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Depression and Heart Disease

Imagine2030: invest in innovation. End diseases of poverty

– That’s it! We did it! – Did what? – Everything. Almost zero new infections. Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS,
malaria, tropical diseases. All conquered. Worldwide! – All right, so we’ll just stop trying to make the world
a better place then? – No!
– No. – OK. What now? – A toast. To the sustainable development
goals! To a world now free from
diseases of poverty! And each of you, Harriet,
our brilliant scientist. – Brilliant Nobel Prize winning scientist. – And Ricky Best, the world’s foremost mega-rock-star-philanthropist. – The pleasure is all yours. – And you…eh… – Ted. – Ted, the… – Intern. Look, nothing left to do? That’s great for me, but them
with no diseases of poverty? Well in about two seconds
they’re gonna realize they’ve got nothing to campaign on, nothing to write songs about
and nothing left to science at. – Seriously. What do we do now? It’s wonderful, stupendous news. We have a cure! Next, the greatest find
a cure concert ever! We can’t stop campaigning for a cure now that we’ve found the cure, oh wait I get it. Charity was my thing. You know. Bono, Geldof, Bieber. Ricky Best, star without a cause. Now I can concentrate on
writing more personal music. A world free from HIV and AIDS by 2030. I can hardly believe it, but we did it. All it took was a bit of
political commitment and a relatively modest investment in research. – Those were the days. Landmark political commitment. Superior funding. The breakthrough. Winning election. More medical advances. Awards Galas. Changing the world. Re-reelection. Politics isn’t everything. Now I have other interests. Kung Fu. Wah! I’m also interested in art. Just not right. – What? That’s amazing. – The malaria vaccine has saved millions. It’s wonderful. But are you sure we have the cure? – Yes. – Stop me if this is crazy but… – It’s cured. I won a Nobel. – Are you sure? – With political support,
financial investment, and of course my scientific
ingenuity, we stopped Malaria in its tracks. Since then my research has been, shall we say, lacking direction. – It’s all very impressive, but will it connect with the voters? What was that?
– What was what? I didn’t hear anything. You didn’t hear a tiny unicorn did you? Because I definitely
didn’t make a tiny unicorn. That would be wrong.

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