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How to get the Corrupted Avatar Pants & Boots Skin in Ark survival Evolved ninjakiller560

in order to unlock the corrupted avatar
boots and pants skin you’re gonna need to collect the new Explorer notes
that are located on the scorched earth and aberration and with that being said
let’s get into it right so in front of us is note 6 for the Genesis chronicles
but here we are on the map and I’m just gonna show you where we are in the map
give you a bit of an overview of where we are just quickly there’s blue obelisk
over there just a bit of a quick show that’s red and then that’s grown over
there but anyway this is it where we are in the little Canyon section and now
we’re going to go ahead and check out the note who made this Ark so bloody hot
I swear that heat is making me dizzy and I’m the hologram
you must be burning up wait I get it it’s your clothes in it you Drape
different things over torso what not depending on whether it’s hot or cold
it’s brilliant but it won’t work for me mores a pity well we better get used to the heat
there’s a lot of it in our future all right so note seven for the Genesis
Chronicles is just below us here we are on the map we are in the badlands
section so right over there is green obelisk and as you can see just come on
up around up to this little section there there’s red OB over there and
then obviously blue ob over there so there’s a bit of a detail now let’s go
ahead and check out the note itself I just discovered something curious the
minds that made the minds that made the arks use them to test some of the critters
that you’ll find in the Genesis simulation my scanner tells me that an
immense lizard with an internal bio furnace was tested here they don’t have
that creature on this Ark anymore we’d see the scorch marks that they did
but they tested the file is that here before you survivors came along I wonder
why they decided to have them only the simulation alright so now we’re an
aberration and explorer note eight is actually just around the corner but this
is the land entrance down to the Blue Zone and aberration so if you know where
that is simply come to this little land section
here and then enter into blue zone and we’ll head over there in a second but
let me give you the map there it is and the GPS is on the screen
right now but that’s where we also come from land bridge then you simply want to
chuck a left just keep going down this path and as you can see now the note has
appeared and we’re gonna go ahead and enjoy it this whole ark is on the verge of collapse there are radiation, mutant creatures toxic gas
earthquakes, not the lush paradise thats supposed to be here I’m not sure how to
put this but we didn’t do this did we I mean I’ve seen you survivors mow
through berry bushes and chop through entire forests but trash an entire ark
that’s another level and if you did trash this place
don’t tell me best i don’t know all right so we’re about to head to note 9 we’re going to be
going from the second explorer note so this is note 8 the one that we’ve just
covered but going off the map location and the GPS on the screen we’re simply
going to head there right now so we’re gonna have to take a bit of a path so
we’re gonna have to go through all of blue to get to the red zone where you’re
going to need a hazard suit by the way but now basically we’re just going to
follow this nice long path I have tried to make this path as safe as possible and
easy and accessible for all times so but basically just go ahead follow this
entire path then you’ll pop out at note 9 and I’ll see you guys at no 10
you my scanners are showing element all over
the place be careful with that stuff why two reasons first I’ve seen how Element can transform critters from a moppet to a menace we have creatures in the Genesis
simulation that go crazy for the stuff second Element gets into a
survivor’s mind too Hellena my creator knew a survivor who couldn’t get enough
element drove him stark raving mad it did alright so about to head to Note ten
I’m just gonna give you a landmark way there so here’s where we on the map and
here’s the GPS coordinates I’m based in the area where mainly people come in
aberration so this little section here basically you want to come to the end of
it and then just want to follow my path and then explore the explorer note I don’t understand how you go over the
danger all the time every shiny corner a dark cave here has something lurking
usually something that wants to eat you I wish I could help but Helena didn’t
exactly get me up for combat no grenade launches or anything like that she
didn’t even give me limbs to hold a weapon all i got is shot range
scanners diagnostic software and a charming personality oh and an extensive
library of Australian vulgarities, i wonder when that will become relevant hey guys thank you so much for watching I
hope this helps you get your corrupted avatar pants and boot skins and I’ll see
you guys for when the chest and the arm pieces come out – see you then you

14 thoughts on “How to get the Corrupted Avatar Pants & Boots Skin in Ark survival Evolved ninjakiller560

  1. Awesome. super helpful on the Ab ones I couldn't find. Though I am still getting a laugh out of the rock drake having a seizure in the wall.

  2. thank you so much, great video and very fast after the patch, have these glowing red towers been there for ever or are they new? never noticed them actually. Anyways thank you very much, i wouldnt have found them, what HLN-A is talking about is very interesting about the heat and the fire dragons

  3. i have season pass but on console… these rent working at all is it because its console? My PC friends can get her and the notes to work fine 🙁

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