have been using this
face wash powder mixed with buttermilk but now since it’s getting cold, I have
been mixing it with milk and it is working wonders on my skin. If you are used to using face washes, using powders will take some getting used to but trust me,
once you see the results you will start using it every single day. I hope you found this video useful. If you like to support me and this channel, please share this video with your friends. It’ll mean a lot to me. If you like to get detailed
information on herbs on days I don’t post videos, press the notification
button. Thank you for watching this video 🙂

100 thoughts on “How To Get Clean & Clear Skin Without Pimples & Dark Spots : Vitamin C Face Wash Powder

  1. Mam as you suggested amla and bhringraj oil for hair problems, so instead of Coconut Oil can any other oil be used as it's winter season now.? As it gives cooling. Kindly tell.

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    Pls advise frequency for usage in a day and can I use it with milk ?

    Can i follow it with 2/3rd Water and 1/3 part of ACV follows by aloe Vera gel as moisturiser.

  7. Ramya di, i feel like you should start to sell this via online for people like me. It will be side earnings for you as well…. what say? Instead of buying ingredients better will buy the product made by you.

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    Because whenever i use basin powder I will get rashes on my face…so that's why Im asking ramya…..already I purchased alovera gel which u suggested in some other video…my skin is allergic to alovera gel also…but when i used the gel which u suggested is of good quality ramya…it is colour free and I didn't get any rashes when i used the alovera gel which u provided…so please clarify my doubt regarding basin powder ramya…

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  17. Ive started using just besan powder for cleaning the face instead of facewashes… and my skin has become much softer.. will try this combination

  18. Good evening Ramya.
    I will try this recipe. I used everything u mentioned in this remedy accept amla powder. Now, I will add amla powder n use it.
    Thank u for your new inventions daily. God bless you always dear. 🙌
    Dr. Sony.

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