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Improving Skin Health Using TURMERIC | Skin Health Hack

Hey, what’s up guys! In this episode I go
through the benefits of applying turmeric to your skin. So keep watching
if you want to find out! You might know that turmeric is quite commonly consumed
orally. It can be taken in a tablet form. an extract of turmeric called curcumin
can be consumed in the form of a tablet. However, one less common way of using
turmeric is to directly apply it to your skin. Now this might sound a bit weird to
some of you but it’s very commonly done in South Asia, because turmeric is known
to have a skin lightening property. Skin lightening seems to be quite a popular
hobby in South Asia. Turmeric has quite strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties, but it also has antibacterial and antiviral properties. I recently
wrote this article about the health benefits of turmeric and how you can get
those benefits by consuming it orally or applying it to your skin. To find out
more go to the link in the description below, or go to and
have a look at my article. Turmeric has been used for many millennia in South
Asia to help with wounds, acne, for psoriasis. psoriasis?
psoriasis. But it can also be used cosmetically to give a natural glow to
your skin. Keep in mind that there might be a yellow tinge that you might
obviously get right after applying it. A really easy way to prepare something to
apply to your face using turmeric is to use a little bit of Greek yogurt. Add a
little bit of turmeric to that and use a little bit of honey.
Is this all just superstitious Bull****? Well there’s only one way to find out.A
really easy way to use turmeric on your face or any other part of your body is
to combine it with yoghurt and honey. I personally haven’t met any but there may
be people who have allergies to turmeric . It’s probably a good idea to apply
it to a small part from your skin and wait a couple of days to see if you get
any allergic reactions. If you do then obviously don’t do what I’m about to do. (Claps)
You can apply it to your whole face and then wait for about an hour before you
wash it off. I think I missed a spot. Wait a minute. That’s better. Since
curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, is fat soluble you need a little bit of
fat there to make sure that the good stuff in the turmeric goes inside of
your skin and stays there. What yoghurt also does is it has a bit of a cooling and
soothing effect. The honey in the mixture is also there to soothe your skin a
little bit and make the mixture a bit thicker. Honey in the mixture is also
moisturizing your skin so you’ve got multiple benefits from this mixture. Now
the reason I advise making this mixture, over just using turmeric directly or
mixing it directly with water, is because turmeric in high doses can irritate your
skin a little bit. So it’s quite advisable to use either a little bit of
turmeric or to mix it with something that’s a bit soothing to your skin, like
the honey and yogurt. While you wait you can go for a walk. While I do recommend
keeping this on for about thirty minutes and then washing it off if it does start
to burn then I do recommend washing it off quicker than that. If you don’t wash
your hands properly, then this mixture can stain your hands especially
if you use it quite regularly. And if a drop of this face mask falls onto any
white shirt that you have you’re basically going to have to get rid of it.
But really, those are the only caveats that I personally noticed… Ah! Besides the
fact that yogurt stinks so much! If you don’t like the smell of yogurt like me,
then you can just use water and honey. It’s been about half an hour so I’m gonna
wash this off now. Wash it off carefully and make sure you don’t splash it
especially on things like a camera! Also make sure it doesn’t go into your eyes.
Ah that’s better! Don’t forget to moisturize. So there you
go. I got no stains on my sweater or the carpet so that’s a win! One thing I did
notice is that I do smell of yoghurt right now, so I recommend avoiding social
situations for about an our after applying this. Did it make any
difference to my skin? I have no idea but you can apply it overtime and find out if
it does. Do you know that brides and grooms in India apply turmeric to their
skin before a wedding because it’s a very easy way to get a very quick glow
to your skin. You might have acne that you want to treat or a scar or
inflammation on your face or perhaps you like a yellow tinge on your face. So
there you go… That was how to use turmeric on your
skin to get an instant glow or for healing properties. If you want to find
out more about the health benefits of any other ingredients then let me know
in the comment section below. You can also watch my video that I made in Hindi
about the health benefits of turmeric, but a word of warning – my Hindi is
terrible! Hit the Like button if you liked this video. Hit the Subscribe and
Bell buttons to find out when I release my next video. Thanks a lot for watching!

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  1. Didn't believe at first, thought of applying and to my surprise I did see a difference!

    Seems like you're having a lot natural remedies up your sleeve!


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