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How To Remove Pendrive Shortcut Virus From Your USB Drive and PC 💥📁💻

Hello everybody! Watch this video to see how to recover your
data if a virus creates shortcuts instead of files and folders in a USB drive, a disk
or an SD, MicroSD, Mini SD, Compact Flash memory card. If you can’t find your files and folders
after you have copied or created them, don’t worry – they may have been hidden by a virus,
and you’ll be able to have them back. usually such viruses create shortcuts on a
USB drive which replace your files and folders. Unlike icons of real files, shortcut icons
have a small arrow in the corner, but a novice user may not see this difference. Connecting a USB drive to the computer and
starting the file you have used many times before, you can easily infect another computer
if it doesn’t have an antivirus. A virus can also replace the USB drive icon
with a shortcut – you can see it from that little arrow. Don’t click on the USB drive, file or folder
shortcuts to avoid infecting your computer. If your PC is already infected, watch our
video about finding and deleting viruses. What should you do if you have this problem? Today, there are viruses capable of deleting,
encrypting or hiding the information on your drive. So the first step should be to recover your
files and clean up the drive immediately. Watch our video to see how to recover data
deleted from a USB drive by a virus attack. Then you have to clean the drive just as we
showed in our video about fixing a USB drive (you can find the link in the description). I would like to point out that simply deleting
shortcuts from the flash drive or formatting it will not clean it from viruses. If you scanned the USB drive for viruses,
your files can also be deleted or placed into quarantine by the antivirus. So I recommend checking it too. You can unlock the files infected by a virus
with the command prompt. This method cannot clean your USB drive from
all kinds of viruses for sure, but it can sometimes help you to make the files visible
again. For this purpose, do the following:
1. Right-click on the Start menu and click on
Command Prompt (Administrator). 2. Enter the command f: and press Enter (f: is
the letter of the USB drive infected by a virus). 3. Enter the command: attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r
–s and press Enter: a. –h: shows all hidden files on the flash
drive; b. –r: disables the read-only setting;
c. –s: disables the system mark from all files. 4. The lost files which became visible on the
flash drive after execution of this command can be copied to another media. After that clean the USB drive with the method
I recommend using the Command Prompt and the command “clean.” If you liked this video, click the Like button
below and subscribe to our channel to see more. We’ll be glad to answer any questions in
comments. Thank you for watching and good luck!

16 thoughts on “How To Remove Pendrive Shortcut Virus From Your USB Drive and PC 💥📁💻

  1. Watch how to remove pendrive shortcut virus From your USB drive and PC. Did you like the video? Click Like button and subscribe to Hetman Software channel. We will be glad to answer any questions in comments.

  2. The same folder pops up inside all my USB flash drive when I connecting them into my laptop. Can you help me with that?

  3. How many video's should i have to check out to solve my problem. You trolls are desperate for views!!!!!. Please cleanup your act

  4. Surprisingly this worked well,i just installed my cousin's windows and i had to use my USB to install him some programs,and i did it in tandem with his USB which was the infected "patient 0",without realising i did it and everything went well and so on,and after few weeks i needed to use my usb in my own PC,and surprise shortcuts in my usb,i did this simple thing form the vid,waited 1-2 mins for the PC to work and when it was done it simply made all the real files apear along with all the shortcuts AND the virus itself which was a simple stupid script,may God kill everys ingle hacker or pathetic attempt of a hacker in this world,anyway back on the topic i simply just deleted the virus script and the shortcuts and everything seems fine,well i have my files backed up in about 3 different places but this saved me of about an hour of formating and recopying files,so simply do what this video says and if it works form the start it means you only had to deal with a small "shortcut virus" which is mainly a prank like virus which hides your files and creates shortcuts of them,the files should be fine and so long as this video helps you you can simple delete it and its shortcuts while your files are finally made to appear,on the other hand if this video didn't helped then yeah use an antivirus to scan the drive and your PC after this video is followed,and hopefully you can fix your problem,now all that's left is to pary that the "shortcut virus" yo0u deal with is a small one that simply hides stuff rather than a big one that deletes your stuff,cuz those are a handful to deal with and yeah mainly results in you being lucky if you recover your drive safely

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