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How To Lighten Dark Underarms, Knees & Elbows | Skin Brightening Tips for Dark Spot

Hot summer hot hot summer.
So yes, today’s topic is about skin pigmentation or how to brighten your skin if it’s discolored. Hey Wishtrenders, welcome back to Wishtrend TV! I’m Caroline. And today we’re gonna be
talking about your summer skin care needs. But before that, if you guys haven’t seen
the well aging video where I introduce you guys five Korean celebrities who share their secret
beauty hacks, please please please go watch it! It’s so so fun so important, but
without further ado, let me introduce you guys today’s topic and that has to do
with your skin and summer. As summer draws near we have to deal
with a lot of new skin problems, right? Such as skin pigmentation, dry skin, rough skin
just all those kinds of different problems. So I went around the Wishtrend office
and asked the Wishtrend staff to tell me what their main summer skin concern was. So without further ado, let’s go check it out, huh? Since it’s the summer we wear a lot of tank tops. But I feel like I can’t because of skin pigmentation. Recently I get self-obsessed with my dark knees. It’s really darker compared to the other area of my body. So my main skin concern during the summer is actually my lips and the reason why
is because I wear a lot of lip tints and I’ve noticed that my natural lip color
has faded and it looks kind of dull. I want to find ways to bring that alive and brighten my lips again. My main concern is that since we tend to wear a lot of
short sleeved shirts during the summer I worry about pigmentation
and coloration of my elbows. So, yes today’s topic is about skin pigmentation or how to brighten your skin if it’s discolored.
There were a lot of wishtrend staff who said skin pigmentation was their main concern.
And every summer we get a lot of requests from you guys in regards
to making a video about skin pigmentation. So without further ado, let’s get into it.
Shall we? First let’s delve into why we get skin pigmentation or its discoloration in the first place
and the areas of our body where it occurs the most. So number one. Your face. Our face is the most exposed part of our body
and because it is exposed almost every single day it’s subjected to a lot of UV rays. Hence why the face on your skin is subjected to skin
pigmentation or highly subjected to skin pigmentation. Number two. Lips. Lip pigmentation can be caused by high estrogen
levels when you are pregnant or you’re menstruating. It can also be caused by improper cleansing
after you put on lip makeup. Number three. Your elbows and knees. Our elbows and knees protrude a lot
more than any other part in our body and that’s mainly because
it needs to protect the bone of the area and so because that area undergoes a lot of friction,
friction causes increased melanin which can thicken the skin around it
and cause skin pigmentation. Physical habits such as leaning on your elbow or sitting on your knees or improper moisturizing
after taking a shower can also cause skin pigmentation on these areas. Number four. Armpits. The fold of your armpit undergoes
a lot of irritation and friction as well. Also, improper epilation such as plucking your
armpit hair with your tweezers. We all do it. Come on. That can also cause skin pigmentation. Number five. Your buttocks. Skin pigmentation can occur in this area
if you’re sitting down for long hours of the day. It can also cause bad blood circulation
and cause your skin to be rough and dry. There are five other main reasons
why pigmentation occurs in this area as well. And that is exposure to UV rays, hormonal changes,
improper cleansing, friction and other detrimental habits. How to treat and improve existing skin pigmentation? Number one. Your face.
Skin pigmentation on your face is one of everyone’s biggest concern but fear not
because vitamin C is your cure. Vitamin C overall helps to brighten your skin and helps to fade-out maybe unwanted
freckles and other skin pigmented areas. Apply vitamin C, 21.5% to fade out discoloration or dark spots on your skin. It’ll also help to tone out your skin and
leave your skin looking really really healthy. Even though there is 21.5 percent vitamin C in it,
do not worry because the irritation is little to none. Also the absorption is extremely fast. We also recommend using vitamin C serum
for those who have sensitive skin. This is a multi solution serum
that will help your skin with dead skin cells enlarged pores, dull skin tone and pigmentation. Number two. Your lips. You can do an easy DIY treatment
for lip pigmentation at home. It only involves cucumber, lemon and a cotton pad. What you want to do is
take equal parts ofcucumber and lemon. And then soak a cotton pad in that mixture and
put it on your lips for 20 minutes and there you have it. An easy at-home DIY lip pack. Number three. Elbows and knees. Prioritize regular exfoliation and moisturization. Since there aren’t a lot of sebaceous glands
on this area that produces sebum it’s really easy for dead skin cells to accumulate. In order to demonstrate this treatment we’ve invited Bob who has trouble with skin pigmentation on these areas.
Welcome Bob! Use a body soap containing collodial oatmeal
and a type of AHA acid called Tartaric acid. Using this try to exfoliate the dead skin cells
off the areas of your elbows and knees. To protect the outer layer of your skin try to use a body soap that is mild enough
to use on a baby but also super super hydrating. Number four. Armpits. This is also another
DIY treatment that you can do at home. What you’re gonna do is
take baking powder and coconut oil. Mix it together and then put it on your armpits. This will help to remove bacteria, germs
and help with body odor as well. And if you guys didn’t know already,
coconut oil recently has become a big trend when it comes to skin brightening. Number five. Buttocks. We’re going to be using an aroma oil
to increase the blood circulation in that area. So what you’re gonna do is put your feet together. And then after that you’re gonna point
your feet out so it forms a v-shape. This position will naturally accumulate the tension in your hips and buttocks. After that, you’re gonna take your massage oil
and then massage that area from down to up. Also make sure you go in an outwards motion. Another tip for those of you who
really really want to focus on brightening try to use a product that has niacinamide in it. Niacinamide is an ingredient
that is known to brighten skin immediately. It’ll also give your skin a natural tone up. So you can apply this product anywhere
on your face, your elbows, your knees anywhere where you have skin pigmentation problems. So now that we know why we might get
skin pigmentation let’s get into how we treat it. Number one, fixing minor habits.
One way to easily prevent skin pigmentation is to avoid leaning on your elbows or sitting on your knees. You should also try to avoid clothes that fit too tightly
onto your skin to lessen the friction that is on your skin. Also, rapid weight loss or gain
can also cause skin pigmentation. So make sure to maintain your weight
or if you’re dieting or trying to lose weight make sure to do it in a healthy manner. Number two. Use AHA products to dissolve dead skin cells.
Avoid forcibly scrubbing areas of skin pigmentation. So that you can try and get it out.
That’s actually really really harmful to your skin. Instead, gently exfoliate the dead skin cells
on skin pigmented areas with an AHA product. Soak a cotton pad in AHA and then apply it
on your skin where skin pigmentation is prominent. That way it gets rid of the dead skin cells
and maybe fade away the skin pigmentation without irritating your skin. Not only that but it also helped to moisturize
your skin as well. So it’s like a two in one. Number three. Moisturize after showering. So we all know that in the hot summer our face becomes a lot more oily or it can become a lot more dry. And moisturizing can become you know
a little bit of a tour because it’s summer you’re lazy. You don’t want to do it. You know, you’re not really feeling it. But please please please do not forget to moisturize.
It is so so important. Because if you don’t moisturize, your skin
can go into overproduction mode of sebum. And it can actually make your skin pigmentation worse. So please remember to moisturize your skin. Try using mild body lotion with high hydrating
properties and gentle enough to use on a baby. Number four. Apply sunscreen to your face and body
or any other areas where skin pigmentation occurs. Your body is just as susceptible to UV rays as your face. So make sure to apply sunscreen to your body as well. Make sure to apply sunscreen to areas of your body
30 minutes before you leave the house. And then try to reapply sunscreen every
two to three hours or when you feel like you need it. Try to use a daily sunscreen that has SPF 40 and PA++. And it’s a great if it also blocks UVA and UVB rays. Also a sunscreen that lowers the
general temperature of your skin is great as well. Number five. Preventing lip pigmentation. So a lot of you guys have asked about lip pigmentation
and the key to preventing lip pigmentation are proper cleansing and moisturizing. It may be inconvenient, but your lips
are just as important as your face. So just as you cleanse your face,
you need to cleanse your lips as well. Also, your lips are susceptible to UV rays as well. So make sure to try and use a lip balm
that has protection from UV rays. So, I hope this video helped you guys out
with your skin pigmentation problems. And I hope that you guys can enjoy your summer days
in a bikini without ever worrying about this ever again. And make sure to be on the lookout for our next video which is Teen Bible,
“how to protect your skin from the Sun” and “how to choose the best skin protection product.” Until then, bye bye Wishtrenders.
See you next time! Mwah, Mwah, peace. Bye. Ok, Caroline out. Don’t use that.
Please just use the scene with only bye bye.

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